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When we look at our bodies we sometimes don't see...

When we look at our bodies we sometimes don't see what others do. People see a beautiful body. But I see stretch marks, bloated stomach, no butt and boobs. It's the no butt and bloated stomach part that bothers me. BUT since there is a way to restructure those why not.. All I want is a body that will make me admire myself, hell be jealous of the chick in the reflection because she might take my man, lmao... To reinvent the awesomeness that is me..
I already know that I will be a handful after this.... BUT I CANT WAIT

Krystal Perez and Recovery House

So I have my coordinator Krystal... She is amazing.. She makes me feel comfortable about the surgery.. She did offer me details about their recovery house but I declined... I will actually be at Keyla Recovery House... I have paid my deposit and the rest is due at arrival... My cousin and I are doing this together which is a good thing that I have a surgery buddy for this phase.....


Here is my 'RealSelf'... I am down 25 pounds so that I am under the 30% body fat.. Now I have to make sure I continue to keep improving my body so the surgery will be just an enhancement to my body... I know that this is not cute but it's real... Stretch marks because I have children but I am ok with those now... But that 'NoAssAtAll' syndrome has to go, lol....

Made some changes and another payment

I decided to change my coordinator... The other one was not returning my calls but I found out that she is out on a personal leave... But any who... Liz is cool, still trying to feel her out... I did make another payment for the recovery house and surgery... I am so excited for this I keep telling my family because I want them to see how happy this decision has made me...

More weight loss

As I am 7 weeks away I have been trying to make sure that I have everything that I need for the surgery. I have been getting more anxious as the time is getting closer. But I am so ready for this. I am down to 170 because I gained a few pounds. My friend said I had lost too much weight. I have decided that I want a shape like K Michelle. If I am gonna pay for something let me get it, lol. My kids are waiting for me to get the surgery so I can be happy in my skin again, but now I have to tell my boyfriend, ugh. Pray for me on that conversation.
I made a payment today and next week I will pay it off. I have been prolonging the payments but hell I may as well get it paid off.
My cousin is still saying that she is going. I think I may have to be a drill sergeant for her because she is not taking the weight loss seriously to me but we are gonna get that body right or I'll be going alone. Be bless RS Dolls
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