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Finally decided to book my surgery,getting the bbl...

Finally decided to book my surgery,getting the journey started about 7 months ago was told i was to small for the procedure and i gained about 30 lbs now i sent in my preop pucs and was told to gain at least 5-10 more extremely discouraged bc ive seen plenty of pre op pics of girls way smaller than me and they were told they dont need to gain weight..i think i may have gained to much weight..any one else have any thoughts actually trying to slim back down now..i do not want a big huge kim k butt but i still want some projection .o and if any one is getting there procedure done around the same time let me know i will be in miami from new years until January 15th..and i was also looking into infor for the care houses any one think its better to just get a hotel or what not..thanks in advance.


Hello all,,so i was so excited about my surgery it was scheduled for jan 5 th i had everything set my time off of work anyways my best friend had implants and a lift done with fisher last week ( AMAZING JOB) She said he was super nice and very personable and on her final day she had mentioned that i was scheduled with him on jan 5 th and he kinda made a joke like i dont no whos doing her surgery bc im not in town till the 7 IMMEDIATELY she contacted me bc her surgery was rescheduled only 2 days prior to her supposed arrival,and she had to pay fees to change her airline ( we are from pa) and she had to get extra days off at work bc her days off were already may not seem like a big deal to some of you but like for us we work full time and dont have the luxury to just take weeks n weeks off whenever we want we are in the medical field and we have to get shifts covered and then to pay extra fees for the air changes and what not..its just kind of inconsiderate.. Anyways i called vanity i swear withn the hr of her convo with dr fisher and they told me no he has not said anything to them so my surgery is still i left it at that..well i came on here and saw another girl scheduled for that date and she stated she saw on his ig that he was out of Town that day and she changed her day,,so the next day i called back and again they said no everything is good for the 5 th so i asked to change my day to the 7 th just in case and they did,,i also informed another doll on here of the change bc she was also scheduled the 5 th with me..and now 1 week later as it turns out yes he is not going to be there that frustrated bc its like they dont seem to care where ur comming from or what you need to reschedule or change to get there..its inconsiderate if u ask me ..and the fact that i had to take the initiative to change my own date to avoid a big ball of glad it was only moved back 2 days coulda been still excited and im even more excited to meet dr fisher my besti said he was great and really let him just do what he does best craft and mold her body ,,she didnt show him no wish pics she just told him what she was going for and she looks amazing!!

I decided to loose some of the weight i was told to gain!!

Ok all,so u all no i was told to gain about 30 lbs for my bbl procedure, well it took me about 7 -8 months but i gained the weight..ull be surprised how much you gain when you just stop going to the gym..anyway i sent in my photos at exactly 146 lbs which is 30 extra lbs for me,and i was told to gain about 10 more lbs..i was extremely frustrated with that bc im getting married in april and i dont wanna be no bigger than i have to especially on my wedding i started looking more into this weight gain thing and a lot of you said you didnt have to gain weight and i saw a lot of pre op pic that were similar bodysizes to my before weight gain i my consultant at vanity who was new to me bc my other one got a different position,,she said i dont need to gain no more weight and even said i could loose weight..UGGGGG i really wish the dr was able to access this so i no for sure if i again d enough or to much you know bc i want good results for my body size now im on a journey to loose about 15 lbs about half of what i gained.. Im really hoping this would make me feel better about my final results and overall look..ill post progress pics along the way i have a lil over a month to do so..any tips or advise or from previous fisher dolls if you had to gain or loose weight what are your thoughts..thank in advance.

Surgery jan 7 th !!!

So my surgery is jan 7th and i still havent booked a place to stay any one have any sugetions or thoughts and whats all included if u stay with vanity or a extended stay?? Thanks in advance.. O and im down 7 lbs i will post more preop pics right before.


Getting nervous and excited my surgery is June 23rd..i have almost everything i need,,im just unsure about place to stay n weather to get a nurse,,i will have simeone with me but im still considering a nurse.ANY RECOMMENATIONS or any advise???


Sooo excited but really nervous.. One week till my surgery ..i think i got everything i need, im packed and ready to excited to be a Fisher Doll!! Wish me luck!!


I know its only been a week ,,BUT i dont see not 1 bit of change in my butt projection or shape AT ALL,,Its only 1 week post op and im really hoping to see a change!!! Bc as of now im am not impressed at all with dr Fisher,, and i chose him based on all the impressive results ppl got..mine is just not there!! Very disappointed,, i traveled very far and saved every dime for this procedure.. Hopefully SOMETHING WILL COME OF THIS!!!

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