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The possibility of a bbl in just a few months and...

The possibility of a bbl in just a few months and sitting on all this money is making me so antsy! I'm about to lock in my date and pay the full amount for a bbl with fisher but I just need last minute confirmation! Calling all Fisher dolls !!! I was originally planning on DR but I'm just so concerned about being in a new country, not speaking the language, and especially because I'm trying to keep this surgery as hush hush as possible. ANY ADVICE WELCOMED!!!

Before pics

About me: I'm still very young, no previous surgeries or pregnancies. Not on or ever have been on medications. So I'm really healthy but I'm still slightly nervous because of those seromas, burns, bad lipo, blood transfusions, etc. basically anything that could go wrong. but mostly I'm so excited! I have one of those bodies where i can mostly hide the not cute parts, but I want to rock a bikini dammit! I'm only 23 and that's a rite of passage.


The special ends tomorrow and if I don't wire the money by tomorrow I lose my sx date AND the special!!! Please please PLEASE if anyone still has that info in an email or receipt send it my way!!! I'm so desperate and nervous it's all going to fall through


I've paid in full, set my date, have time off (only a week and a half, do you think that's enough???) AND THEN ILL BE A FISHER BABE. I can't even believe this! Now that I'm to this point I need the best advice as to where to stay, what to bring, what to take vitamins wise. Ahhh!!!! It's happening!

Also, I'm including wish pics. I want to look natural, my biggest focus is having a whittled waist and volume on my hips, if I only got those id still be happy! I know most girls' concerns are having their butt go back to normal, my concern is having a huge, very obvious butt from my already sizeable one. These are my wish pics.

Vanity special/12 areas of lipo??

So i've had this question all weekend but obviously Margaret, my coordinator, isn't working to answer it so i figured any of you vets or soon to be dolls might know. When they say 12 areas of lipo, that sounds like a ton. But i'm wondering if like the upper right bra line and the lower left flank are considered one area instead of the flanks, the bra line, etc. I wanted to add in chin lipo and i'd love thigh lipo too, but will i have enough? I know i could add more for like $500 but i'm just wondering about any loopholes.

ALSO. i've been reading up and seeing how you kind of have to play hard to get with Vanity, give them a little and wait til the offers come rolling in until you pay the full price of sx. So i eagerly and stupidly just paid the whole $4300 right away. i'm wondering if i can maybe ask for a faja, compression socks or some sort of deal now? I need all my assertive dolls! how do i get vanity work for me? haha

Please answer if you know! Sx so soon!!

I have a few questions before I fly out in about 2 months ranging from general bbl to Fisher specific. If you know any, please help!!

1. Should I lose weight for my surgery? Will being closer to goal weight help the lipo look? I have projection on my but so I just need some more hips and a TINY waist and it'll look ten times better. But some lipo I've seen is not so pretty, so I want to do what is best for that.

2. Did anyone get the fisher special that ended on 4/3/15 for $4300? Did it come with the first garment and 5 massages?

3. Lipo care! As mentioned previously, I just want the smallest waist and I'll be so happy. What have you guys found to be the best help for that?

4. Massages? Some doctors require some don't recommend at all. Which is it and why??

5. Back to work after 12 days? (Desk job with excuses to stand quite a bit)

6. Any bartering with your Fisher coordinators? I need the best advice on this! I want to add lipo to inner thighs and chin but don't want to spend thousands more. Has anyone had success with that?

7. ONE PIECE OF ADVICE ANY VETS RECOMMEND ABOVE ALL FOR A BBL/ LIPO/ANYTHING!!! If you could've done it differently, what would you change??

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help!

Pre-op with local doctor

Just found out i can do all my pre op work with my local doctor and have it sent to Dr. Fisher so i can fly straight in thursday and have my surgery on friday! this relieves such a big stress of mine, that i wouldn't have enough time to heal.

What all do i need for my pre-op work? just blood work checking my hemo and whether i'm pregnant or not? I asked my coordinator but the time difference is so impossible for us to keep in contact cause i'm a full time student with a full time job. I will say that they have the new portal that basically gives you a website with them where it has a sx date countdown, shows your date, gives you different items of information, and shows you all the best people to call regarding which question you have to ask. I'm def impressed!

Lose weight or maintain???

I've mentioned this at least 7 times but i can't stop thinking about it! I am scared of having bad lipo/ too much skin on my tummy after everything is said and done. I just feel like with all the money and risks, I would literally want to shoot myself if it didn't come out perfect. Like if I have a tummy I have to hide for forever??? Ah! I couldn't. I'm posting pics for advice. I am thinking a good ten pounds bill be fine. But I recently saw Dr. Miami's pt that went from maybe even a bit bigger than me and looks AMAZING, with no TT. So what should I do?? I also don't want a HUGE butt, I just need some hips and a little more upper bum. Any vets experience, anyone familiar with lipo, or even stories you've seen/heard about all this. Also, I feel like I hold more weight in my upper belly (2nd picture) and I'm concerned about that area. Thanks girls, as always I'm grateful to have people to talk to who are open and accepting of this procedure.

Patient with same build as mine.

I wish I could afford Dr. Miami. He seems like he's so sweet and cares, and look at that lipo! I have never seen botched lipo from him. I heard that Dr. Fisher often calls him for advice though, so maybe dr. Fisher is the next best thing? These girls haven't had a TT, no excess skin, Perfect waists.


just purchased the flights! My date will be right through July 4th so that part was concerning me.
im listing all that i need, so if you guys have any advice/tips. TELL ME!

- Hotels. my only trasnporation will be Uber, so i need it to be close. and clean and cheap. haha. I'm thinking of a place called crossway hotel. it's like super cheap and has good reviews. BUT PLEASE HELP. i'll be half dead that week, so the hotel will NEED to be decent.
-How many lipo foams do i need? and what is the best shape of foam?
-vitamins- so far i'm just going to pick up multivitamins, vitamin C, iron, bromelaine(sp?), and arnica.

also, today i measured myself and i'm 38-32-41. which concerns me because that sounds like a bigger butt size already. Which i know i have, but it needs some rounding and shaping. and all the lipo in the world hahaa. Also i got asked to be a bridesmaid for this fall which makes it ALL the more exciting cause i will be all the way healed by then and ready to show off!! YAY FOR PLASTIC SURGERY

Under 2 months away!!! Faja pics and questions.

I got my faja today and trying it on made It THAT MUCH MORE REAL. I got a medium but it wasn't that hard to put on.. Which concerns me. This will be my stage 1 and I HOPE my middle will be a lot smaller after. Should I exchange for a small stage 1 faja? Or just keep it and put lipo foams in, then maybe a waist trainer over it when the time comes? And about stage 2, should I get a small or an x-small?

I already love how the faja makes you look more sleek! But I measured my waist and it's still the same measurement 32, so does it even do any compressing?

5 days away!!!!

hi babes, i havent been on real self for a while because i felt like i got the review i needed, also i started a sx IG account, if anyone wants to follow my journey there! its @junedollll (four L's).
I am really confident in Dr. Fisher. I had a moment of concern and regret, but then got back on RS and was so pleased to see all of Dr. Fisher's positive reviews. Its mostly vanity that seems to bring it down.

Anyway, i leave this thursday night and have the surgery friday. I am so happy! lately i've felt awful in my own skin and just so big. I'm so optimistic that my results will be just what i am looking for. I will say though, i had a dream that i went in for surgery and i was told i need a tummy tuck. And after some consideration, i've decided that if it comes to that, i will just cancel the surgery or only opt for lipo. Im young and still have many babies to be had, so im just not mentally okay with that. i have zero stretch marks on my tummy and i feel like the skin is tight enough so i doubt it, but obviously i've been stressed.

I will post some pre op pics on wed/thursday again and then nothing but post op from then on! YAY

At vanity!!

In all honesty, it's a little off putting from the outside. Looks kind of out of business-like. And it has like banners that say all the procedures they do on the outside-- which I think is tacky because your work should sell itself. But it's better from the inside. I'm
Scheduled for surgery tonight at 7. So excited but feeling very at peace now.
See you guys on the flat side!

3/4 days post op

I was scheduled for surgery at 7 pm but didn't go in until 10pm and wasn't out until 3 am so I don't really know what my preop timeline is.
I've read so many reviews and journeys of this process, I thought I knew exactly was to come. Like the feelings of dismay that possibly it wasn't worth it, the intense pain, and almost complete immobility, and planned accordingly, but it'll all still happen. I can't wait until I can be energetic or even just walk up right again. But aside from that, I know It's worth it. I mainly went into this for my stomach, even Dr, Fisher said my butt was a great foundation, and from the lipo alone id see mass improvements, but since I did the full bbl, my bum is feeling a little shelfy and I'm a bit concerned. My waist is 1.5 inches down, but looks 100% better.
When I went to vanity @ 11 am the day after my sx, the girls were so sweet. Like girls not working there and off duty. One girl in regular clothes was looking at me and I couldn't even be self conscious cause I knew how ridiculous I looked, but she was like, "I'm going to go find you a room while you wait so you can lay". Then as I was leaving there were two girls walking, one who had recently gotten a bbl, and the other was like, "oh honey, it only gets better" then have me all these tips about the only place to find Percocet in Miami right now. Then as I was waiting for my boyfriend to pull the car around, the girl who found me the bed and her two friends were out front and started talking to me about everything. They were so encouraging and said my boyfriend was perfect cause of how well he was taking care of me. Which- I have to give credit, after a decade of saying, I'm shocked by how good he is. He has regular duty of scratching my butt where I can reach and the faja makes it soooo itchy, waking me up for pills, waking up as soon as I call his name, even sleeping on a tiny futon so I can have the full bed when he's 6'4 and I'm 5 foot haha. Anyway, overall I'm really impressed by the sense of community vanity has. And aside from wait times, I haven't had a problem at all with vanity this whole 4 months of planning.

I got my first massage yesterday and I literally had nightmares the whole night before because I was so worried, but it wasn't bad!! Like yes, where the drain was, I definitely wanted to die, but everywhere else was a tolerable pressure. And as promised, I felt so much more energized afterwards. We made the mistake of walking to the beach, which was probably good for me to walk, but I was so swollen all last night an even today, so prob don't do that after your first massage.

Let me know if you hVe any questions! I decided to keep my real self for at least another 6 months because of what an asset it was to me In preparation.

Here are the photos!!

10 days post op

Yesterday was 10 days post op. measurements:
upper ribs/below boobs: 34
Waist: 30.5
Butt: 43

Pain: minimal pain, but I'm super swollen in my mons pubis area, so bending over is not a thing right now haha. I ache every morning and usually take a couple Tylenol, but today I felt fine! I would literally not go back and relive those first few days ever again though. Power to the girls who have multiple rounds! I stretch often, doing the cow and cat yoga poses, but I have to take it easy because it almost feels like the tissue under my skin is what's mAking everything so tight and it feels like I'm ripping it if I stretch too much. Which is not a pleasant feeling.

Compression: i love/hate my faja. I feel protected and safe when it's on. Cause little movement still can give me sharp pains, but I think it's just the healing tissues. I wear my ab board with my back triangle, then two foams around my sides and towards my belly, then I wrap an ace bandage very snugly around my upper waist because I don't feel enough compression there.

Mental health: haha. Okay so this is actually really important. In general, I'm of sound mental health but i kid you not, this process can challenge that. On Sunday I had a meltdown. I vented and whined and prayed and hated my stomach. The upper part was looking like there was a lot of loose skin and it was already soft, so it seemed like my final results. It's still not ideal when I bend over, but the compression with the ace bandage has really improved it. We all hear it, but you just have to be patient. I feel like it's not even a good idea to look at your stomach and butt yet. I mean obviously check that things are going well, but don't stare at our reflection in the mirror. After I got over my break down, I realized how incredibly better I do look. And if I lean over and have some skin? Who the hell cares. From here on, now that my problem area is fixed, I can focus on leaning out and really building the muscle in my core to help tighten that skin. As far as my butt, still too big. In naked pics, it looks great. But in jeans it looks silly. Like I hate it. Even just undies, it's way to high and round. But like I said, I just have to be patient. My bf says it's not a grandma butt, but I'm not yet sold on that haha. I'm praying for it to drop into a less high, shelfy look.

faja burns ADVICE!!!

i'm starting to feel a slight stinging feeling on both my sides and its turning purple-ish. I believe this is the beginning of a faja burn and i don't know where to go from here. PLEASE, if anyone knows of preventative care or something i can do stop it before it actually scabs, let me know!!!

3 weeks post op!

I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! This body has changed me and made me so happy. I am more confident and social.
My butt is currently at 42. Only one inch bigger than my original but SUCH a different shape! And it feels so big and bubbly. I sit on it a lot. I got my hair done, go out to dinner and sometimes just need to lay on my back. I obviously try to put less pressure on the butt itself, but I'm not completely avoiding it because it's just not practical for me.
My waist is 29. Not shrinking as quickly as I'd like, but that's almost 4 inches smaller than pre op! My skin is still swollen in some areas and super hard, but also tightening. I used to be so stressed by the fat/skin rolls I was seeing at like 1-2 weeks post op but I think they're cute now! It's not as bad at al!

The attention. OMG. So, I've always enjoyed attention, and I usually do get some sort of attention whenever I go out, but this has doubled AND intensified. I was at a concert and a boy walked past and told me how beautiful I was, then 5 minutes later came back and just asked for a picture with me. That's insane to me! Walking down the street (obviously not in a great part of town) I get a comment from almost every guy. Yesterday's was a guy yelling after me how I wouldn't need to pay for a thing and everything would be free if I was his. Ironic seeing as he's standing against a building in the middle of the day, clearly without a job hahahah. And then the girls! So many compliments from girls! Which I was expecting the shade from. But not at all. And not one person has asked if it's fake, THANK GOODNESS. I've always had an hourglass(ish) shape, so it seriously just looks like I've been working out hard, and waist training, which is what I tell everyone because duh. It's been such a fun journey!

Feel free to ask me anything xoxo

almost 3 months po

If youre on the fence about this surgery, DO IT. It has changed me for the better and i don't even have perfect results. I am so happy and actually shocked that i went through with this, but i don't regret one thing. As mentioned, i don't have exactly what i wanted as far as the lipo goes. I feel he took too much from my lower abdomen and not enough from the upper so it looks a little weird, especially directly under any sort of lighting. But i've been killin it at the gym and know that muscle can replace those areas of misfortune.

Aside from that, i look 100% better. I look and feel better both in clothes and naked. I am way more confident. I am more social. This literally changes parts of your personality. after all, these procedures change you into your REAL self. I have lost 17 pounds since the surgery. Im sure like 5-7 of that was just excess bloat, swelling and water retention though.

will hopefully get around to posting pics later! xoxo

8 months post op

I haven't been on in forever! I just wanted to update you guys. I'm not crazy about my stomach results, he put the scar too high up and took too much fat from the underneath my belly button but not enough above. So I have a consult next month for lipo revision with a local doctor.

As for my butt, it is beautiful. I lost 20 pounds since the surgery and feel amazing. I will say that the change has almost made me more self conscious. If I catch people staring at me, even if it's from the front, I automatically get paranoid, even though I have always gotten looks even fore sx. I'm mostly just concerned about people finding out. I'm sure people assume, but no one has flat out asked me. Mostly I just get asked if I'm from Colombia or Brazil a lot.

It's worth it! There are changes I would've wanted but we all go into this with such high expectations that that really is no surprise. We expect tiny tight tummies and smooth round asses and overall slim physiques, but you have to be realistic. That being said, working out and losing weight since then has improved everything!! I look and feel so good. I am so happy I went through with this surgery. Actually surprised that I did it even. If you're in the fence, sort out your finances and just make it happen! If you want it enough to think about it all the time, it will be worthwhile.
Dr. Fisher

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