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I am happy to confirm that next year I will get my...

I am happy to confirm that next year I will get my BBL surgery done with doctor fisher. I already got a day schedule and I've paid the deposit... I haven't had the surgery yet but I am nervous LMAO
I am researching about accommodation as I will be flying from London... Please can someone help me? Xxx


Sorry for my English, I will try my best..

I'd receive an email from vanity saying that Dr Fisher won't be in the office from the 17/03 to the 25/04. My surgery was schedule for the 24/03 so they offered me other days in April (7th or 12th).
First I was VERY upset and nervous because I dont live in USA, I will be flying from UK, I already bought my fly ticket, I ask for holidays at work and I booked that day 4 months ago...
I sent a quote to Dr Omulepu who I really like as well, he is free the 24th of March so I am not panic any more. The lady I spoke with (Yisel Rodríguez) was very efficient and she helped me to book with Dr Omulepu :)



I am writing because I need help on a surgery that never took place!
On the 22nd March 2016, I supposed to have my surgery (BBL)with Doctor Fisher. I paid my depostit and schedule my date on October 2015.
On February 2016, a coordinator wrote me telling me that Dr Fishe would not be around the 22/03/2016 so I had to change my surgery date but I don't live in USA, my flight ticket was paid already,supplies...everything!! I couldn't do it! so I decided to book with Dr Omulepu who was free.
I paid the deposit to Kayla Recovery House on February 2016 (Kayla is a great woman and really helpful by the way). We used to speak a lot on whatsapp and she asked me about my doctor, surgery date... she is the one who told me that Omulepu's license was suspended. I didn't know anything and Vanity didn't tell me anything neither so I decide to write them and they confirmed it and they offered me another doctor (Dr McAdoo) who I didn't like at all because he doesnt put much fat and girls didn't look different after surgery but my coordinator Margaret sent me a lot of pics of McAdoo's "patients" and she conviced me.. I still had my doubts because I'd never see those pics on instagram or realself but I still went ahead.
On March 21st 2016, I left from Spain to Miami ( I live in London but tickets were cheaper leaving from Spain). On the 21st when I landed to Miami and I opened my email I received an email from another coorfinator saying that Dr McAdoo's son was in the hospital and I would not be able to get my surgery on the 22nd but I could do it other day! .... JUST LANDED IN MIAMI...
I started to cry! I was nervous like I just came all the way from London for this..
I had to book another place to stay, Kayla recommended me doctors and told me that only God knows why the surgery took place and to be calm that all would be fine.
Well I filled the refund form, did everything they said and I still waiting for my money. My aunt lives in Miami, they told me that if I wanted my aunt to collect the check they needed a notarized authorization letter, I sent it and they still did not refund me yet.
Everytime I close the surgery is close, they will call, they will write me an email etc 5 months waiting!!!""

Please anyone who is reading and could help me I will appreciate it. Please, please, please, please, please...
I dont live in USA and this very fustrating, I worked so hard so reunite every single penny for them to do this to me.

Dr Fisher

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