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This would be my first surgical procedure and I've...

This would be my first surgical procedure and I've been looking into getting a tummy tuck, liposuction, and BBL. I believe I found the doctor I liked based off of reviews and pictures, Dr. Almonte in the Dominican Republic. Has anyone had her from past surgery's? What should I expect from her and her staff? Do I have to stay at the RH she recommended or can I purchase a separate hotel that way I'm able to bring someone along?

Finances- Is there any type of payment plans out there I can get or loans? (My credit isn't too good) Would you recommended paying in full before the surgery or at the time I get to DR?

Dominican Republic- Has anyone had bad experiences there? Was the taxi cab driver who picked you up and dropped you off, nice, weird, mean? Thoughts?

Thanks a ton for your time and hope to hear from some of you ladies soon ;)


So my plans are to have a TT, BBL, And Lipo and I want to get it over and done with BUT with my spring semester starting in the beginning of febuary, it pushes me back. How long is the recovery period for those three procedures? Do you ladies think it's possible to only take a week off of school (I only attend on Tues and Thurs) and return by the next? PLEASE HELP! I'm stuck and want some opinions. If I would only need a week then my plans would be to go to DR during spring break or somewhere after, which is around the month of March?

All your advice is greatly appreciated :)

Don't know when I should schedule my date?

As all of us ladies and excited and anxious to get our procedure done, I sit here finding a hard time when I should schedule my date due to the time period I want to go. I was just informed that my spring semester is over May 12, which is earlier than I expected and I ain't mad. Also, I got the news that my sons pre-school graduation date is May 27th, which means there is about a 2 week gap between the both; however, timing is what I have a problem with. We should get there a day before our surgery, and Dr. Almonte does surgerys on a Monday, which would be the day I'm interested in. Meaning I get to DR on May 15 then, have my surgery on the 16th, if she even has that date available. I have to check this coming Friday when I send my deposit in. What I'm trying to ask is, would it be reasonable to get my procedure done on the 16th and make it back before my sons graduation on the 27th? Do you ladies think I would be healed enough to at least sit for an hour or two through his graduation? Plus, I don't want it to look noticeable to other people that I had surgery done. By the way, I'm getting a TT, Liposculpture, and BBL. I also have vacation the first week of July, which is also one of the reasons I'm trying to get there as soon after my spring semester, that way I'm somewhat healed before vacation. I'm sorry this post seems so long and exaggerating, but I have no one else to ask but you lovely dolls!

Any feedback and greatly appreciated ;) I'm so excited!


Tomorrow is the day I put my deposit down with Dr. Almonte! Words cannot describe how I feel. I'm kind of hesitant on doing it because I know all of the pain my surgery will require and just my overall health- I have no health problems but yanno just the whole thought of what can go wrong. But then i think about how this surgery would give me more confidence to be the person I want to be! Ahhhh.. Mixed emotions! Has anyone else felt like maybe they weren't gonna do the surgery?

My schedule date is June 1st and tomorrow I will be calling my doctor to schedule a follow up; get blood work done and see what else he would recommend, medication wise, to be safe in the DR. Any recommendation on what I should ask my doctor? Or tell him to prescribe me?

I know my hemo level won't be above 13 so, what should I start on as of tomorrow to get it up? Or should I wait to get the results back from my blood work? Does Lesley give us a list of pills we should take to increase our hemo level?

Also, after sending my deposit, will Lesley give me the RH I'll be staying at?

Thank you ladies so much for reading my update and getting back to me! As I'm fairly new to RS, I appreciate all the feedback and advice. It really helps in with the decision making of this whole process!

Fisher Doll in the Making !! WHOOP WHOOP

Ok previously I was going to travel to the DR for my BBL but I've changed my mind. I'd rather be in the states where I'm comfortable with the environment and where everything is safer. Safety First, Ladies! I've decided to go with Dr. Fisher because he snatches those waist and plumps those butts. I've got my quote and for everything it will be 6,000 which is very doable. My coordinator has been Amy (anyone else have her? Thoughts?) and she's been magnificent along the way. I'm currently standing at 180 lbs, 5'2" and she said I would have to drop down to 160 since Dr. Fisher requires a BMI of 30 or less. This is the only problem I have with going to him. I wish I could just maintain my weight and still get snatched. I'm very excited to be putting my deposit down with De. Fisher in the next upcoming weeks! At times I don't want to do it because I know all the pain I will endure BUT I know I'll regret it if it doesn't get done. This is something I've always dreamt about. My plans are to go mid/late February.

Anyone else reconsider doing a BBL? I feel like I...

Anyone else reconsider doing a BBL? I feel like I could use the money on other things however, I really want a BBL! What gets me thinking is the healing process and my hopes of having that perfect bottom. I need some encouragement ladies because as of now I don't feel like putting my deposit down tomorrow and just want to use the money on other things.

shxt just got real !! soon to be fisher doll

Can't believe I just put my deposit down on something I have forever wanted. A part of me says why but then another part says YOU GO GIRL! I'm so ready for this and cannot wait to get it over and done with. Anyone else going with Dr. Fisher in February? Which recovery houses do you recommend? Help me out ladies

Question About Adding on Another Procedure! HELP

So I had a c-section back in 2010 and from that my stomach is a nightmare. I'm scheduled for a BBL in Feb. of next year and I think my stomach is going to look 10x worse than what it is now. I really would like a TT along with my BBL (and that way I'm able to get both over and done with instead of waiting another year or two to get the TT), but correct me if I'm wrong, Dr. Fisher doesn't do the both at the same time? Can someone share their experiences with their sagging skin after a BBL or let me know if you had both procedures done at the same time?

Doctors and vets, I need advice!!

Would having a tummy tuck bring out my butt? I have a small one now but was wondering if it would be bigger if I was to get a TT and lipo on the back area.
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