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So I've been dreaming about getting this procedure...

So I've been dreaming about getting this procedure done for over a year!! Today I paid my surgery in full, and I'm having it done by dr. Fisher at vanity Miami on Feb 19th! I'm sooooo excited! Does any body have any recommendations for recovery houses? I'm looking at a few so far. I'll post some before pictures here in a little bit!

Before pics and some wish pics!

ughhh, I'm so ready to have this all done and have my new body already! I could've scheduled earlier but some situations I have to take care of prevented that :( I guess for now I'll just keep stalking this site and start buying my supplies, then plane ticket, recovery house etc and I'll be good to go!!

Supplies & Tips?

So I had to move my date to March 4th. Anyway, I'm about to start ordering supplies and stuff, what's some things that I might not think of that you recommend?? Also how will I know what size faja to get if my measurements will be different after surgery? thanks you guys!!

1 Month Away!! Fisher- Miami

omg time is flying. I have exactly a month until my surgery! the closer it gets the more nervous I get! I still have to book my hotel (mom agreed to go) and flight! I ordered a bunch of supplies but I feel like I'm forgetting stuff... I just keep telling myself it's all going to be worth it! I'm really scared about the reaction im gonna get lol... like my butt is so flat it's gonna be sooo noticeable. I mean, I don't care what anyone thinks I just haven't told ANYBODY. only my mom knows. Anyway.. any suggestions, supplies, tips?? I appreciate any input I'm so scared ugh


so I went to the hospital to get my blood work done and they told me they can't do it without an actual paper from the doctor?? and all the walk in clinics in town say they don't do Independent blood tests Anymore either! idk what to do??

Vanity is pissing me offffff- Surgery next week

So I almost didn't wanna go with them because I see all these ppl talking about how they like to bs around and stuff once they get your money. my surgery is NEXT WEEK and they STILL won't tell me anything about my labs?! my flight and hotel are booked so they need to not be waiting last minute to try and tell me if something isn't right on my labs! highly upset with them right now.


omg you guys I could seriously kill somebody right now! my surgery was supposed to be next week and they wouldn't return any calls or anything about my labs. so when I called they decided to tell me dr fisher won't even be there my surgery date!!! And they told me they could do it fkin next Wednesday but can't bc I had a boob job BACK IN DECEMBER. When I first ever talked to anyone at vanity I asked about doing both procedures at once and they told me no you have to wait SIX WEEKS between surg. ok cool. well when I told them that on the phone they said noooo only 6 weeks if you had the breast job at vanity if u have it somewhere else it has to be 6 months! someone please tell me what's the fkn difference ??? they are so full of it I swear to god. their doctors are extremely talented yes but the company period is unorganized and full of shit. I have my flight and hotels booked for next week and they can't even have the decency to call me and tell me any of this ???? I'm calling to see if I can get any other doctor in the Miami area to fit me in next week bc I already have off work and everything booked so wish me luck cause I highly doubt it.


Heeey dolls it's been a while i have alot to cover! Since Vanity wanted to play around and tell me literally 3 days before surgery they wanted to wait till April, I HAD to find another surgeon asap! I already had unrefundable plane tickets and hotel etc etc.. Anyway, i got in touch with my lovely new coordinator Kyoky, and amazingly they said they could fit me in i was SSOOOO excited! Originally I was supposed to have my surgery with Dr. Llorente at spectrum but there was a few bateria in my urine so he wasn't comfortable doing it and they postponed it a few days.. Then i ended up getting switched to Dr. Ortega which was fine with me because he has fabulous results as well! Anyways.. surgery day came and i met Dr. Ortega and he was nice and answered my questions (i didnt really have many i feel like i've been researching this my whole life lol). Then i woke up from surgery and HOLY SHIT let me tell you that was the worst pain i've ever been in in my life!!!! I serriously underestimated how much it would hurt so just prepare yourself!! i've been recovering well though i'm only 5 days post op now and feel a million times better but still very sore and stiff! Percocets will be your best friends lol! Feel free to ask me anything i'll try to help you out, I'm very bored recovering right now lol


they didn't post on my other update for some reason? here are the pictures!


ok real self is getting on my nerves!! won't post pics! trying once again lol


a hard lump has formed on my butt near the pee hole on the faja and I honestly feel like I'm dying. I have no pain meds nothing helps it hurts so bad!! calling my surgeons office tomorrow to see what it is :(((( I would never go thru this surgery again I have been so miserable for the past two weeks I can't handle it. pray for me!!

I regret this so much

I have a fever I have no color I can'twalk . Haven't been out of the bed today. Spectrum finally got back with me and they're sending me antibiotics. nothing for pain I'm in excruciating pain. I should never did this.

everything is getting worse

this is not fair I don't know what I did wrong I just wanted my dream body like everybody else. I'm laying here sobbing my eyes out waiting on my mom to get home from work and take me to the ER cause I can't get up at all and I can't take it anymore and I can't drive myself. can't wait to have my new booty mutilated and ruined. please pray for me I'm in so much pain and so devestated


ill keep u updated

Another surgery tomorrow

ughhhhhh I'm beyond over all this. I've been in constant pain for about 4 days now & it's exhausting!! The hospital staff are nice but I really can't get thru their heads how much pain I'm in. they keep giving me the tiniest doses of stuff so I keep asking duh and they are thinking I'm like a drug junkie or something I'm getting so pissed off. on a 1-10 scale it's seriously past 10 they don't understand. the doc is gonna cut open my poor booty tomorrow and drain it & God knows what else. needless to say all this was probably for nothing bc my poor ass is gonna be scarred and deformed now lmao. just kill me now.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega was just pretty straight forward, not really rude and not really friendly. I never saw him again after my surgery. Staff at spectrum is wonderful, all the girls are very sweet and helpful. Reason for the not worth it is due to the fact I'm in the hospital and have to have another surgery and probably a revision now in the future. Not Docs fault I know stuff happens but still not worth it in my opinion.

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