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Hi I am 26 year old mother of 4. I'm 5'7 and...

Hi I am 26 year old mother of 4. I'm 5'7 and 200lbs I plan to lose 15-20bls before surgery. I want to get a TT & BBL very soon. I Live in Minneapolis and I'm having a hard time finding a doctor that has experience in bbl's here so I'm ready to go out of state if I have to! I had a phone consultation with Vanity because I am interested in Dr. Fisher. When I spoke with them they gave me a price of $7000 for full back liposuction and fat transfer. Does that sound about right for his services? I recall seeing a recent post from someone who got a estimate from his office and it was a bit lower than mines. They also said I can add a tummy tuck and the grand total would be $10,800.00. I'm trying to decid if I should move forward with the deposit or consider other options l, please help!


I've been searching for Ortega's bbl results and I can't find any big bootys! Does he not do them? Does anybody know someone that got a big round butt from him? I'm also considering his TT, I've seen enough of those to be comfortable with his work. Plus I've read that his office is not has hectic as Vanity. I read that he doesn't use the drain post op, does anyone know why? Is that a bad thing?

Also, if I want to upload my personal pics where do I put them? In the review?

Try to lose weight sucks big time!

I have a little cuff at the bottom but nothing at the top. I need full back lipo, a tummy tuck, and lipo in my huge arms. I weight 200 pounds, I've been trying to lose weight but it's so hard because I love sugar ugh. I feel like I'm addicted to drugs when it come to food! I get head aches and fatigue after 2 days with no sweets. I'm determined to lose at least 15-20 before my surgery!

Can I do TT & BBL at the same time?

So I spoke with Vanity today and I was told that I should not do a tummy tuck and BBL at the same time. Has anyone been told otherwise? I thought I remember reading someone's journey who did both. If you have done it or know someone who has please let me know! I am traveling from another state and I don't want to make 2 trips if I don't need to.

Looking for a Buddy!

I'm scheduled Feb. 24th with Hasan! Anyone else going around that day? I'm flying to Florida Monday and hopefully I can go home Friday. I'm bringing my youngest child he's 2. I can't leave my baby for that long so he'll be with me!! Has anyone ever brought there child with? I'm trying to see if my mom or cousin can come help me out but I haven't confirmed anything yet with them. My Fiance will stay at home with our other children because he is unable to get off work. I'm SO EXCITED =) & and a bit scared! Also, my coordinator said I shouldn't lose that much weight based off my pics I sent her but I don't have time for Hasan to tell me I can't have surgery cause my bmi is 31!

Things I need to get before procedure??

I really need help putting together a list of stuff that I need to buy before my procedures. I see all of these different things like boards for your stomach, foam, and I don't know the purpose. Any suggestions on clothing? What's up with the pineapples that I've seen I some review? Please help! I only have 2 months and I feel like I have so much to do in little time.

weight loss tips needed!

So I have to get down to at least 185 pounds before my procedures date or I'm sure Hasan will send my ass right back home with no bbl. It's so hard for me to eat healthy food all the time. This week I lost 4 pounds but I'm sure I gained a few back from eating out and snacking on skittles that I couldn't resist. Now I'm on the treadmill as I type trying to burn some of the calories off! Can anyone give me some cheat methods? What's your experience with diet pills, herbal life, something! How can I lose weight and still satisfy my sweet tooth!? I feel like I have a drug addiction when it comes to sugar!

Which faja should I buy??

I have 38 days to go! I'm about to start ordering my supplies. I've been looking online for a faja but I see so many, I don't know which one to get. Is it better to get one with the butt section cut out or closed? Do they all come with a hole in the middle for going to the bathroom? If I want lipo in my arms do I need a compression garment for that? How many lipo foams should I buy?

Opinions needed!

Should I add hips to my bbl or do you think I will be okay without anything added? I'm thinking that once my waist is smaller my hips will look okay but I'm not sure.

30 days to go!

So I'm trying to get a idea of the minimum amount of cc's I want to try and get. So I said "I want 1000 in each cheek"....My Fiancé looks at me and says "What? You need to tell them to put 1400" I looked puzzled because how in the world does he know? Lol. He said he's done some research too! Let me find out my Fiancé wants this booty more than I do! Of course he says he loves me the way I am but I'm happy he's being so supportive :) . Also, I got my pre op instructions emailed to me last week! I wonder why we have to stop taking vitamins 1 week before? I'm still getting my supplies together, when I'm done I'll post my list. Does anyone know of a nurse I can hire to come to my hotel? I feel like the time is going by kinda fast now. I'm such a procrastinator so I need to make sure I stay on top of things so I'm not worrying last minute. Sometimes I wish I would have went to a Recovery House so I wouldn't have to worry about transportation, nurse, etc. But that's not a option since I'm bringing my toddler along.

BBL during college semester?

Has anyone got a bbl or plan to get one during the semester and return to class? I plan to miss 2 weeks of class and I get a week off for spring break then I have to go back. How should I handle it? Should I bring a yoga mat or boppy pillow to class and look crazy? Idk what to do. I don't want to push my date back because my wedding is June 7th and I want to heal a bit before my wedding. Any suggestions?

16 days to go!!

So I've been MIA, I'm extremely busy with school, getting my employee's prepared to have stuff under control at my business while I'm gone, and wedding planning!! As far as my bbl planning, I booked my plain ticket, paid my remaining balance but I don't know which hotel I'm staying in! I have to figure it out asap. Anyone suggestions on hotels? I had my labs cleared but apparently my doctor didn't add the pt test. I thought they were talking about pregnancy but it stands for something else. Samantha told me that since all the other test were okay that she thinks that one will be too and they will run that one when I get their on the 23rd. I'm going to order the last bit of supplies today, I haven't decided on the exact support pillow yet but I have to figure it out today so I can make sure it's shipped in time. I also need a faja. I've read that vanity uses the vedette 929 is that still current?

1 week to go!

It's almost my time! I'm really nervous about the recovery and being away from home for 5 days. I've never been away from my kids that long. It makes me said just thinking about it. I'm waiting for my last few items to come in the mail. I couldn't decide which support pillow to use so I ordered 2. The buckwheat cylinder neck pillow and the pilaport creations. I think I'm also going to get a boppy. I was able to buy the Arnica tablets and the bromelian pills from the local gnc store. They had a buy one get one 50% off sale which was cool. My garment should be here by the 20th and I hope it fits. I ordered the vedette 929 from eBay and I selected the size based on my weight (at that time I didn't have my measurement but I hope it fits). I have so much going on right now that I can't remember what size I ordered because my weight was on the borderline for the large or extra large . I'm a little overwhelmed with homework and I can't wait until this semester is over because I'm getting stressed the hell out lbs. Oh yeah, I finally took my measurements today it was 41, 37, 45. I lost 7 pounds but I gain like 3 back this last weekend because me and my fiance went to Tampa and I was going in on the food and alcohol smh. So I'm 195/197 depending on the time of day I weight myself so My BMI is 30.something. my cordinatoor said as long as it didn't go up to 31 or more I will be fine. She actually said they will let me slide with having it at 31 depending on how my weight is distributed but that's the cut off.

Being that my hips and butt is 45 inches already does that mean I won't need much added on my hips? I noticed that a lot of women are between 44-49 post op.

Is it worth it to add the full back? Right now I'm paying 4000 and it's 500 more for the top of my back. I planned to wait until Hasan see's my back and get his opinion but what do you think??

Menstrual Cycle on during sx!?

So by the time I realized it would come during my sx it was too late to change anything because my date was set, flight booked, ect. Has anyone had this experience? Will it affect anything? My hemoglobin? All my labs are cleared (Even the ptt test that they thought I didn't get) and I was told that they wouldn't be running them again. Should I take iron even though my hemo was 13.5? My cycle last a full week so I know it will still be here on the 24th.

Pilaport & Buckwheat is here!

sure I got it because I'm not home during the day. I'm in my office and somehow my employee signed for it because I didn't hear the doorbell. That was cool until I noticed the box said "BBL Pillow". I would prefer for it to confidential dang! Lol I've tested both and so far they both provide good support. The pilaport is very firm. The Buckwheat seems fine, when I sat down it didn't get flat.... I'm not sure how long it can hold pressure but I'll find out soon.

Weird symptoms

For the last few days I've been getting a warming sensation on the back of my left thigh. It feels like something is heating up for like 3-4 seconds and it happens randomly. I tried to Google it and I've been reading that it's possible signs of a damaged nerve or blood clot. I'm going to urgent care today to get it checked out. I'm praying it's not a blood clot, I don't want to have to push back my date. Have any of you experienced this?

Before Faja pics!

Here are more before pictures. I can't wait to see my after photos! I really want to add my arms because they are genetically huge! But I don't know of they will do them because of the 4 litter cut off point. My stomach looks bloated because it's my time of the month. Oh and I'm SOOOO happy my fiance will be coming with me :-). At first my mom was supposed to come but she has some personal issues going on, them my cousin was going to come but I feel like she giving me the run a around now, then my friend said she would but she didn't seem interested in helping with my 2 year old son. So now I'm going to have my wonderful support man come alone. He got his plane ticket last night, I feel way more comfortable having him with me, don't nobody got my bad like he does (besides God) lol.


I was in the middle of writing a update earlier and my phone died on me ugh. I arrived at Vanity around 4 and Saw Hasan within a few minutes of waiting. They checked my weight on one of those scales that are not digital. I am not a fan of those because I don't think they are accurate but today it worked in my favor. My home scale said I was 195 yesterday and Vanity scale said I was 193. That makes a big difference when you are on the borderline of having a BMI that's too high for the procedure. Mines was right at 30 so he said I was fine. I had to undress down to my panties and bra and he evaluated me. He had me down for only lipo!? I was like um no...Then the lady told him I was also having a bbl. He said that he is supposed to have 2 bbl.'s tomorrow and 1 lipo. I guess someone messed up the schedule. He told the lady that they need to get their stuff together and have the correct info for the patients so he doesn't get over booked. After that he said that I needed lipo in 14 areas but I only paid for 12. The extra 2 areas he pointed out were like the top of my butt but on the side...lower than my lower back. Its difficult to explain but it looks like apart of my current ass to me and he said it was wide... I also got bad news that I have a hernia and he cant lipo my belly button area or I can die! I noticed that my belly button was not the same after my last child but It doesn't come all the way out so I didn't think it was a hernia. He said, "I'm sure your kids want you to come home so I will not be able to lipo that area". I am happy that he is being very cautious but I am disappointed that I will have a fat pouch left until I get the hernia fixed. that's a whole other procedure. He also warned me about having loose skin on my stomach, which I already knew and planned to have TT in the future. He also said that he planned to do aggressive lipo and it will take out the max amount of fat allowed. After meeting Hasan I had to takes photo's (which was very uncomfortable for me). The lady tried to say I have a nice shape for having 4 kids, I'm like girl stop! You don't have to lie I know my kids jacked me up lol. I guess she was trying to be nice. After taking pics I signed the paperwork, they double checked my lab results, and I was out the door!

14 Areas

I forgot that he marked me up. This side pic is the extra areas that he suggested.

post op Hasan is the man! 1

Sorry For The Delay In the update. I've been felling so weak every since they woke me up. It was hard for me to get to the car, get out the car to my hotel, and go pee. When I stand up I feel like I'm going to pass out. My fiance called Vanity and they just told me to rest. I finally ate something and took my pills. Since I ate I can now stand up for a few seconds but I can't walk without feeling really dizzy. That part is kinda scary but it's probably the anesthesia. I'm so happy my fiance is here. He helps me to and from the bathroom and even has to hold the pee thing I got. Luckily I'm really comfortable with him. I'll write more when I feel better.

pic from earlier

I'm loving my results. Pain is beauty dolls!

Hasan told me to give him a shout out on RS

At my follow up Hasan said show off his work, here it goes! Oan, I never noticed the stretch marks by my crack until now.

flight back home

I am headed home today and I am very nervous about my 4 hour flight. I have a note to give to them explaining that I cannot sit the whole flight but I feel weird about standing up looking crazy lol. Also, will I have to get checked more at the security check point because of the lipo foams? I think I've watched too many episodes of locked up abroad lol but I don't want them to think I'm carrying something illegal under my clothes. As anyone had a issue with this?

1 week post op & sx review

It's been a long week for me. Let me go back to the day of my sx. I arrived at 5:20am and waited a few minutes for them to call me back, do urine sample, get marked up by Hasan, and take a million of before pics from like every angle. Hasan was very cool, he asked if their were any other black people in Minnesota and he thought it was all farms and country. Idk why everyone think that lol but we have a ton a black people, cities, ghettos, hot spots, ect. So I told him about it. After that was done I went into a cold room and got wiped down with the brown iodine stiff I believe. I laid on the table and they put the "Margarita" in me and I was out. I woke up on my side and was told to walk to another room. I could barely walk, I laid down on the recovery bed on my stomach. I was really out of it but blessed to be alive. She called my fiance and it seems like he made it there super quick. I tried to get up but was way too dizzy to walk so I had to lay back down. I drank water, then Gatorade and had to force myself to make it to the wheel chair. I rode out a side door on my knees and got in the car. The 1st day was very hard, I was bleeding so much it was scary. I was told it was normal so I tried to stay calm. I had a lot of Chux but the hotel bed still got blood on it. I recommend future dolls to get a shower curtain as well cause that would have came in handy. I broke the rules and did not walk every hour because I couldn't get up without feeling super faint. I did my best to stay hydrated though. I had my follow up appointment the next day. I completely broke down crying in vanity because I was to weak and faint to stand and wait for a room. I thought I was going to black out or something. I asked to be placed in a room to wait and they let me. I laid down for about 45 minutes and waited for hasan. He came in for like 2 minutes to check me and was out the door. The nurse changed my padding and told me not to look at my stomach. I looked anyways and it was a hot lumpy mess lol. I knew it was temporary. The nurse also said I better start walking every hour or I will die from a blood clot -_- I'm like dang okay, she was straight to the point. Now fast forward the time and now I am 1 week post op! I feel way better. I just get the blues here and there because I can't sit down and my neck hurts from laying on my stomach. My butt is still hard, my stomach, back and sides are swollen and numb, I didn't have a BM until day 5 but now it's regular. I use my cylinder neck roll for the toilet and it gives great support. I'm about to order another one for work. I look forward for my showers because I enjoy having a break from the faja and foam. Overall I am very happy with my procedure, I just wish the recovery was easier. But it's worth it! :-)


So after trying to hold off on sex for 2 weeks it was unsuccessful and my fiance and I got it in! I know, I know, I'm bad for not following post op instructions :/ but I couldn't resist my sexy ass fiance and to make matters worse I was on my monthly before my surgery so we haven't got down in a while! We made sure not to smash Ms. New booty in the process lol. I did notice that the next morning my stomach was swollen and had more fluid build up. Maybe it's because of the extra activity from the previous night. I went to the doctor today to see if they could drain me and they didn't want to do it because it looked normal. Maybe I'm being dramatic but I have a ultrasound massage appointment with a plastic surgery doc office Tues and I'm hoping they will be able to drain it. I'll let you know what happens on Tuesday!

fitting room flexin!

Went shopping today for t-shirts! Because of my stomach and back fat I was never comfortable in fitted shirts. Now that my waist is smaller and my rolls are gone I finally have the confidence to do so. My stomach is still swollen and I've been going to a local cosmetic surgery clinic for massages and they said everything is how it should be right now. I can't wait until it goes down some more. As for my butt, it's soft around the edges but hard in the middle. I think I lost some inches but I can't find the thing to measure it with. Overall I feel great but this no sitting down thing has got to come to a end. They said wait 2 months so I'll hang in their, I just can't wait to sit down! Lol.

1 month post op tomorrow

Hey ladies! So I will be one month post op tomorrow. I'm satisfied with my results but my booty greed kicks in every once in a while and I want more, I want more! Lol. I feel like I lost some projection and instead of a shelf I have a slope. I've been eating unhealthy and that stops today because I just weighted myself and I gained 5 pounds. I have to get it together to maintain my results. I haven't heard from vanity since my follow up appointment, no after care call or nothing. They probably don't even know my name anymore lol. My butt is getting softer but not back to the normal feeling yet. My stomach and sides are sensitive to the touch and my lower back is still numb. I wish my waist was smaller but I think after having 4 kids my stomach muscles are spread apart and in need of a tummy tuck to achieve a smaller waist (during the tummy tuck they sew your stomach muscles back together and that makes your waist smaller). I'm thinking about losing 15-20 pounds before my wedding but I'm scared that I may lose some fat in my butt and lord knows I don't want that to happen. I haven't bought a smaller faja yet this is the same one. It isn't providing much compression on my stomach so I wear a waist trainer on tip of it. I've been getting ultrasound massages once a week and it has helped the swelling and fluid decrease without being drained.... Well that's about it, I hope everyone is doing great!! :-)

3 months post op tomorrow!

Hey!! So I'm 3 months post op tomorrow. I stated sitting down without support at 2 months. I don't sit for long because it gets uncomfortable, like kind of achey. My butt is soft like it use to be. It's measuring 46 inches so I've lost 1 inch. My skin in the lipo area is still healing, sometimes it burns. I wish I had more projection but overall I still love my new booty!

Hasan Update

I been gone for a min now I'm back again!! Lol hey ladies! I haven't been on much because my hubby hates when I'm on here. Idk why.....but anyways I'm doing great my butt feels normal, soft, and jiggly. My lipo areas are sore from time to time. I gained a few pounds :-( cause I Love food too much....but on the bright side, I absolutely love my results! My next mission is a tummy tuck and breast lift/implants.

booty ain't went no where!

So it's going on 7 months. I wanted to do a update because my measurements have changed. Unfortunately I gained weight and I'm at 204. My measurements are 41, 34, 48. I'm disappointed in myself but my life is so crazy busy that I don't eat as healthy as I should and I haven't had time to commit to a work out routine. But at the end of the day I'm happy with my results! I'm just going to work on maintaining them. Because of my hernia I wasn't able to get aggressive liposuction in my stomach. I'm about to look into getting a tummy tuck. Although hasan is awesome, I probably won't be going back to vanity though.

A year and a half later......

I've gained weight since my bbl and it heads straight to my ASS. Please don't get any bigger! Lbvs.

A year and a half later bbl

Weight gain after bbl = mo ASS
Dr. Fisher?

Not Fisher anymore it's Hasan!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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