Becoming a Fisher Doll :)

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Soooo much has happened over the last two weeks! I...

Soooo much has happened over the last two weeks! I have a lot to catch you guys up on so I'll just post several entries today so my journey doesn't turn into a five page essay lol. Well from the moment I discovered this site I've been in love with it. I'm happy I get to see all of you beautiful girls transform and go through this process, it's really comforting seeing other people go through what you're going to put yourself through. It's also extremely comforting seeing all of the pain you girls endured and knowing that it will be worth it in the end.

So I've been dealing with weight problems since I was a teen and getting my body right has been a long time goal of mine. I just had my very first child in August and I gained about 40lbs throughout the pregnancy. Right now I'm 5'8 187lbs. I still have to take my measurements. But before I got pregnant my body was almost perfect in my eyes. I had a tiny waist, all I was missing was a butt. After I had my daughter I was left with a stomach full of stretch marks. I love my baby girl more than anything in this world but she really did a number on me lol she will be my one and only blessing. I want a tummy tuck and bbl. I was hoping I could get them both out of the way at the same time but I have to separate the procedures. So first thing I'm going to do is a Brazilian butt lift :)

Going to be a Fisher doll!

When I first started researching on bbl and tummy tuck I wanted to go with a doctor who was close to me, I'm in the Orlando or Tampa area but I really wasn't too impressed with the doctors who performed bbl's close by. We have really good tummy tuck docs though; but in my opinion most plastic surgeons near me had very high prices for an average result and I need an ASS! So after looking in my area I came across all of these beautiful fisher dolls! It didn't take long for me to come to the conclusion that Dr Fisher was the guy for me.

I'm in love with his work! You girls look so amazing! So last Sunday (the 8th) I contacted Vanity Cosmetics for a consultation through real self and the very next day I received a email from my coordinator Yani. And I must say she's been really nice so far and I'm thankful for that. She basically told me to send pics for Fisher to look at and answer a list of questions she sent. She also let me know that they recommend Xanadu Recovery Home after the procedure but I've seen a couple reviews on this place and no one seems satisfied about staying there so I am definitely looking for another recovery house. Since I'm only four hours away I only need to stay in Miami for a couple days.

Surgery paid for!!!

That same week (Friday the 13th) I got an email back from Yani saying I need to give her a call so we could follow up. I was sooooo excited and anxious when I got that email lol. Unfortunately I got off late that day so I had to call her on Monday. Bummer! When I called her on Monday I wasn't able to put her extension in so this nice lady who also knew my name before I even said it lol transferred me to Yani. When we spoke she said she was with a patient and she would call back.

The next day and we talked about the bbl and tummy tuck. She told me I would have to wait for the tummy tuck :/ but I'll do whatever is best for a speedy and safe recovery. She said I should lock in the price so I could hurry up and get a date because fisher is booking up fast. The only thing was I hadn't yet figured out about paying for the procedure. I know there is care credit but Yani said fisher doesn't accept it. Just as I was freaking out about everything she tells me about another finance option and surprisingly I was approved! Yayyyyy me lol I'm soooo ready to be happy about my body again.

So Yani locked in my price which is $5999 that's not including the $1500 cash she said I need to bring for all of my supplies after surgery. I need to see this supply list asap! She also called me back to say since I wanna wait until February the finance ppl will charge me $300 for waiting to use the money?! Weird right but I'm not stressing it because I don't want to rush into surgery just because I found a way to pay for it so I'll pay the $300 extra. When I asked her about the extra $1800 now she said she would send me prices for packages and supplies. Good because a girl needs to know exactly what she's paying for lol.

Anywho my procedure includes Liposculpture full body (abdomen, waist, love handles, flanks, and bra line) and the bbl. The only thing I'm worried about is how my stomach will look after surgery since I have stretch marks and a little loose skin but if it's not the best looking stomach it doesn't matter because it's only temporary until I recover enough to get my tummy tuck. I received my invoice and I'm just waiting on the finance company to release the money to Vanity. Can't believe this is actually happening. Dreams do come true!! Now I just need the lock in the date :)

Sx is on February 23 :)

Soooo I set my sx date and I have so many questions about what I should and shouldn't buy for my sx. So if there's any girls out there who would like to help me out pleaseee! I want to know what supplies did you absolutely need and what didn't you need? Please help girls.

First Wish Pic

Ughhh! It's bitter sweet posting this .. My wish pic is me pre baby I was in love with my body but I just needed alil ass lol

Obsessed with them!!

Realistically Khloe is what I see my body being like the most. We're both tall and carry weight the same.


This me now I definitely need more hips!

More Wish Pics

Sx seems sooooo far away I'm just ready to get it over with already lol Anywhoo more wish pics :)

Almost time!!!

I seriously can't believe I'm 37 days away from sx. I have been thinking about it every single day and surprisingly I'm not that nervous but I'm sure my nerves will kick in when I get to Miami. I didn't choose a recovery house because they were too expensive and I didn't see any really good reviews. So I'll be at a hotel from February 22-26. Pre op is on the 22nd and sx is on the 23rd :) My boyfriend and sister will be driving down with me. I'll have Nurse Amy take care of me for a couple days and I've scheduled 3 massages with Medical Massages for $160. As far as supplies go, I ordered my lipo foam from Medico International it will be here tomorrow shipping was really fast! Ordering my lipo board today from Amazon, getting my faja at Vanity, and the other little supplies can be found at Walmart. I will post my supply list once I have everything. In a week or so I will do my labs since they have to be done within 30 days of sx. I'm just praying my body is ready for this surgery as much as I am. I'm most worried about my iron levels because I'm already an anemic person but I've been taking iron since last August so I just pray it's above 12. Last time I went to the doctor it was 11 something. I talked to my boss and I will most likely be out of work for 3 weeks. Boy was that conversation a little weird lol but my job is great they supported me throughout my pregnancy and were very understanding. I just wanna say thanks to real self doll Tawana4372 you've been sooooo helpful to me! You have literally answered all my questions and your posts have helped with most of my concerns. To all the February dolls I wish you all the best of luck, the best and quickest recovery possible and I truly hope we all achieve the body we dreamed of.

Cleared for surgery!!!!

Just got off the phone with Vanity and my labs came back great! So I'm cleared for surgery and best of all I'm in excellent health. Thank god! I just wanted to say that so far my experience with Vanity has been great. They've answered all my questions, followed up with me, and they've been on top of everything throughout this journey. 15 more days until sx dolls :)

Pre Op Today!!

Soooo I made it to Miami like an hour ago!!! Waiting for my pre op appointment. It's funny because I thought my nerves would be on 10 right now but I'm actually ok. Got my faja from Vanity for $120 and paid off my remaining balance. Surgery tomorrow .. I'm just anxious to know what time my life is going to change dolls. Things only get bigger and better from here :)

Sx in the am, Supplies, Faja pics, Before pics

Vanity told me to be there at 6:30am so I'm thinking sx will be around 8:30am since you have to be there two hours before. Also I didn't meet Fisher today he was in surgery so I'll meet him in the morning. Vanity was busy but it wasn't too bad I think I waited for an hour until I was called back to sign all those papers. I'm happy my boyfriend is here with me I'm really gonna need him. Just wish I could kiss my baby girl before my sx but she's back home with my mom :/ Leaving my munchkin is the hardest part of all of this.

My Supply List:
* Iron pills
* Faja
* Compression socks
* A couple maxi dresses
* Easy slip on shoes
* Comfortable cotton panties
* Thin tank tops
* Antibacterial soap
* Arnica gel
* Merderma
* Boppy pillow
* Prego body pillow
* Lipo foam & board
* Chux pads
* Urinal
* Foam roller
* Neosporin
* Medicated body lotion
* Old linens
* Disposable underwear
* Cotton balls
* Guaze & medical tape
* Disinfectant wipes

Here comes the nerves!

I'm here! Nervous as heck and excited at the same time. Just talked to Fisher he's really nice and he made me feel a little better about everything. Very straight forward guy. Surgery will start in a little bit.

On the other side!

Hey dolls I made it! Haven't taken any pain meds except for what was given in sx. Don't get me wrong this shit hurts but I'm not in excruciating pain. Will post pics when I get a chance. Thanks for all the prayers dolls.. Really tired will update later.

Officially a Fisher doll!!!

First I must say my nurse Amy is truly amazing! She's sooooo freakin helpful guys she literally helps me do everything and she's very patient. Amy's an angel foreal lol. I couldn't imagine doing any of this without her assistance. My boyfriend has been great to but I'm happy that he doesn't have to take care of me by himself. So I would definitely say get a nurse dolls.

I had my first massage today with Miriam (I think that's her name lol) at Medical Massages it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, it's crazy because you can hear the fluid in your body. It felt good for the fluid to come out, really good. The only part that hurt was when she was doing my stomach and private area. I'm sooo sensitive there it's crazy. I have two more massages while I'm here in Miami. I definitely have to find someone at home to do them.

Because I'm leaving on Friday Fisher said I need to comeback next Tuesday to have my drain and stitches removed. But Amy explained that keeping the drain is a good thing because you want the fluids to come out, first you drain red fluid then it becomes clear. The only thing that sucks is I haven't been able to get my prescription for pain luckily I brought my 800 milligram ibrophun, that's been helping just fine. I'm just ready for this pain, stiffness and swollen crap to be over with lol I pray these next couple of weeks go by fast. I'll do a full review for Vanity a little later dolls. Nothing truly prepares you for this procedure so just be strong girls, take your time, eat after sx, and drink plenty of fluids.

Bowel Movement

Had my first bowel movement yesterday. Let me tell you something pooping is sooooo uncomfortable it's the worst for me. I used the bathtub and garbage bags to help with the process. Any vets have a easier more comfortable solution to this problem because I dread having bowel movements.

8 Days Post Op

I'm really happy with my results so far I know the final result won't be until 3 months or so but for now I'm happy. I mean when you had no ass at all and your shape was destroyed by child birth anything will make you happier lol but seriously Fisher did a great job on me. He gave me the natural looking body that I wanted but I do see where the booty greed comes into play lol & best of all everyday truly does get better (amen to that).

Tuesday I had my drain taken out and I also had a massage at vanity before it was taken out. I must say in terms of massages Marian at Medical Massages did a wayyyyy better job than the girl at Vanity. The massage was still ok but I wanted her to squeeze me a little more I mean massage me like you mean it lol and she used wayyyy too much cocoa butter my god. If I had more time while I was in Miami I would've went to Marian. Not to mention, Marian cheaper than Vanity so girls I say go with Marian at Medical Massages she gave me life.

One month post op!!

Can't believe it's been a month already! I'm doing ok I will return to work in two weeks. I'm still very swollen and sore as heck lol I think my sides bother me the most as far as pain goes. I'm getting another massage next week and until then I've been massaging myself every single day and not to mention I get good massages from my boyfriend (he's been such a big help). My butt isn't that hard really. It moves and jiggles like any normal natural ass thank god lol I was so tired of the hard booty. I'm just waiting on it to drop a little more and fluff out. My stomach is contracting really well, I've been worried about it since I came out of surgery since I have "bad skin" due to stretch marks. Overall, I have no complaints. I'm ready to work out and keep making strides towards my best body ever. You see yourself after surgery and it's literally your MOTIVATION, to never go back and always keep up with yourself. So the pain is worth it! Other than that I'm just trying to make the most of this down time. This journey takes a toll on me sometimes mentally and emotionally but I'm just trying to remain positive and look forward to those days when the pain is gone. Happy healing to you dolls hope everything is going well for you!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Fisher was great! Very straight forward, he listened to my wants and needs, and he was very realistic with me. The best thing your surgeon can do is be realistic. You as the patient are owed that much. Before sx Vanity was great with communication, on sx day they were a bit unorganized, I waited awhile for sx to began, and my boyfriend had trouble getting updates on me throughout the surgery process. Imagin how he felt and on top of that my family was waiting to hear something from him and he had nothing to tell. It's funny because after sx the communication with Vanity is good again. They call a lot to check up on me and see how I'm doing. Asides from Vanity Dr Fisher is amazing I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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