A Fisher Doll - July 6, 2017

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Just sent my deposit, It was gonna be scheduled...

Just sent my deposit, It was gonna be scheduled for June 18th but because I just had back surgery I wanna make sure I'm healed 100. August works better for mee and who wants to wear a Faja anyways in the summer. Yayyy i'm so excited, Ill be posting pics later. Hope every one is having a great day, If there's any advice, tips you beautiful ladies can share with me as to what to buy, what vitamins to start takings now and what tests I should do at my Dr.s office before surgery that would be great. I will be going back for my breast lift and implant about 6 months after surgery. Hopefully I wont need a TT with the intense Lypo. Im 5'1 at 150 lbs. give or take gonna go down to 140. looking forward to finally having the body I always wanted, gonna be Sexy, Sexy, Sexy LOL

surgery date

My baby brother is getting married on June 20th, day after my Bday and i'm the photographer. I'm gonna wait till end of July/August to have my sx. That gives me time to heal and I don't have to worry about anything for the 4-6 weeks post op. I'm looking for a recovery house with no luck, if someone can help me out that would be great. If there's anyone going around that time and is looking for a buddy to share expenses at the recovery house/hotel inbox me.

compressed garments

Im shopping on line and Im not sure what to order. Do I get a full body garment for a BBL? Do I get the one with the butt exposed or covered? Should the length be down to knees or ankle? Not sure what size to get, Im a size 7, 5'1" 145lbs... so confused


I'm a little concerned about sending money to set a date in July/August. Do they usually ask for a big deposit ? There asking 2500.

Wish List

This is what I want but I want it ti look natural in a Petite woman and Im afraid a big booty will knock me on my ass lol


Who is the best person to speak to at Vanity? I was just called today to make a deposit but I already made one and when I told her to look she said she was only supervising that the Jobs are being done properly B.S. My coordinator is Shirley. I need to speak to someone that is on Point over there!!

Vanity Customer Service

I have been contemplating for days about asking for a refund from Vanity. There are so many horrible reviews and I have experienced it first hand. I never received an invoice for my deposit, I asked numerous times. I called a few times and Roxanne hung up on me a few times, I never received a response to any phone calls or emails. I need to feel confident that I'm in good hands!! Its a shame Vanity has such GREAT DR.s but with Very poor Customer Service. They should rethink and replace there team starting with The manager. Today I asked for a refund and the Claudia the manager seemed to get upset because of it, I hate putting people in there place!! I received my refund so know I'm back to square 1. I refuse to put my life in Vanity's hands, I don't care if Dr. Fisher is the BBL King.

Fisher Doll October 24th

Looking forward to my sx, Hello all you beautiful dolls. Surgery is paid in full, got my flights, I,m flying From Newburgh, NY Looking for a private nurse and hotel or should I go for a recovery house? What do you gals think? Im flying in the 23rd returning the 28th hopefully thats enough time to fly back home. I prefer to be home as I will have help. I got almost all my things that are needed and YAY I,m excited and scared at the same time lol I will be posting pics soon

Fisher Doll

so my sx was moved 2xs and I had to change the date once due to my health. I am scheduled for July 6th with Fisher, I have booked with Keyla Recovery House, now to finish getting my supplies and book my flights. I will be landing in Miami early so I can relax, unwind and tan till my sx. I already did my bloodwork and everything is fine except for my Iron so Im taking 2 Iron pills a day. getting excited finally getting the body I have always wanted

i keep going back to choosing Dr. Fisher. The staff has changed drastically for the better. Looking forward to my transformation. I wanna feel sexy again

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