Jan/15/2016 with Dr.Fisher 22y petite mommy of 3!

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Hey everyone im new to the community, im so...

Hey everyone im new to the community, im so excited to get this done, ive always been a busty disproportionate thin girl (32G) with little to no bum! this was something that ive wanted to do for a long time to correct my proportions and enhance my shape but after having kids i noticed the fat creeped in on my abdomen despite working out it would stay put. Two birds one stone type of scenario :) ill upload some before pictures and some wish pictures that are pretty popular on here. Ive put a deposit on my surgery and come friday ill be putting on more! yay!! so excited, one step closer to my dream body.

Worried if I'll have enough fat

So I'm 140 pounds at the moment, this picture was from last year at 130 pounds six months after our second son was born. I want to weigh just enough to get the results I want right off the bat but I also want to make sure I don't have so much that my tummy isn't too different. I feel like this way I can avoid any over filling of my hips and bum since there won't be much.. What do you bbl ladies think? Enough fat here? (I'd prefer to go back to this size)

Finally paid for surgery and some wish pics!

I've finally paid for my surgery in full! Sorry it took so long if anyone is still even following this! My family was going through some financial problems but we sorted all that and finally got around to doing this! I made the payment yesterday and am waiting to hear from My coordinator Nicole to book my surgery :) here are some of my wish pics I never got around to posting since I had put my bbl on the back burner.

I'm booked :)

I've gotten around to booking my appointment, I was holding back because I didn't know what I would do with my sons but I decided to book it instead of making excuses. I'll be going for the 15th of January ! Anyone else going around the time ? I'll be at the recovery house :) so excited !!

Recovery house or ??

I'm having second thoughts on the recovery house that vanity has. I've read some bad posts on it but they were somewhat old. Have any of you been to the recovery house lately ? Or anyone recommend a different RH?

Booked my flight and looking at hotels

Hey ladies my flight is finally booked, I'm flying coach on the way there since I'll be in good health but I've booked first class on my way back so I can have extra room to kneel, stand or whatever my sore little body feels the need to do! Also I'm looking at hotels for the first two nights since I've decided to go with the recovery house. They all seem soooo expensive! Anyone have any recommendations?

So excited ! Under forty days !

I'm getting really excited now that there's little over a month left, I'm completing my first lab test next week to see if my blood needs some more building. I've been taking iron, vitamin C and vitamin B complex. I think I may have been slightly anemic before because my energy levels have risen and I'm going through my days with gusto ! Also I tossed around the idea of the recovery home vs hotel and decided to stay at a nearby hotel with my step mother. I'll feel much more comfortable with her than anyone else! Everything is booked now and the intensity is growing ! I hope all of you bbl beauties are recovering well and wish the future bbl beauts a safe surgery !

Updated before pics and surgery simulation!

Hey beauties! I'm going to post some updated pics of my body after a ten pound weight gain (as you can see went to my belly and my love handles!). I feel confident that I'll have enough fat now for the results I want, I've also included some simulated pictures just as a little preview. what do you ladies think? Bigger? More hips? Let me know :)

Down to the last week!

Ok so I've had some trouble getting some blood work done because in Canada some of the blood work is less general than in the US but I think we've got it all worked out. I've got all my surgery goodies except the EZ P or whatever it's called which is in the mail so hopefully I receive it before I leave! I'm heading out on the 12th! I'm getting a little nervous as the date creeps in mostly because I've only receive negative feed back from my immediate famiy but either way I'll be flying out in less than a week! I'm currently fighting a small cold so I'm praying it goes away before the time comes or I don't know what will happen. I can't take any medicine unfortunately but even if I could it wouldn't shorten the life span of my cold. So I've been drinking lots of water, getting lots of sleep and eating warm foods with high nutritional value. Well let's hope the next time I update this I'll be in a gown awaiting my surgery! Wish me luck !


1:30 pm - Hey everyone, im in pre op right now waiting to go into surgery. People come in and out also people smoking outside of the door next to the pre op room and I can smell it in here. I'm also having problems with vanity because they told me when I made my lump sum payment that I would receive a free garment and two free messages but now I'm being told that there were no notes of this on my file. They told me to call and figure it out as I'm in pre op!!! This is crazy. Very unprofessional. Well either way k thank god I'm here and I pray my surgery goes wonderfully! Even if I have to pay for vanity a ridiculously over priced faja :/ but seriously you guys if they make you an offer make sure they send it to you in writing over an email ! Anyway wish me luck here we go :)

10:50 pm: - i made it!!! Im here in my hotel now the clinic released me at 8pm and my stepmother picked me up. My god! Let me tell you ladies about my experience, I met Doctor fisher half an hour before I got knocked out. He was really nice and very charismatic! Loved to chat. We took the pictures and we chatted about the results I wanted he gave me his opinions and then I waited a little more. Anesthesiologist came in popped in an IV and walked me to the operating room, I heard loud house music coming out of once of the rooms down the OR hallway lol wtf? Anyway we came to my room and holy sh!t it's intimidating seeing the table, the lights and everything else in that room!! But after a little chatting and hooking me up to monitors the anesthesiologist (who is cute by the way) sat next to my head and said I'm going to inject this into the in and it's going to burn a little (lies!! It burned like a mo fo!!!) and then I was like owww holy sh!t that burns and before I could say another word I was asleep. After what felt like two seconds I awoke and was in incredible pain not so much my butt which just feels like I hit he gym too hard but my stomach!! It's hurts like hell! But I digress I rather lay here and feel this than go through labor (natural labor all three times) coming off he anesthesia was terrible and more of an annoyance than painful. I was shaking like crazy and was freezing cold I couldn't get warm for the life of me even though I had heating blankets on me. I was incredibly thirsty and my a$$ and back were sore. I got to my hotel and was extremely tired and thirsty I slammed about two bottles of water and made a floor bed lol and passed out but got up in about twenty minutes because I didn't like the pressure on my belly. I laid back on the bed and fell asleep for an hour or so and I felt a billion times better! So if you feel gross after coming off the anesthesia like I did, get to a bed and have a nap because the ladies in recovery don't play around once you're responsive they want you out and a nap will go a lon way to helping you feel a little more normal! I'm waiting right now to get my meds from my mum in law then probably going to munch on some pure and jelly and his the bed with a Percocet! Sweet dreams everyone I'll post pictures in the morning.

24 hours post

My surgery ended last night around 7 and I was discharged at 8. The first 24 hours have been alright not too much pain just at the end of my 24 hours it's been hard to get up to go to re bathroom. I've been getting really dizzy so much so that my hearing gets muffled. I lots a lot of fluid and blood the first 24 hours and now it's slowed down quite a bit. My ribs are feeling a little sore from laying on my belly for so long! Other Han getting up to walk to the bathroom I haven't been walking much as I get very dizzy to the point I feel like I will faint. But hers a picture for you ladies. Let's hope tomorrow will be a little better.

Bbl girls I need your insight !

So I won't get to see DR.Fisher until tomorrow since it's Sunday, I still don't even have foams in because they never told me when to put them on! I'm having my first massage today as well because I can feel the pressure in my back and tummy. But my question for you girls is since my doctor didn't say anything, when can j start taking my arnica and iron sups after surgery? I'm taking Percocet and an antibiotic but that's all. And can I mix these things? What did your doctors tell you? Thanks to anyone that answers if not I'll ask tomorrow when I see my doctor.

Going for first massage and other random bits

Ok well I went for my followup today as vanity was closed on Sunday but I was told there's no problem mixing the arnica and iron with the prescribed stuff! So I'm going to start my iron and arnica treatments tonight to get the swelling down and my hemoglobin back up. I caved and bought the bbl pillow from vanity which is 100 bucks and I'm liking it so far. I still have to get used to it but it's much better than the half foam roller I have. Also bbl girls if you go to vanity be aware the girls that work there are awesome but the other patients are almost unbearable. They STARE like their life depends on it. And if you make eye contacts they don't shy away, they will literally stare into your soul with a terrible gaze! I don't know if it's just the type of women that get surgery and everything is a competition, some form of jealousy or something but wow! It's crazy. Not even a smile or anything just a stink face and never ending death stares. I'm from Canada and frankly were polite people who don't really do that so it's a huge difference for me. Anyway my check up was good I'm very swollen on my tummy and have a little pocket of fluid I'm assuming my massage is going to be crazy painful but none the less I'll be at Marian's in less than an hour! I'll keep you guys posted and try to upload another picture soon ! Thanks for the support

Four days post

Hey everyone today was a bit of a rough day, I had a headache almost the whole day and kept getting dizzy. I realized later in the day that I hadn't been drinking nearly as much fluids as I should be nor was I eating much because Percocet suppresses my appetite so once I ate and drank a substantial amount of water I felt much MUCH better! So keep hydrated and fed ladies! It's crucial! I had my second massage today as well and didn't drain much so that's good. I will say that when I'm getting my back massaged and I hear the fluid sloshing and gurgling around it does freak me out! Lol. But all is well, hopefully tomorrow I have an easier day and a less painful massage. Have a good night everyone and thank you for the support

Tired, headed home tomorrow.

Well I've had a long day. I had my last massage and got my drain removed. Getting that thing out was painful. Mind you it felt like it was ripped out and not slid out. My step mother dragged me shopping since I felt alright but now we're back in our hotel packing up. I'm so ready to be home!! I miss my family and the comforts of home. Ladies let me give you this little slice of advice, drink LOTS of water ! I've been struggling to drink enough water and have been paying the price with headaches and (TMI) constipation. I've got a lot of swelling in my torso and numbness on my lower back to the left. My arms are getting sore in strange places like my lower forearms and my palms. Well I'm going to take my pills, finish packing and get some slee! Sweet dreams :)

Happy to be Home !!

Well im just letting you all know I'm home safe and sound, hopefully my bum didn't suffer from all that sitting on my bbl pillow (which I don't think I could have lasted as long as I did on without my thick nursing pillow) the bbl pillow definitely didn't allow me to put much pressure on my bum. I donk know if I floated that much.. Or even at all because sometimes I could feel my bum grazing the seat, but I'm praying it holds out and doesn't lose volume! Word of caution be wary of your personal space because I had multiple people bump into me since they weren't watching where they were going or just plain rudely shoved me. Also be prepared to get weird looks when you decide to kneel on the airplane! Anyway here are some pictures I took at my hotel last night waiting for my connection flight (don't mind my still very swollen back and abdomen!) Take care everyone :)

Resuming my massages

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted on a bit. My recovery is going a little slow as I have quite a bit of swelling and my drain wound is still not closing. No infections as of yet thank goodness! I've also been busy with my little ones. Yesterday I went and got my first massage after my four massages with Marian. The massages with Marian were uncomfortable but with the women I went to yesterday (clinic is in a medically focused building filled with dentists, orthodontist,chiropractors and specialists) did not do what Marian was doing. The massage I had yesterday was very light, gentle and focused on keeping me warm? Not sure what to make of this.. But she put sports tape on my back to relieve pressure from my nerves so they could heal without feeling the zaps. The tape has helped, not completely but I have felt as many shocks where the tape is. Anyway I'll be researching why Marian was so aggressive and why this lady was so gentle (she treats hockey players and surgery patients on a regular basis who have been referred to her by doctors) here's some pics, I'm happy with my results although I feel they are a little small I think it looks right for my body.


Well I'm three and a bit weeks out ! Still swollen and my flanks are retaining fluid (says my massage therapist) but I'm loving my results. It's not too obvious but definitely plump and juicy ! I need to walk around more to get the fluid moving but it's just so cold out! I don't want my grafts suffering because of -10 to -20 c ! It's been three weeks now so supposedly the grafts have "taken" so im going to start going for short walks. I'll leave you guys a picture :) (don't mind the wrinkly stuff on my back its sports tape to take pressure of the nerves so they heal faster) ps. My belly is still swollen so it's lumpy but my therapist said under he swelling it's the smoothest job she's ever encountered and that my skin is recovering really well considering its damaged due to my pregnancies but I'm going to heal into a flat board when it's all over, woot!

Booty greed.... So it begins

Lol ok before I got my surgery I always thought to myself "oh I'll be happy with whatever I get cuz it will be better than this.. Booty greed won't happen to me" was I ever wrong! Dang!! My swelling is going down and my booty is dropping so I'm seeing a lot of uneven spots because some spots are less swollen than others and it seems my whole left side just won't let the swelling go! As my brain adjusts to the new booty I don't see it with as much excitement as I did when I first saw it so maybe that also comes into play. I find myself browsing through my wish pictures and through other reviews thinking wow theirs is bigger/rounder/higher/more hips whatever. I have to keep reminding myself where I started and that im still swollen and healing. Gahhh the psychological aspect of this recovery is definitely a whole other beast.

I'm alive :p

Hey everyone, it's been a little over two months and Ive been enjoying my results. I'm sitting now and I've seen no volume loss since I started sitting. I still have no feeling in my lower back which is scary but I'm still swollen back there and retaining fluid so maybe month three or four it will settle. But it's definitely much muuuuuch better than what it was before. I'm dealing with loose skin on my belly and some flat spots on my left cheek. Vanity said its swelling but we shall see!!! Here's some pictures. She's here and she's plump!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Vanity is a little bit of a pain but the girls that actually work in the clinic are sweethearts ! Although the whole process feels a little rushed and there's not much follow up care I'm still happy, especially with my results so far. (This may change once I'm fully healed if that's the case I will update) Dr. Fisher himself is awesome. He didn't spend much time with me at all just about twenty minutes before my surgery and popped his head in when I had my drain removed, but in the time he did spend with me I felt very comfortable. He is very down to earth and likes to crack little jokes, he's also honest about what he can do for you as well as what will actually look good on your body. I would recommend him.

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