Fisher, Blinski, Duran, or Diaz???

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I originally started my rs obsession looking at...

I originally started my rs obsession looking at breast lift reviews. The scars scared me too much and sent me running. Before I could get off the site I ended up being assmatized by the bbl dolls and have been stuck on here since then. I've reviewed 100's of reviews and have come down to deciding between 2 docs: Fisher or Blinski. Both doctors do great work but I'm noticing small differences in their style. Fisher gives high round stripper booty (ex. Deelishis) , while Blinski gives low wide plump butts (ex. Kim K.) Also, Fisher's best work is on smaller athletic girls with BMI under 30. Blinski does more for pleasantly plump figures as mine is now at 230lbs 5'7" BMI 35. Either way I would prefer to lose 50lbs and get my BMI under 28 before surgery to get the best outcome with the least complications or chance of needing a revision. Here's my wish pics...

Favorite Fisher Sisters

Here are some of my favorite Fisher dolls. I love the fullness and projection. I know in order to achieve these results I would need to lose 50lbs and get my BMI at 28. I'm currently 230 5'7" BMI 36.

Best Blinski Babes

Here are the best of Blinski's work in my opinion. From reading the reviews, it seems Blinski dolls have an easier recovery and less complications like seromas, lumps, unevenness, and revisions. However, it's hard to gauge because there aren't that many Blinski dolls to compare and they don't post bare, clear, close-up pics like Fisher dolls. What's up with that?

My turn to bare it all!

This site has been so helpful to me! Sometimes we're overly critical on ourselves until we see others going through the same things. This process has taught me to enjoy my body and even more so enjoy getting better! I know exactly what I want and what's realistically achievable with what I have. My current measurements are 5'7" 230lbs 44-39-49 and I'd like to get to 180lbs 36-31-41 before surgery. Surgery should get me the rest of the way to 36-26-46. Here are some before and after pics simulated on a plastic surgery app...

Plastic Surgery Photo Editor Apps

Had a question about what app I used to simulate my before and after I'll upload two pics of the ones I used. On iPhone App Store it's call "Plastic Doctor" and "Photo Plastic". Plastic Doctor is good for reshaping, adding butt, taking away gutt and Photo Plastic is good for erasing back rolls. You should be able to find them in your App Store if you search for plastic surgery photo editor. I did not pay for them. They were free apps.

Looks like Dr. Diaz is gonna be my man!

I've had four docs in mind for my bbl. Blinski or Fisher in Miami, and Duran or Diaz in DR. All of the doctors do great work, so it came down to service and price. Dr. Diaz offers an all inclusive price plus 8 day recovery stay for $4,000. He also replies in 24-48 hours as promised unlike SurgiCoordinator. The same package with Blinski or Fisher would've been double and I couldn't even get a reply from Duran. Another deciding factor for going to the DR is aggressive lipo. I'm not as concerned about having a huge butt as I am a tiny waist. DR docs don't have the limits that U.S. ones do. I want to be sucked dry then rounded out. I already have 49 inch hip. So sucking my waist down from 38 to 30-32 would make em pop!

Deposit made with Diaz!

Made a $300 deposit a few moments ago with Dr. Diaz. I'm like..."Am I really doing this???" Almost only 30 days to go!!!

30 Days To Go!!!

I'm booked with Dr. Diaz for August 10th. I chose his all inclusive package for $4000. It included bbl, garment, labs, meds, and 8 day stay at CIPLA. I've only seen one review of recovery at CIPLA saying it wasn't bad, just boring, it's basic care, to bring your own blanket/pillows, and they only serve soup. I'm not too concerned about being entertained or fed as much as I am having quick access to medical care so I guess I'll have see for myself.

30 Days To Date With Diaz??????????????

Dr. Manuel Diaz

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