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Hey ladies, here's a small peak into my BBL story....

Hey ladies, here's a small peak into my BBL story. I have been wanting a fat transfer ever since I turned 19, I live in Miami and even though I am Cuban I am on the thinner side and was never blessed with a big ol' butt or hips. I looked into it at first but was always turned down since the majority of people would tell me I was thin and my butt was "okay". To be honest, I really hated the okay. I never wanted an okay butt, I wanted a full wide big butt. Four years later, I finally decided that I had done enough looking and I would get it done. I first looked into a friend's doctor who gave her magnificent results. I scheduled surgery with him and was all booked. The day of the surgery came, and due to poor management of the clinic I could not have the procedure done. That same day, I got on RS and began the search for another doctor which lead me to my current doctor, Dr. Fisher. :)
My surgery is scheduled for Friday, August 29th and I could not be more excited. My time has come!! Yay!!

Some More Wish Pics

Suelyn Medeiros is my dream body and booty!!

Vanity Experience So Far

After I joined Real Self, I was like OMG I'm having surgery in a circus. BUT, I must say that my experience has been nothing but positive until now. My coordinator, Stephanie, is excellent!! I have bothered her with a billion and one questions and she has gotten back to me within that same day. She tried to get me the soonest date that Dr. Fisher was available so I am forever thankful. She gave me her cell phone number just in case I had any questions or anything. If any of you ladies want her e-mail, let me know and I'll send it. The day I went for my labs, I did have to wait a little bit because the place was packed but it wasn't terrible. Let's see how it goes on surgery day.

Pre-Op Pictures

I forgot to mention my stats in my earlier post. I'm 138 pounds and about 5'6. I'm a size 3-5 for the most part.


Just called Marian and I booked the first five massages with her and scheduled the date for each one. She sounds super nice and friendly over the phone. I was surprised she would answer me on a Sunday at this time. How soon did you ladies get the massage done?

3 more days!!! ahhh!!

Bought a pillow and Tylenol. I need to buy food still and anti-bacterial soap.

1 More Day!

I woke up feeling a little bit anxious, and my tummy was feeling funny. I still havent received a call from Vanity and I am hoping they do soon. I want to know what time my surgery will be. On another note, I got a manicure and pedicure done since I won't be able to sit for a while. Also hoping they don't make me take it off :-)

Shopping and Day Before

So today I went shopping for a few things were necessary for my recovery and process:
- Tylenol
- Anti-Bacterial soap
- Orange and Pineapple Juice
- Yogurt
- Crackers
- Baby Wipes

My friend let me borrow her Faja which I washed and fit perfectly so I did not have to spend money in one.
I received the call from Vanity at around 12:30 to inform me of the time (11:30am) and things I couldn't take and instructions. I can't wait!!!!

Ass Ass Ass!!

Will update later.

Way too big!!

No energy to write. Is this too much blood?

3 days from hell

Im finally able to stand. The only thing I can say about this procedure is pain, discomfort, pain, pain. Honestly if I would've known there was going to be so much pain I wouldn't have gone through with this surgery EVER. I've been taking V icodin and Percocet and they just don't work. I can't even fall asleep on them. I'll talk about my surgery experience a little later. It hurts to even type on my phone. Does this get better?

My experience

So I'm 4 days post-op today and I can't say that I feel great because I don't. Whenever I try to skip my pain pills it's like the worse pain. The day of my surgery I was scheduled for 11:30. They called me and told me that Dr. Fisher was running a little bit late to go at noon. I got there and within thirty minutes I was in the little pre-op room (which is not very good looking). I changed and Dr. Fisher came in. He was very energetic as usual and sat down and asked me questions and explained things a little bit further. He asked me if I had more questions and I just told him to really attack my back. He left and then the anesthesiologist came in (I had read on here that he was eye candy and he was). Really really sweet guy who also asked me many questions and took me to the salon. I took him to please take care of me and he said that of course. Once again, really sweet guy. Next thing, I woke up on my back just shaking and shaking and shaking and in soooooo much pain. I had no idea where I was, I would just hear people saying my name and I would ask why can't I remember anything. Really horrible feeling. I couldn't stop shaking so they gave me D emerol and that has been the most pleasant thing since the surgery. That medication took me to heaven, I was so happy. It was excellent!! Ok when that was over, I was still in the recovery room with two nurses. Once again, very very very sweet. They helped me get dressed, gave me Gatorade and explained a few things. They were wonderful. Wish I knew their names so I can write a comment to Vanity and compliment them. I came home and wasn't feeling bad. After the 12 hours everything changed!!! That horrible pain constantly. So second day, I have my post-op with Fisher's assistant who was also very patient. I didn't like that it's not Fisher because he is the doctor but nothing could be done. She removed the faja (worse pain of the surgery), and I started crying. She was patient and instructed me that I had to take a shower. Fixed my drain, cause it was twisted and not draining. I had to buy the cushions for the side, Dr. Fisher recommended them as well. I took a bath which was a life-changing experience, so horrible.
So far my only complain is that my ass is too big, it really looks big for my body so I am totally hoping it goes down. Also, I don't understand how Dr. Fisher doesn't have an emergency line or number or e-mail. People are clueless on this procedure and might have questions and you're stuck. This will change when something happens to someone.
I've been standing for a while because laying down makes me feel so weak and gives me back aches. Will update later. Thanks dolls.

First Massage Today.

I had my first massage today with Marian. She said all was looking good and was very nice and patient with me. She did my back and it was so creepy how you can hear all the fluid. My drain was completely clogged with a huge clot and she milked it and massaged all the fluid around it. I have been standing since I got up today at 7. So I am doing a LOT better. I thought this day would never get here. Until later. :-)

Five Day Post-op

Ladies, I am feeling a little bit better mainly because I pooped. Yes I pooped!!! I felt so bloated asides from all the inflammation. Also, I went to get my second massage which was more painful than the first. Marian said I had more liquid on my sides than anything else. I am still on pain meds, as a matter of fact I just took one right now. I was able to take a bath with minimal help and dress on my own without the faja. I will upload a picture. My ass is looking much better, less ridiculous and its getting the shape I want.

Really bad night

With nights like the one I just had I really wished I didn't have this procedure done. I think to myself, wow it's been six days and I still have so much pain. I took a Percocet and as soon as it started wearing off I has this horrible pain in my back from the sleeping position and eventually my entire back was hurting. I need this to get better already!! On a more positive note I can sit to pee by myself and get up from bed without any help.

One Week Booty Birthday!

I am feeling much better. I can go without the pain meds now although I'm taking them to sleep so I don't wake up during the night. I am feeling less swollen on my butt area although my stomach area not so much. I went to Vanity today and they removed the stitches and drain. Dr. Fisher's assistant (Don't know her name) is very nice and patient with me. The removing of the drain did not hurt at all. I was a bit nervous but really didn't hurt. I only had to wait about ten minutes to see her, and she's reaaaally nice. I read so many negative things on Vanity so I feel I must share my good experience.
I was supposed to work this weekend but called my boss and told her I needed both days off too. I am starting to love my body more and more as days go by. :-)


Some before pictures trying on another faja.

Too Big!!

My ass is way too too big. I really hope it goes down about 40%. It looks too big for me. I noticed that some swelling went down I just hope that's not all of it.

Belly Pic

So much bruising still and you can see drain incision.

Second week booty birthday

Today is my two weeks mark. I can definitely say I am feeling like things are going back to normal. I went back to work and had to sit to drive back and forth. I also drove to do my nails today, my lady did them standing up. My belly and back is still very sensitive to the touch but way less than before. The sides of my stomach are very very very firm but I stopped going to the massages. Hopefully they soften up somehow. My booty is getting softer and nicer by the day, it's starting to jiggle. My boyfriend loves it!! It hasn't gone down by much but it has a tad bit. At times my belly feels itchy and stuff and I can't scratch. Bruising is also getting better, still some here and there. I can't wait until I'm able to sit, I think once I can I will sit for hours and hours!!!

Booty is getting smaller :-)

My butt looks less swollen and high at the top. It's definitely getting smaller like I wanted. I had said that I wanted it 40% smaller but thats not the case. If it drops like 10% more I'll be super happy. It looks really really nice. Every day it moves and feels more natural. I just hope the little drain hole finally closes so I can put scar cream. I'm happy!!! :-)

Some pictures

I love my booty more and more each day. I still haven't sat only to drive for like ten minutes. I don't plan to for another 2 weeks. My body is sensitive when I don't wear the garment. I am strongly thinking about buying another one.

Booty, Big Booty!!

Today is my 3 week booty birthday and I noticed I got a big booty!!! I have a job interview on Monday and started trying out clothes at my friend's house (her clothes cause mine don't fit) and everything I try on I look like Nicki Minaj's daughter. Big old booty, there is no hiding it. I haven't sat yet and I am feeling great :-)

4 Week Update

Hey ladies. Just a small update, I've been sitting more now even though I'm still scared too. I'm not sleeping on my back yet. My belly is still sore and my sides. One ass cheek is slightly bigger than the other but I don't mind it. Liking the results.

Scars / 3 Month Update

So it has been three months since my BBL and I can't stress enough how much I love my body. My butt is perfect and the shape is amazing. I will upload pictures soon. Not much has changed for the last three months except for the scars. My friend recommended a scar cream they sell at her job which was covered by my insurance, all I had to do was get the prescription and it has worked wonders!!! It is a special formula which is a compound of many medications together in a silicone and collagen base. My scars which I did not like at all have changed big time and I have only been using the cream for 1 month. I will upload pictures. If you any of you ladies are interested, let me know, and I can give you her information via a message.
Will post more later.
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