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Extensive research has lead to this moment. I'm...

Extensive research has lead to this moment. I'm getting a BBL with Dr. Jonathan Fisher! The deposit has been made and the date set (9/30/16). I've read countless "GREAT" reviews about his work; and a few not so good reviews. However, I'm trusting my future body with this well-qualified surgeon.

At 42 things will definitely start to head south. Over the year's I've watched my feminine, sculpted, petite figure vanish with time. I've always ate healthy and exercised occasionally, but had difficulty achieving the curvy silhouette I desired.

I'm confident that my results will be nothing less than expected. Documentation of my journey will post periodically to help others on the brink make a healthy and wise decision as others have helped me on Real Self.

Stay tune...before pics to follow.

Coco Shanel -

My Vision of A New Me...

Hey Foxes...I thought I'd share a few pics of what I would like to achieve post op. Hopefully, it'll become my reality - placing all chips on Fisher!

The "Countdown" has begun...

Hello Beauties...

The countdown to my scheduled surgery date has begun. Currently, I have no emotions about anything; but I know they'll hit me outta the blue as time approaches. I encourage you lovely ladies to keep sharing your journeys...it helps more than you know and give others a realistic expectation of things to come. I will do my part as well by documenting my own journey as a reference for women who are still in the desicion phase.

Best of everything to you!

Please Help!

Hey there you Goddesses!

As you know, I will be getting my BBL on the 30th of September with Dr. Jonathan Fisher in Miami, FL. Currently, I am looking to reserve my recovery house dates, but don't know which to choose. There are so many that I'm confused. However, there is one that I can't ignore. Mayda Acre...apparently she has a personal recovery location in her home and gives the Lymph drainage massages that are so very important following surgery. She also cooks for you and provides transportation to and from the clinic and to pick up prescriptions. I learned of her through a review by a beautiful woman named Amanda aka hourglass2016 on Real Self (check out her review at https://www.realself.com/review/miami-fl-brazilian-butt-lift-21-yr-fisher-doll-Maryland). Can anyone vouch that this is a pretty good location/staff? For

Time is Flying...

Hey Ladies,

Time is winding down! My BBL is right around the corner. Can you say nervous as hell? I'm prepared for the most part with the exception of supplies which I'll start purchasing this weekend. But I need a little help from you beauties on what is absolutely necessary to have and what's not. I don't want to waist money. There's one more payment of $500 and I'll be completely finished paying for my surgery. I'm so excited to have the body I've always wanted!

Recovery Time...

Also, I'll be recovering at Miami Escape with Dani Sax. She was so helpful and informative when I spoke with her over the phone...I felt like she was an old friend. As so many of you know, recovery is extremely important and shouldn't be taken lightly. Especially, when you're dealing with a service that only focuses on the surgery with very little recovery time (30 mins) before wheeling you out the door.

I learned that because Vanity is a high volume facility, surgeries move pretty face in an effort for Doctor's to make any money. They earn 15% of each surgery they perform...that's why they do so many a day. And because of this there's little room for a Dr./Patient relationship to develop. It's more of an in and out process (and perhaps that's why the customer service is lacking as well).

I also learned that Dr. Fisher is pretty much one of the best surgeons to perform a BBL at a very high volume (he's in serious demand ladies). The downside to that is the aftermath...more bruising and soreness. He's aggressive when it comes to the lipo and uses a larger scale cannula to withdraw fat cells (this allows him to go at a faster paste and achieve the desired results), which is why the scares are larger.

Trust me..focus on recovery and don't spare. I'll be at Miami Escape from 9/29 - 10/5. My overall total was around $1,300 but I get so much with it:
3 meals daily plus snacks/drinks
24 hr. care team including a CN
Daily maid/laundry service
All transportation (airport/ med runs/ appointments)
Massages ($60/per)

I'm happy with my choice to stay at Miami Escape and I feel confident that recovery will go well.

Right Around the Corner!

Wow is all I can say. It's nearly 30 days out until my BBL. I haven't had much Real Self support from all the beautiful dolls out there, but I am hoping that you all keep me in prayer during this procedure. Sometimes I feel ready...and often times I don't. My husband has been a major encouragement to me and has already taken time off to be there. I have all of my supplies (thanks to the countless tips from you all). Lastly, I'm scheduled to take my blood work next week and it's all uphill from there. Wish me the best ladies! Thanks.

19 Days Left!

I am super excited and heeled about my transformation. I've tried so many times to imagine the end results, but I keep coming up blank. I guess anything would be an improvement from my current situation...lol. Well everything's ready...I have all of my supplies, bags packed blood work good, and time reserved. I can't wait!

Finally It's My Time...

Well ladies...I have made it thus far with literally 2 days left! That's right...Friday is surgery day for me. I'm so excited and I am ready. I've tucked most of my worries away and I'm very positive about this experience. My husband has been a major support and a great one at that (he's coming with me). I'll continue documenting the process from my experience.
So far you all have seen wish pics of others and myself...well here's the real thing so you see the comparison afterwards. Keep me and my family in your prayers that everything goes successfully. Thanks!

Cell Saver...

Hey Ladies,

My medical assistant, Ana, from Vanity, reached out to me yesterday concerning a new procedure Dr. Fischer is offering his patients. The procedure is call Cell Saver. It's a blood transfusion that is performed while you're in surgery to improve recovery time. I've researched this procedure much more since I took the offer to have it done this Friday during my BBL; reason being is that I want a safe and speedy recovery and if recycling the large amount of blood I will loose during surgery will assist in me feeling much better during recovery then count me in. The risk are little to non which is great. The email from Ana explaining the process...lood Take a look at some of the info I'm posting and tell me your thoughts; as well contact Vanity and inquire about this service to see if it's right for you.

Best of everything to you!

Waiting for Dr. Fischer Now!

Here at Vanity waiting to see Dr. Fischer and get this show on the road! Wish me the best dolls!

It's Going Down!...

The time is now 3:03pm and I am currently waiting to speak with the anesthesiologists and Dr. Fischer prior to going into surgery. Wish me well ladies. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow because I know I'll need my strength for the remainder of the day.

It's A Wrap...

Okay, here's my experience with Vanity. Surprisingly it was very pleasant from the pre op to the discharge. Yes ladies, despite all the terrible reviews I've read about customer service there my experience was absolutely pleasant.

So on Thursday I walked in for pre-op and they greeted me warmly. Fitted me for my free Faja, helped me try it on and provided cheerful small talk. They also took their time with me when filling out all those forms... and trust me I took a long time because I had a million questions which they answered every one by the way. If they couldn't answer it at that moment they emailed me minutes later with the information. Pre-op overall took me about 30 minutes I was in and out.

So when I returned for surgery, which was yesterday, I was greeted with a warm welcome once again. This time the Wake was Lindsay. I arrived at 11 a.m. and wasn't called to the back until 3pm. It wasn't that bad because I had my husband there to keep you company.

When in the back it went just as everyone else said. I took a urine sample, pictures, and got marked up by the famous Dr. Fischer. He is amazing ladies...my kind of guy. Believe it or not we talked about politics the entire time.

The anesthesiologist came in briefed me, took me to the surgery room and got me started. Next thing you know I was waking up in the recovery room feeling quite fine thanks to the cell saver. My husband and Chris with Miami Escape was there to help me to the van and and I came back to the recovery house and ate pineapple chunks and drank water like i hadn't eaten for days. Took a pain pill and slept like a baby.

Now I'm on my way back to Vanity for a quick check up. Will post pics later.

Fisher Goddess

I had a wonderful experience at Vanity and with Dr. Fisher. I
recommend him to anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure. His
work speaks for itself and I can't wait to see the final results. On a
scale of 1-10, my pain level is 3. Mostly pressure is what I feel. It's
because of the Cell Saver.

Results thus Far...

So I've just wrapped up my second massage, showered and eaten. I feel great. Here are a few shots to show you my results although it's not a true depiction due to all the foam under the garment. I'll try to post a few bare shots tomorrow so you all can see what's really going on. Overall I'm pleased and happy. Excited to see how things settle.

More Pics...7 Days Post Op

Ok ladies...my apologies for posting so late. I was trying to get out of Miami before the storm hit, which we did, but only to get to Georgia to evacuate. It's been pretty tough because of recovery, but my amazing husband is doing a fantastic job.

So far the swelling is a beast at this point. Still no pain just pressure. My lower and upper back still carries a lot of fluid and my lower stomach. My masseuse, Mrs. Elsie said all of this will go away completely in 2 months. In the meantime I continue to wear foam and garment as they have instructed. I'm only taking one pain pill one hour before I get massages...it helps. I drink 2 gallons of water a day and walk like I'm training for a cross country tour.

Although I know I won't see true results of my real body until 3 to 6 months from now...I'm starting to get nervous about my upper and lower back. If any of you wonderful ladies have any tips on what I can do in the meantime, please share.

Also, I had my last massage today...now I have to wait 7 days before I pick up on the massages again. Anyway I noticed no fluids came out of my drain incision (drain was removed day 6). Anyone know why that might be? Enjoy the pics...Best of everything to you all!

After the Storm...

My apologies for the delayed update. Hurricane Matthew left the good folk of Georgia feeling a bit helpless for awhile. We were without power for 3 days which was tough on recovery. But all is well. Since the last post...I emailed Vanity pics of the fluid on my back and stomach along with my concerns. They emailed and called me back stating this is normal during recovery and that the fluid would be absorbed by my body and expelled through my urine. They also stated that the swelling will be there for the next couple of months but lessen during the course of that time.

My husband has been a rock...constantly helping me move around physically, preparing all my meals and making sure I eat, helping me in and out of my garment to shower and for bowel movements and so forth. But mainly he has been there for me mentally. Ladies, this process will take a toll on your mental state of mind. I've questioned why I even did this and was it even worth it in terms of all of these emotions I'm feeling. My husband often responds to my emotions in a very positive way and is very encouraging to me. I love him so much for being there for me. If you have someone to lean on during this part of recovery it helps more than you know. Most people tell you about the pain experience but seldom the mental experience that comes with it. Right now I am praying that the end of my 7 day massage pause comes to an end. Not quite sure why Dr. Fisher requires this wait, but it's the Dr.'s orders. The massages helped a great deal along with the ultrasound massage machine I purchased from my masseuse while in Miami. I'll post pics of the machine in my next post with instructions on how to use it.Will keep you guys posted with pics of my progress each week. I wish you all the best as you move towards a new you!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Amazing Doctor. So down to earth. Expert Surgeon. Funny. Professional. Great attitude. Trustworthy. Honest. Fair. Adorable.

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