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I am 46 years young and have been wanting lipo on...

I am 46 years young and have been wanting lipo on my abdomen and love handles for several years now. Because I have children I had to postpone my dreams. A few months ago I started researching and stumbled upon this website. It was at this time I became of the BBL. I have been going back and forth in my mind about wanting a BBL. My butt is ok now but it could stand to have a little more projection. On the other hand I dont want my butt too big. After much deliberation and seeing all of the reviews, I have decided to go with the BBL. I will be going with Dr Llorente at New Life Cosmetics. So far my experience with Yuli has been pleasant. I am excited and nervous about the upcoming procedure. I dont know how I feel about not being able to sit on my butt for at least 2 weeks lol. I have booked my flights and my apartment so I am all set to go. Wish me luck girls!

43 days and counting.....

I am 43 days from my surgery. I am not nervous yet but I am sure I will get nervous as the date gets closer. I ordered most of my supplies from Amazon and I got my vitamins from Walmart. I still want to get an extra faja so I will check out some local stores. I really dont want to buy it from the surgery center. I am excited and keep imagining how I will look afterwards. I want to lipo more than anything and I dont want my butt too big. Does anybody know how far in advance I can get my labs done. I have an appt with my dr for Jan 7th. If my hemo is low I will have time to get it up before the surgery. I also just realized that my sx date is the weekend of the superbowl. I dont think I have ever watched the superbowl without drinking liquor :-(

Counting Down

Less than a month away and I am starting to get excited. I had my labs drawn yesterday and everything was great except my hemoglobin which was 11.6. I am thinking I need to be at 12. I am still waiting for my consultant to get back with me. Anyone know what level I should be at?


So I had my labs redrawn and my hemoglobin came up to a 12. I will continue to take the iron pills though. My doctor sent me an email regarding my chest xray. It came back stating I may have some nodules or it may be artifact! I am praying that it is nothing more than artifact because if not, not only will I not be able to have my surgery, I may have a more serious issue to deal with. I do not and have never smoked. Cancer of any kind does not run in my family. I did a repeat chest xray and I should know something no later than Monday. Please pray for me girls!!

All Set To Go!!!

Thanks for all the prayers. I received an email from my doctor stating that the repeat xray was normal! She has also faxed everything over to New Life Cosmetic Center. Jennifer called and left me a message saying that I am all set to go for my surgery! I am so excited right now!!

Need Help

I am going to need massages after my surgery on Feb 5th. Can anyone refer me to a good massage therapist in Miami? I want to get at least 3 before going back home.

Thanks ladies!

Everything is coming together!!

So I am 8 days away from my bbl and I am starting to get excited. After a few hiccups with New Life Cosmetic Center, I have paid for my surgery. ( I will go in details about that after my surgery.... ) I have decided to go with Sapphire After Lipo Therapy. I chose them because of their prices and the fact that they are open on Sundays. I plan on getting 4 massages before I leave Miami. I hope the weather is nice in Miami.

4 More Days!!!

Time has really flown by. I can not believe that I am 4 days away from my surgery. I will be flying in to Miami Thursday morning and heading straight to New Life Cosmetic Center. I have already done my preop stuff so I guess I will just be signing papers. After that I am going to find me some conch salad and to a grocery store. I have been taking my vitamins for the past month and I have all of my supplies. I have also scheduled 4 massages with Sapphire After Lipo Therapy. Cant believe that this time next week I will be gut free and hopefully with a nicer looking booty!!

36 Hours Until I Am Transformed!!

I fly out to Miami in the morning. It is getting real over here!!

I made it!!

I had my surgery on Friday and it has been a little rough. The soreness is manageable but the nausea was killing me. I will post pics soon. Thanks for the prayers.

Here Goes!!!

So dolls I am up and feeling so much better. I want to start with my experience pre surgery up until now so this may be long.

First, when I contacted New Life I specified that I had Care Credit (CC) and wanted to use it. I was told no problem. I paid the deposit of $500 with the CC card. @ weeks before my surgery I call to pay the balance in full. I am told that they no longer take CC. Im like WTF does that mean and when were you going to tell me? They said that it was the owner's decision and there was nothing they could do. So I asked for my deposit back and they told me no. I am super ass pissed at this this point. They said the deposit was non refundable. I asked how could they change the terms and I was told that the method of payment was not a part of the contract. So I am so pissed because I have flights, and my reservation with that I cant get back at this point. So I now I have to pull out my emergency card to pay my balance. They gave me a slight discount and I decided not to get the massages with them. I am still mad though...

So day before surgery I meet Dr Llorente who is a very nice person. He answers your questions and tells you what he can and can not do. He said my tummy would be hard because the muscles had relaxed from child birth but he would be able to make a difference (and he did).

Day of surgery evrything went as scheduled. My nurse Leslie was super nice and the CRNA (the person that gives the anesthesia) was the coolest. I went to sleep and woke up in the back of a car. I was EXTREMELY sore and nauseated. I did not need the Percocets they gave me, Tylenol worked just fine for me.

2nd day was the same nausea. I could not even go to my massage appt with Sapphire After Lipo Therapy. They were so kind and texted me several times to see how I was feeling (unlike New Life).

Each day things got better as far as the pain went and the nausea went away but I was super frustrated about sleeping on my tummy. I started question if it was worth it.

First massage was 2nd post op day. I couldnt finish the abdominal part because I got really light headed but I was able to finish on my 2nd and 3rd session. My tummy is still lumpy but I have seen a difference.

Fast forward, I am 4 days post op and back home. I feel good but I am going to be very honest......I do not see a major difference in my butt. I will admit that I told Dr Llorente that I did not want a Donkey Booty, I just wanted projection. He said he could do that. My BF says he sees a difference but I dont. I will post pictures for you all to judge. I am just hoping that I need to "fluff out" or something. I know I need many more massages and I am prepared for that but all I can do is pray for my new booty.


Here you go dolls. What are your honest opinions? These pics are 4 days post op. Sorry I could not get them side by side.

One day at a time

So I am 10 days post op and I am up and moving around pretty good. Unfortunately it looks like I have developed a seroma on the left lower side of my abdomen and my stomach is still very lumpy. I have already started my lymphatic massages (3 while in Miami and I have had 2 here at home). After the massages I do notice a difference in my stomach. I have paid for a total of 6 to be done every other day. I am still sore with some bruising. I have this incredible burning sensation on the left side when I bend. I suspect it is the seroma rubbing against the foam. I am scheduled to go back to work on Sunday 2/21. I work 12 hour shifts so I am not really looking forward to it but I am running out of PTO days. I am still in my first garment. I am wondering should I change it because it feels snug but my spanx felt tighter when I used to wear it.

Any tips on how to get my lumpy stomach flat and smooth?

I measured myself (sorry I didnt measure before)
38 bust
34 waist (I will be satisfied with 30)
48 butt (I did not realize my butt was that big!)

Things are getting better

So I am 17 days post op and things are getting better each day. I have been doing my massages every other day for the most part and I am noticing the lumps on my abdomen going away. I am still very stiff in the mornings. I have started taking Motrin at bedtime but nothing takes that stiffness away. After walking around for a few minutes it gets better. I have a seroma and I have drained it 3 times so far and it looks like I will need to drain it again. I am glad I am a nurse and can do it myself because I am tired of all the extra expenses I am incurring. I bought a Vedette garment and I dont think it is tight enough so I am going to have it altered. I bought a garment by Lipoexpress and it fits good around my torso but it cuts of my circulation in my thighs...wasted money.
I am back at work and I am doing ok. I have my BBL pillow and it is working just fine. I also noticed that my butt is getting soft. The right side is softer than the left but I can see the volume now. I have purchased a personal massager and bought some Bio Oil and Arnica Oil to start doing my own massages. I am strting to see the light at the end of the tunnel....

Pictures without garment

Pictures today after my massage waiting for my garment to be altered.

Getting discouraged

I am now 23 days post op and I am getting frustrated with the swelling and the lumps in my belly. I am trying to stay positive. I have swelling just about everywhere the faja isn't covering. My ankles are even swollen and I am wearing support socks. As far as the lumps go, I had been getting massages every 2-3 days and my last one was Tuesday. I bought my own massager to help cut some costs but I am not sure if that will be enough. Any suggestions? I am starting to get discouraged,,


So tomorrow I will be 1 month post op and I can say that I am feeling pretty good most of the time. I am still very stiff in the mornings and I notice when I bend forward my lower back feels very tight. I am still sore on my sides and in one area on my butt. So far I have had 9 lymphatic massages and I started doing my own massages earlier this week twice a day after massaging with arnica oil. I have had my garments altered once and I wear my foam and ab board most of the time. I still have lumps which I am being told is normal but my concern is the creases in my stomach. Does anybody know if these are permanent? I know my doctor told me he recommended a TT but I didnt want to hear that. I am beginning to think I am going to need one to get rid of this skin :-(.

6 month update

I have updated my review to state that I dont think it was worth it. I had lipo with bbl in Feb. While my BBL is on point, I feel that more fat could have been removed from my sides and back. Dr Llorente said he had reached the maximum amount he could remove however I do believe I had more than 4liters of fat on me (see before pictures). The wrinkles on my stomach were not his fault. Aftercare is non existent. New Life gives the same post op instructions to all of their patients, they are not specific to the procedure that you had. They placed me in a faja that was too big and it created a wave pattern on my belly that later turned into fibrosis.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Kind and soft spoken. The doctor isnt really the problem, it is the staff at New Life Cosmetic Center

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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