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Hello ladies, I have been stalking this website...

Hello ladies, I have been stalking this website for about 4 months and have enjoyed reading everyones posts. I've decided to start logging my journey. I have decided to go with Dr. Fisher in miami because his results have been the best I've seen. I've been working with Margaret from vanity and she has been the best!! She has answered all of my questions and with very quick response. So, I am paid in full with my care credit which I have already had for a long time. My date is set for Feb 3. I wish I could do now however, I am not able to take anymore vacation till then. So, I guess I have to wait. I Am currently 140 lbs, 5'0 and I am 39 yrs old. I am married with 4 beautiful kids. I am ready to change my body get some curves and a big ol booty!! Well ladies I will upload some before pics soon and keep u updated.

Before pics

O.K. ladies, here are my before pics. I'm gonna try and lose at least 5 lbs. Margaret from vanity said I would have better results if I lost alittle. But, I don't want to lose to much. I wanna make sure I have enough fat to put on my backside. Well, I've gotten a lot of the items that I'm gonna need for the trip. So, now it's just a waiting game. HURRY UP FEB.!!!

another before pic

Supplies & Before pic

Gosh u guys I am so exited and happy to be doing this surgery. I have 74 days to go and counting. I have purchased my flight tickets round trip coming from texas. I have also already gotten most of my supplies. Here is the stuff I've gotten.

Arnica gel
Arnica pills
scar away
Vedette garments- med. & lg.
ab board
foam boards
boppy pillow
compression socks
maxi dresses

Some of the other stuff I plan on getting when I get to miami. Ok. Ladies I just wanted to thank all of u for all ur help and advise that u post on ur reviews! It has really helped me get all my questions answered and just helped me on this journey. Anyhow, My cordinator advised i needed to have my blood work done 30 days prior to surgery to make sure everything is ok before i go all the way over there.So far I have had no bad experience with vanity. So, I hope it stays that way! Margaret has been a doll. Well, my sisters I will follow up if any changes come up. But, otherwise I will post when it starts to get closer to my sx date. Chao!!!

46 more days!!!

Hey girls!! Just wanted to give a little update. So, I have 46 more days and I am so excited. When I am really busy at work and stressed out. I will think of my surgery and for some reason it puts a smile on my face and it makes me feel better! So, anyway I've been taking different things to make sure my hemo. Is gonna be where it needs to be. BTW does anyone know does it have to be 12 or 13? Well, I've been taking floradix+ herbs with iron liquid form and multivitamins for about 2 weeks. I have now added taking blood builder pills. I hope this works! I today scheduled an appt to do my labs with my pcp on jan.8...I will cross my fingers and pray all goes well. Well ladies this is all for now. I will update if anything comes up. CHAO!!!

Wish pics!!!

More wish pics!

I hope my rs sisters don't mind I've used some of these pics! These r the kind of results I want!!

38 more days!!!

Hello ladies, ive got 38 more days and it will be Fishertime!!! I'm so excited!! Anyway, I hope everyone had a great xmas! Well, I've lost 3 lbs so far. I'm gonna try to lose another 3. Which I'm sure I can do. I've also been taking all my vitamins religiously. So hope all goes well. Good luck to all the ladies that r about to have surgery and all that have already done so! Happy healing!!!


Just wanted to do a small check in ladies. I have 31 more days and I'm so anxious. I just can't stop thinking about this. It's so addicting. I wake up thinking about it and I go to bed thinking about it. I'm just so ready. So, has anyone used a yoga matt on ur flight back from surgery? I'm just wondering if it worked. Any advice u guys have to stay off ur bottom on ur flight back after surgery would be greatly appreciated

25 More Days!!!

So today I'm having my lab work done. I hope everything goes well. My coordinator said there was a 30 day frame. So, I figured I would do them now just in case I need to work on anything! I couldn't get any sleep last night cuz I just kept thinking of this sx. So, question ladies i havent yet told my hubby im doing a bbl. He knows im having lipo done and he wasn't very happy about that cuz he was like just go work out. So, I don't know the exact words I want to use to tell him. Any advice? I was thinking of just saying I'm also gonna have some fat grafting done. And leave it at that. But i dont know! What yall think? Well so many ladies having their surgery done and I can't stop reading all these posts!! So, thank u to all the ladies that have kept us all up to date! Ur stories have been inspirational. I wish u all a healthy and speedy recovery!! CHAO!!!

22 More Days!!

Hi ladies, so I just wanted to give a quick update. So, went and did my labs on thurs. I should be getting the results this coming week. Time is getting closer and I'm getting so anxious. I've gotten all my supplies I need for my trip. Except for my bootybuddy. Waiting for that to be delivered. My massages are booked (with marian), plane tickets purchased and my stay with magdelina is booked. I am so ready!! Other than that nothing new has happened. Oh yeah, did want to say that my experience with vanity has been great, my coordinator is Margaret and every question I've had she quickly responds to this day! She is great!! So, I'm gonna post a pic of the bootybuddy. Just in case u guys haven't seen it. It helps with sitting down (plane,office chair) etc. It was close to about $90.00 with tax and shipping

17 More Days!!

Oh my gosh, it seems like the days are passing so fast. Well, I got my lab work in today and also had my ekg done. Everything came out good! I was so worried about my levels not being right. I have been taking blood builders, multivitamins, and floradix with iron liquid form. So guess it all paid off cuz doc said they were all good!! Btw i will still continue to take cuz i know you still have to do labs there also. I faxed over all papers to Margaret/Vanity. Confirmed that she got them. Now all is good!! So excited that it's all coming together every single thing has been purchased already. Now just a waiting game!!! Yayyyyy

9 More Days!!!

So glad to be in the single digits!!! I have to say that the days are flying by and i cant believe its almost my turn. I received my pre op instructions from yisel yesterday. So, it just makes it so much more real!! Well ladies I will post something if anything comes up or when I'm leaving to miami!!! CHAO!


Well girls, I started my period today. Which for the first time is great cuz i had scheduled my sx date when I would be ending my time of the month! So for future dolls, u probably want to do that as well. I can just imagine how it would sux to be on ur period and getting out of surgery!!! OK my sisters talk to u soon!!!

6 More Days!!!

So, I got a call from yisel yesterday which is Dr. Fisher assistant just to ask me some follow up medical questions. She asked if I had already did my labs. Which I told her yes and I faxed over to Margaret my coordinator. So, she said ok good and that she would check on that. So, if she didn't call back that means everything is good. And if something was wrong than she would be calling be back. So I said ok and just waited. So did not receive a call back so I know everything is ok...just waiting for my day!!!

3 More Days!!

Hey girls!! Just wanted to drop a few lines. I think my emotions are getting the best of me! I'm really excited to get this procedure done, but then sometimes I feel guilty that I'm doing this and maybe I'm being selfish! I've been doing alot of praying for god to look over me and help me get this procedure!! Any of u girls have these kind of feelings going on? 3 more days !!!

2 More Days!!

So, I received my booty buddy the other day and today I tried it out. Looks like its going to be perfect. Definitely keeps my booty up from touching the seat. I also went and got a massage today and it felt great!! I had alot of tension in my shoulders and now my body is so relaxed. I also picked up alittle something for my margaret cuz she has been great!! Well I am ready and packed and will update you guys once I go to miami!!!


Landed in houston. Just boarded plane for miami!!! Woo woo!!!!!


Hello girls, so tomorrow is my sx. I arrived today in miami around 11. I headed straight to vanity from airport. I thought they were gonna have to do my labs. But they said no I didnt. So, anyway they had me sign alot of papers and had me take pics. I ended up leaving alittle before 2. Well, they just called to let me know that i need to be at vanity at 8:30 am tom. Wow!! Can't believe it's my turn!!! I'll try to write a post tomorrow if I'm up to it!! Btw magdelina is so sweet!! See u guys on the other side! !!

Today is the day!!!

Hi girls, just wanted to drop a few lines. Heading to vanity now. I had a very good sleep last night. Magdelina is so welcoming. She's awesome!!! Well today is the day and I hope everything goes well!! I'm ready to get my booty!!! I will update yall as soon as I can! CHAO!!

Very Painful

So girls just wanted to say that I'm ok. But very much in alot of pain. Will update my whole story when I feel alittle better. Thank u for all ur suport!!

Is This Normal

Just wanted to get some information. It's been four days since I've had my surgery. But I am still so weak. If I stand for alittle while I feel like I'm gonna pass out. When I got out of surgery I passed out in the front lawn. Is it normal that I am still so weak and I look so pale? Is anyone experienced this?

Back Home!!

Sorry ladies that I have been mia!!! But, I had been very sick the whole time I was in miami. I suffer from chronic migraines and every single day after surgery I would get one. They r the worst thing ever!!! I first wanted to say that I very much appreciated the care I got from magdelina. The only complaint that I do have is that when I went to my appt. for the surgery in the morning I was talking to her about the massages and that I had scheduled them with marian. At that point she told me she would probably not be able to take me cuz she was gonna have another girl that was coming and the timing might not be right for her because marians place was downtown and it was kind of far for her to be trying to take me and the other person having to do her things too. So than she stated she had a man who was gay that did the massages and that he was very good and he would come to the house. So at that point I felt I did not have a choice. Even though I had put a $50 deposit down for marian. So, anyway I had the sx and I asked magdelina if she could call that guy cuz i had alot of fluid in my stomach and I needed it to be drained. At that point I asked her what were his charges going to be. She than called him in the other room and than came back and said he normally charges 70 per massage. But is going to charge u 60 cuz of me (a discount ). So I said fine. So, every massage this guy did was exactly that it was a massage there was no draining of the fluid at all. Like the way I seen marian in her videos do. So I ended up getting 4 massages from this guy. And after all of them being done he ended up charging me 65 for each. The day I had to pay magdelina was not there. And he spoke very little English and I did not have the energy to fight over 5 dollars per massage . So FYI if u plan on staying with magdelina the care is great. However, I would ask about the transportation to and from massages before u book ur stay or book the massages. So, as of now I still have lots of swelling and fluid in my stomach area. Dr. Fisher stated to not get massaged for 10 days after drains r out. I will probably do it myself when it is time to. I will update with pics soon girls!!!!


I still have alot of swelling and hard spots. But, I can definitely already notice a big difference in my body! Loving my results!!!!

Loving my results!!!

Hi my rs sisters!!! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted anything but I've been very busy with kids, work and everything else going on at home. Well girls I just wanted to say that I am very satisfied with my results. Dr fisher is awesome and he is a great dr. for bbls. I am so happy that I found him. Everyone at my work is like " damn u look like Jessica rabbit" my waist has gotten so small. I love it!!! I also wanted to thank everyone on rs. This site has been so informational and I don't know what I would of done without yall!!! Talk to yall soon


So, I got a lymphatic massage the other day. Oh my gosh girls let me tell u it felt so awesome!! So, I have a question cuz i dont know if anyone else is experiencing this but my butt is still kinda high and is still very hard at the top. Do any of u girls have this issue? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be massaged out or not. Other than that I am loving my new body. Everyone at my work can not believe the transformation. So, my 12 yr. Old says to me last night. Mom, why does ur butt look like nicki minaj? Completely took me by surprise, what am I suppose to say to that? At this point I had only told my kids I had surgery but I did not get into detail of what kind of surgery. Well, I am still wearing my foams and board. However, I think I am gonna stop wearing them already cuz it is really affecting my sleep. Dr. Fisher had said to wear them for 6wks. It's been like 5 but I am just so tired of them. Well ladies I will update if anything else arises!! Chao

Updated after pics!!

35 days post op!! Here are some updated pics! Like I said previously I still feel alot of hard spots and fluid. I will be going again tom for another massage.

Almost 5 months post op!!

Just wanted to give an updated pic of my results. I am almost 5 months post op and I luv the work fisher did for me. He gave me curves that I never had even before I had kids! I will now be doing a tt with ortega. If all goes well I'm gonna try to set a date for October. I've already put my deposit down. So, we'll see how it goes. To all the ladies that are coming up for surgery " Good luck, I hope u get the results u are looking for" and to all the ladies that have just done their sx I wish u a good and speedy recovery!! I will update if anything else occurs. Chao ladies! !!

More pics!

Didn't load pic

Update!! Getting a tt!!

So, ladies just wanted to drop a few lines to give an update! Well, I'm very happy with the results that fisher gave he is an amazing dr. So, glad I found this site which lead me to him. So, girls I have decided to do a tt. I originally scheduled with ortega for a mm. However, I changed my mind and I am now scheduled to just do a tt with lipo. I am scheduled for oct 19 with dr. Osak omulepu at spectrum. I have put down a deposit with moni at new body recovery. I plan on staying with her for 4 nights. After that I will have a hotel for remaining days. I will be going to miami by myself again but I know I'll be ok. So, I made another review just in case you want to check out!! Well girls talk to u soon. If u have any questions just let me know!

Round 2!!

So, I thought I would update my review. It's been almost 2 years since I did my bbl with fisher. I will be going to miami again for round 2 with fisher. I absolutely love the results he gave me and I know he can deliver again. I've gained some weight and I need the lipo more than anything. I've paid my deposit but have not yet set a date. I will post some updated pics so u can see what I'm working with. I'll also update as soon as any changes occur. Bye Dolls!!!

Updated photo

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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