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thank you dolls for the help!!

Thank you soo much for the info i feel soo much better going by myself is really scary now all i need to do is pick a RH i wanted to know how many massages do i actually have to get after surgery ?

moved my date up!!

No longer an april doll scheduel for may 18 have to start now shopping for supplies can anyone give me advice on what supposly i should be looking to buy and should. I start taking vitamins? I will be posting pics soon of self

cant wait for my booty lol

Okay so for some weird reason vanity changed up my consultant so i had to resend my pictures to get evaluated with fisher again?? I dont understand because he already did do that and then she tells me i have to go to miami 3 weeks before surgery to get lab work done which had me upset because i live in NewYORK !! I was already getting upset since round trips are like $280 if it wasnt for me asking her if i can do them out here she wouldve never offerd me to do that !! Ugh well anyways im waiting on her to send me the info of the lab work i need to get done. can MAY come any faster!!!!!!

decided on RH

Made up my mind to go with newbodyrecover!! Only planning on staying for like 4 days i wanted to know how much massages are seperate from package??!?! ... i noticed that i gained a bit of weight due to stress ugh clothes dont fit and cant buy more since im getting surgery stuck wearing my boyfriends sweats lol can they boost my price up if i gain too much weight?

booked my flights!!!!

Just booked with delta which i was blown away on how cheap it was .. also still havent gotten the lab email from vanity she keeps telling me gisell is going to send it and she hasnt .. i told my coordinator and she said she will ask her to do it now and still nothing i contacted her again today and now shes saying she cant get in Contact with gisell :( oh well my surgery aint till may 18 .. i cant wait to Leave this cold cold weather!!!!

surgery cost went up!!

hey dolls so vanity quoted me an extra $1000 since i have upper back fat and i want to lipo my arms since i do.t want to look buff in the arms when my stomach looks flat lol any good fajas that have sleeves? Also i wanted to know i have read from someone else that they put a lipo board on they bak to help the arch bellow your back for a Better shelf? Is this true?

cant decide on a good faja?!?!

so im really stuck on deciding which faja to purchase i realized that vanity gives out the cheapest one which is like the most $55.00 and they charging everyone $120 i think?? Well i dont know which faja to buy i see that salome is the most expensive brand i seen soo far but they come different styles i want one with the best support any pointers please here are some that i have checked out i see that the butt part has different support which one is better 1 2 or 3?

help my newyorker dolls!!

So due to the fact that im only staying in miami for 4 days with moni do i need to get drained out here i been reading a bunch of reviews of how some of the girl had to get drained out with a syringe due to fluid build up where can i go in newyork to get the rest of my massages? Any suggestions ?

vanity update!!

Ok so has anyone experience anything with vanity im trien to make a payment towards my procedure and Pricilla just told me That vanity is no longer receiving paypal payments due to the fact that they account is on hold?!?!

order new.faja what yall think?!?!?

Ok so i found this faja with 4 hooks for a Really good Price i Think And i also bought the vedette 929 iM really keep compression on my abdominal area What do you guys think?!?!

finally got my fajas!!

okay soo i ended up fajas the vedette 929 and a 3 hook i previously posted which did not fit for S*** i orserd both medium the 3 hook felt like a 4xsmall lol the vedette fit very good whats a.good stage 2 faja cant see This op lol


big question!!!!

I wanted to know when Can i Start wearing a thong Faja?


Just got my vitamins :) ended up purchasing triangle from pinkroom and it came with measuring tape and my vitamins came with 6 diet pills also i typed up a bunch of questions for.fisher so i dont.freeze up and forget to ask him lol and i got 2 fajas :)

more wish pics!!

I wish to get a body like this!!

one week away!!!!!

ahhh i am ball of emotions 1 week to go!! soo excited scared and happy at the same time my mother in law found out and shes been a total B**** saying im selfish and being beyond negative like beyond beyond negative not even my own mother is against my decision!!! well anyways as long as im happy who cares wat she thinks my man is as excited as i am lol leaving newyork saturday morning to florida staying with a friend and surgery will be on monday ???????? i booked some massages with this place in miami called lipo massage they where on telemundo on tv its $70 for an hour and they use ultra sound and some machine while doing massage and hands they are 15min away from vanity!!! ahh cant wait :)

more wish pics :)

very disappointed :(

so sad to say that i had to reschedule my surgery to september 1st the hate is real out here ladies!!! some hater called my man private leaving a voicmail saying that imba gold digger and that im marrien him for money even tho there was never gona be a wedding??? he believed it and it was a huge fight by the way we been together for 4 years and we have a 18month old anyways he kicked me out after we had a physical argument didnt let me take nothing just because i didnt give him the baby ... idk who has the time in the world to be sabotaging my life now i lost my family and everything i ever had :( now im planning on staying im florida with my freind this is really upsetting and i cant believe is happening to me its a total nightmare!!! called vanity and the next open date is september 1st this sucks alot ....

heyy ladies!!!

hey ladies its been a while since i did a review as you can see i didn't get my surgery yet due to some b.s issues anyways now i have to start all over again to find a place to stay and any one schedueld for september 1st??? i wouldn't mind splitting cost with a buddy :) also i have gained another 10 pounds which sucks ! i been sooo stressed out :( anyone know good recovery houses that include 3 meals a day transportation and massages since i will be traveling by myself :(

Need a post op nurse!!

Does anyone know of a good post op nurse to take care of me for 3days??? Please any recommendation will be really helpful thank you :)

hello ladies!!!!

hey lovely lakes i haven't updated in a while i was just so turned off with the fact had to reschedule just for some b.s well anyways i been so depressed i now weigh 161 pounds!!! i was weighing 145 in may when i first had to go to fisher vanity told me not to win anymore weight since my bmi is exactly 29.5 i can't wait !!!! i am 4 days away from my sx day i found a room on i found a private room with bathroom private entrance for $384 for the week and the lady is a RN and she is charging me 350 to take care of me for the 7 days i will be staying at her place she also has a person that gives massages to the house for $50 and she will be riding me around to appointments store and airport ... i will make sure to update !!!


so i had my labs done again on august 16 and i got a call from vanity saying that my aptt level was to high at 40 which it wasnt back in may when i was suppose to get surgery with fisher it was at 36 now im checking my results online and its at 39 my flight leaves monday at 5.30pm and surgery is on tuesday im freaking out that i might have to reschedule :( im afraid if they might reschedule till february

Heyyyyyyyy dollysss

So I been through hell and I'm finally ready for this bbl I'm scheduled for march 28 I just booked my recovery stay with Keyla currently weigh 165 hope to loose 10 pounds before procedure very excited can't wait!!!

surgery tomorrow!!!


On my way to miami!!

It's 4am and I have gotten no sleep everything was literally planned yesterday!!! Flight and everything im soo exhausted and on top of that I'm starving .. : (

In Miami!!!

Pulling up to vanity right now I have a million emotions running thru my head and I have butterflies in my tummy ahhhhhh

It's about to go down!!!

Met with fisher he is a really cool guy made me feel comfortable now just waiting to get surgery all marked up and ready to go!! Came here straight from airport very tired and hungry ????


Big bug by my foot
Just what I needed to see

Omg ladies I made it !!!

Fisher Posted me on his Instagram I got 1200cc in each butt check I feel less pain today then yesterday I got surgery around 4pm keyla picked me up at 9.30pm I'm not dizzy to walk or nothing like that which even the nurse is surprised I lost a lot of bloody stomach hurts like hell ! Will start walking today painful painful painful !!! Here's my booty girls I haven't got to really see it in the mirror yet but I seen it on Instagram and I am happy on what I see!!'n

Hey ladies

So today I'm 2 days post and let me tell you that it's the hardest thing I ever did in my life painful!!! I have difficulties getting out the bed this surgery is no joke waiting to get my second massage right now !! I went to vanity for what they consider a "follow up".. didn't meet with fisher at all a nurse took my garment off look at my belly and put it back on that's it!!! Will be taking out my drains on Monday morning I leave Miami on Tuesday... I still haven't shower since when I got my first massage I almost fainted!!! :( I'm very stiff it sucks

11 days post op

Hey girls so today I'm 11 days post open and I feel like I lost some volume and the bruising went down a lot I'm walking around and waking up slsooo sore compression socks feel like they are cutting off my circulation in the morning .. my garment is starting to fit spoon loose that I can fit my arms in there even with foams and boards I bought a Faja but it is wayyyy too tight wouldn't want to kill the fat on my hips does anyone know a good brand ?? Also not wearing the board since it leaves me horrible lumps on the side of my stomach but Im still wearing my triangle need compression on stomach PLEASE HELP!!!

2 weeks post op!!

Hey dolls!! Today I'm 2 weeks post op and I'm feeling 90% already I just can't bend down to grab stuff like that and I still have a lot of fluid on my waist which I'm getting massages my waist is 30inch and thighs are 44inch the attention is REAL it's overwhelming !!! I wear my foams and board at night been eating ALOT which I have to slow down lol but it's soo hard to adapt to your new lifestyle here's more pics I took today!!


6 months post op!!

Very pleased with my results but I'm desperate for a round 2 and a tummy tuck maybe get a pair of new boobs lol
I also will like to get bichetomy on my face since I have. A really chubby face ugh this is sooo addicting planning on going to Colombia!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor !!! Love results

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