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Soooo I've had an awesome journey as a woman I...

Soooo I've had an awesome journey as a woman I must say. 32 year old mom of two beautiful kiddos. My body has endured so much it is now time to treat myself. I'm excited I finally booked my liposcupt and BBL with Dr Fisher. My coordinator Leo has been so tentative and speedy with answering all my questions. My husband thinks I'm nuts lol but he has agreed to be my rock on my little endeavor. I must say I'm not completely dis satisfied with my body but I've worked out so hard to get to where I am now and just feel I need a little help. I know I will never get the ass I want no matter how many squats I do. I used to live in the gym but became rather discouraged when I just didn't see any results in the rear end area. I've acquired nice wide hips from bearing children and this hips are very misleading. From the front it really looks like I got a donk, but nothing but disappointment from the back ????????????Now it's time to take charge and feel sexy again. I'm so excited and pls any recommendations are welcome...I fly out in October ????????????

Breathing, eating, dreaming BBL

Omg October couldn't come fast enough. I'm seriously too prepared already lol. Ive already ordered everything for recovery on Amazon. My husband isn't going to be pleased seeing all these packages come in ????????

Miracle Watts body is what I want!

Her body is banging! I love Miracle Watts...

Hurry up USPS

Omg I'm trying to get my packages before my husband gets home. Lol it's 23 minutes past 8....they are late!


Still cheaper then if I where to stay in town


So I suck at taking iron. I decided to get blood work now just to see what my level was looking like without taking any iron supplement. Luckily I work in a family practice and we have a lab tech. Got my results today and WITHOUT any iron supplements my level was at 13.8! So I'm thinking of holding out on the iron until about 3-4 weeks before I do my official lab work. I just don't see the need to take it for so long and deal with all the bloating and constipation when my levels are already great. What do you guys think?

Officially Paid in Full??

As of today! 3 months and 2 days left ???????????? and I just paid my balance off...omg now I'm super excited!

I'm being impatient

Surgery App

The ones on left are me now....on the right Is what I want ???????????? Hurry up October!

Time is flying! Nerves are getting worse

Omg so I'm just steady marking off the days on my calendar. What's really making it fly is the face I have a trip like 2 weeks before as well I'm counting down for too. Just sooo much to look forward to!

36 days!

Omg I can't believe this is really happening. Everything is paid off now just saving my spending cash. Who else is going in October?

Official "before's"

With 34 days remaining I finally did my before pics ???? I hate em. I gained 9 pounds for this procedure ???????????? I wasn't told to I was only instructed not to lose any weight or work out. And I think that 9 pounds is all in my gut. I'll be doing my labs in about a week or so just because I'm sick of this damn iron. My level before starting was already at like 13, and I'm sooooo constipated on this stuff( I'm sure that's most of the weight gain).

My before stats are:
Height: 5'3
Weight: 158
Waist: 37 (at belly button)
Hips: 44 (wide! Thanks to childbirth)
Thigh: 25.5

33 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes

My nerves are getting bad!

Vanity thus far

I must say I've read a lot of reviews of people bashing vanity but honestly my surgical coordinator Ana has been amazing. She's very fast with responding to my questions and making sure I'm doing all I'm supposed to be doing. I look forward to meeting her in person.


Labs turned in today! Fingers crossed I get my clearance. My hemo was at 13.3 and my iron was 187! Ana said she will get with me once Dr Fisher reviews them.

It's official

I'm cleared for surgery!!!

Let the countdown begin

This time next week I'll will be checking into my hotel! My surgery is a week from tomorrow! I'm so ready!!

Vacation has begun!

It's gettin real nerves!!

Squat Challenge

Lol I've been fibbing for months. On how hard I've been working out.

Tomorrow is the day!

I've got to be there at 645am! I'm aiming for 620 to hopefully get the ball rolling sooner. Just settled in and showered at my hotel. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep lol

I'm here!

See ya on the other side

Roughly 24 hours after surgery

Omg recovery is no joke! I don't know how people consider more then one round. I am curious to see end results.

First massage done

The swelling went down a lot. The massage was painful but bearable. I did get dizzy and had to take breaks. It was gross hearing the fluid move around inside my skin. I feel a lot better today. Tomorrow will be 2 days post op.

My first 24 hours

Going on Day 3

Washing garment today. I almost passed out taking it off. The dizziness was insane. I'm obviously still very swollen. I don't see much difference except directly from the back. I can't wait til the swelling in my waist goes down as I know that's when I'll see real results.


1 month pre op versus 3 days post op. Meh wish my stomach was smaller. I'm going to assume it's all swelling and will go down. I expected more dramatic changes there but I gotta remind myself it's only day 3.

Day 4 almost done.

So my day started with my 2nd massage. I was rushing and only grabbed a bagel for breakfast and I had no appetite anyways. I've had some dizzy spells when taking my garment off but today was bad. Half way through massage I thought I was going to collapse. My therapist had me lay on my side for the rest of my massage but lectured me the whole time stating I need to eat more or Im gonna end up in the hospital. I took her words seriously as I'm ready to get home to my babies tomorrow and grabbed subway immediately following. I went to Vanity where the nurse took my stitches and drain out and now I feel like a million bucks. Came back to hotel and took the best shower everrrrr. I hope I feel like this or better by tomorrow as unfortunately I have to return to work on Monday. Yea I know it's soon but in the medical field it's almost impossible to get more then a week off at a time. So heads up ladies! Be sure to eat regardless of the fact you have no appetite. I haven't had a dizzy spell since.

Back to work 6 days PO

Snapped some pics while I was my garment. Loving what I see. I hope it doesn't go down any. I love the fact I actually have cheeks and projection. Once the swelling goes down in my back I hope what I'm imagining comes true! Im still super swollen and numb in my back. Kinda annoying. I returned to work today unfortunately. In went surprisingly well. I work up a little early to give myself time to walk around and stretch out. I rarely say. Maybe 10 minutes here n there. As long as I walked I really had no stiffness. I was sore of course and even was able to kneel down a few times. I only have one pair on scrub pants that fit right now ???? I hope the swelling goes away soon I really don't want to buy more scrubs.

1 week post op

Taking my lil hour break from that damn garment. Feels great to breath. Im very lumpy after I take it off and it seems to smooth out after an hour. So weird. I hope it's not affecting my results. I've read up on how some people don't even recommend garments after surgery. So confusing.....I'm just ready for the back n belly swelling to go away! The booty doing good though lol

11 days post op.

Top pics are today! Bottom are 1 month pre-op. Lower back and stomach is still swollen and sore but I feel great. My butt is still hard but has gone down. I love it now. I hope it stays this size. I'm sure once my back swelling goes down it'll be perfect!

Fisher did the damn thang

12 days post op and I feel great. My back and stomach are still swollen and stiff but I feel great. I'm getting my first massage today after being back home. My friend who went to Duran set me up with a lady who comes to your house for massages so lucky me, my husband took the kids fishing so I can relax . I returned to work 6 days after surgery and really think walking helped with recovery a lot! I had to do a short video bc pics just don't do it justice.

3 weeks post op

The weeks are speeding by. I'm finally sitting on my butt. In the beginning it felt weird. Like I had a rock in my pocket or something. It's softened up a lot and I'm so glad my back swelling is going down. I get rather annoying with all the lumpiness I get but apparently it's normal and will go away. Other then that I'm in love with my results. again I'm doing a video, pictures do no justice to the awesome work of Dr Fisher. Weird enough I've broken out really bad in last two days only in the numb spot on my lower back. Weirdest think ever....which I will be googling lol.

24 days post op

Doesn't it just look so nice and squishy lol. Loving my results!

This waist is shrinking!

I'm almost 5 weeks post op. Loving the results. My butt is nice and jiggly now and not stiff. My liposuction spots are still tender and get lumpy sometimes. I went out over the weekend and actually had two girls approach me at a bar to tell me how amazing my ass was. I loved it! My waist is now measuring at 31. Pre op it was 37 so yes I love Dr Fisher! He gave me everything I wanted and still made it look natural!

Stomach on flat flat!


Almost 2 months post op

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The booty is still there ???? Dec 4th will be 2 months.

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