FINALLY did this - Miami, FL

My pre-op pics should speak for themselves as to...

My pre-op pics should speak for themselves as to why I'm having this done :)

Background: I'm in my early 30s and married with four children. I recently (last 2-3 months) gained about 15 pounds after realizing I had nothing to donate toward this procedure. Luckily, I can hide it under my winter clothes, but my husband has been asking about my eating habits and weight gain. (I'm not telling him about the surgery. I think he would be supportive about it being a personal decision but probably will try to convince me not to do it due to the risks. One of the things I love about him is that I could have 11 toes and a third eye in the middle of my forehead; he would love me just the same, 11th toe and third eye included.) So I wouldn't say I have a self-esteem issue when it comes to wanting to change my shape -- I don't hide it or feel bad about it. I just want to be the best me I can be in all regards, including my physique.

HOWEVER, one of my biggest concerns is explaining to my children why I had this Sx done . I'm worried about sending the wrong message about positive body image by undergoing surgery to alter my own body. I've never had surgery and will have to explain why I am electing to introduce trauma to my insides to improve my outside appearance....with a straight face. They will have hard questions. Has anyone else on here had conversations with their children about their new bodies? If so, I would love to hear your approaches.

Like everyone, I have been obsessing over various PS reviews on here and trying to identify who will give me the best results within my budget. IF I had endless funds, I would go with Dr. Shulman in NYC because I love his results, patient care, and I wouldn't have to worry about travelling far to have this done. IF I were able to allay my fears over language barriers, use of epidurals (I had bad experience), risk of infection from drainage tubes, risk of Deep Vain Thrombosis during the long flight home, spending my money in the D.R., and the lack of legal recourse if something goes wrong, I would go to Yily or Duran. I've seen great results from them on this site. But I can't, so Miami it is.

After doing research, the short list included: Perry (first choice, but he never responded to my inquiry); Salama (price ended up a bit too high comparatively speaking); Ghurani (still on fence but haven't heard back about dates and availability); and Fisher (Very reasonable pricing and Jessica at Vanity has been the easiest person to communicate with thus far, although I fret at not having things in writing and I need more from Vanity in this regard). So..Fisher it is.

I am transitioning between employers next months and have to time this very appropriately or end up having to wait until next winter for the Sx. That leaves the first week of February as pretty much my only option for pulling this off. (Not a lot of tiime!!!) So I have a long to do list of coordinating rides to activities for the kids, figuring out who will get them to and from school when my husband's schedule won't permit, drafting up a work from home plan for my current employer, I have to prepare and deliver presentations to two large audiences the Thursday before Sx and another about a week after the Sx. My head is spinning over this to-do list.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the results of "Fisher Dolls" with dates before mine and to sharing my results with this community.

Booked with Ghurani

Well, after much back and forth with Jessica at Vanity and obsessing over this, I paid for my surgery and will be seeing Dr. Ghurani for BBL on February 7th. I have so much to sort out at home and work to be away for the recovery time.

Still looking for a travel buddy to feel better about this whole thing (or winning the lottery so I can have it done closer to home.....either one).

BBL with Ghurani on February 4th - only a few weeks away!

The countdown has begun despite me being extremely behind in preparation. Things I've accomplished this week:
--Moved my surgery date up to the 4th
--Arranged for my absence from work
--Arranged for accommodations in Miami
--Booked my flights

Welp, that's it. I still need to figure out what to buy and what to pack. Another big "to do" item is figuring out transportation to and from Vanity as well as the airport and anywhere I may need to go while in Miami. Suggestions are welcome!

Aside from that, I'm extremely nervous about undergoing my first surgical procedure so I'm trying to steer clear of the negative posts about Vanity on here. My interaction with Jessica has been mostly smooth sailing and I'm trying to stay positive that it will continue that way as well as the outcome of the surgery with Ghurani. Fingers are crossed and prayers up for myself and everyone else going through with this!

Less than 2 weeks

I can't believe how close this is getting. Most of my anxiety is around the idea of recovery and not being able to sit at work. I have been practicing sitting in my chair without putting pressure on my bottom, but the prolonged restrictions on other parts of my legs concerns me. I don't have a lot of fat to donate to the booty (not having leg or abdomen lipo) and I need to make sure I can hold onto as much as possible.

Also, I finally have a wish pic! (attached) Random--after I saved this pic, my husband and I were watching an interview with the woman in the pic (I forget her name, she's some kind of trainer and IG sensation) and he was like, "I don't even see what the big deal is. Her ass looks regular." Womp womp -_-

Still on my "to do" list:
--Order compression garments
--Buy supplies (arnica, benadryl, bandages, etc.)
--Schedule massages
--Finalize transportation arrangements
--Make a grocery list

In hindsight, I wish I had told my mom about the surgery and arranged for her to travel with me. We aren't close, but she is a nurse and good at providing support in such situations. Luckily, I have a RS travel buddy who seems to think of everything and be on top of stuff with planning. I hope I am well enough to be supportive and return the favor during our recovery.

Also, in other news, I'm pretty sure my husband knows. He lacks any level of tact and keeps making (corny ass) jokes to hint at knowing. Smh.

Just a few days before wheels up!

Real Self just reminded me that I need to do an update, but my head is literally spinning while trying to get through a to-do list.

As far as preparation, I ordered my supplies on Amazon on on Monday and everything arrived yesterday:
--Flip flops
--Lounging clothes (sweats, yoga pants, maxi dresses, long tees)
--Waterproof bed mats
--Half foam lift
--Scar away strips
--Compression garments
What'd I miss? I know I still need arnica and a boppy pillow, so I may hit up a store when I get to Miami.

In other news....I may be switching to Dr. Fisher and am trying to amicably work out the last minute change with Vanity. Will keep you posted on the outome!

Oh, and my husband opened all my packages yesterday before I got home and has not said a word, lol. I've actually decided that my new booty will not be up for discussion with anyone (outside of RS)... Like when I wear my natural hair out at work..."no comments or questions. Please and thank you."

Welp... this mess was the last thing I needed on top of all the other stress

I tentatively switched my surgeons (Ghurani to Fisher) and date (Feb 4th to 5th) today and was asked why in the comments. At the outset, I was very appreciative of the reviews for Ghurani and was looking forward to having sx with him. I'm not sure why my procedure with him has been cancelled at the very last minute with little notice and no regard for the added stress and expenses incurred. (I've been told several reasons and NONE of them make much sense --one reason stated was just plain illegal. Nor have I been I able to speak with him directly for a whole other set of reasons that don't make ANY logical sense.) The whole ordeal has been VERY stressful while preparing to be out of town and away from work.

I was able to have a phone consultation with Dr. Fisher today which somewhat put me at ease about contiuing with the process. However, I will make an absolute determination tomorrow after speaking with a "manager" at the facility. HOWEVER (yes, all these caveats) I'm not very confident I will be able to speak with anyone with any answers or get anything more than being placed on hold endlessly and passed around.

I'm not easily upset, but today I experienced a new level of pissed-offness. Over the past three days, I've had to have several e-mail exchanges in addition to an hour-long phone call (yes, call--not conversation, bc I was mostly left on hold) yesterday while trying to gather some clarity. Today, I was extremely busy at work and wound up having to be on the phone trying to get answers for over an hour. I needed another hour after that to take a break and calm my nerves, so I'm still at the office at 9:26 on a Friday as well as SOL with wasted PTO on Monday and the added expense of needing to change my flight.

All of my communication had been with Jessica up until yesterday and I've received some misinformation that will end up costing me money in the long run. Today, I dealt with Priscilla who was at least proactive about putting me in touch with Dr. Fisher to have a last minute consultation.

All I have to say at this point is *sigh*
I'm trying to think positive thoughts -- sandy beaches and warm weather. However, if I can't have an uneventful, safe procedure carried out next week, I will have to put this off until December :(

Two days post op with pics

I had sx with Dr Fisher at Vanity on Wednesday morning and all went very smoothly. The only unexpected occurrence was how FREEZING I was when I woke up from sx.

I walked around quit a bit in the afternoon, drank a lot of juice, and felt pretty good aside from the soreness. The next day, the morning was pretty rough due to stiffness and pain in my lower back but it subsided by late morning when I went to my first post op visit. The shower wasn't too bad and the most annoying thing about putting the compression garment back on was dealing with the little eyelet closures.

I posted a few picks. LOTS of bruising and swelling around my lower back and sides. I'm here recovering with Shay08 and her body looks like Dr. Hasan waved a magic wand over it. Amazing.

Day 3 post op - just me complaining

Still walking around, and got my first massage today. Some parts hurt, some not so bad--nothing unbearable.

This swelling is too much and my stitches hurt a but in the front. Those are my biggest complaints right now. I also hate wearing this garment but my ass feels like it's about to hit the ground when I take it off. I also stopped taking Percocet last night bc I didn't like the way it made me feel (no appetite and fast heart rate).

I added a few pics from after my first massage today. Still black and blue. MEANWHILE Shay08 is looking like she had her surgery several months ago--no bruises, stomach completely flat. She's gonna have to move out while I finish recovering so I don't have to look at her skipping around here during my struggle.

On a positive note, I ate a real meal today and it was wonderful. We couldn't have picked a better place to stay for this recovery.

Back home and back to the routine

I'm back home and back to the same routine.

Getting home:
I sat in the first row of first class and had a hard time adjusting pillows, back supports etc to stay comfortable throughout the flight, but I survived. The guy next to me noticed my struggled and tried to help me whenever he could. I was so drugged up that I she's a year when he handed me my water bottle after I dropped it on the floor and couldn't reach it. Smh.
When I booked my ticked with American Airline, there was an option at online booking to indicate whether I needed assistance. I opted for assistance with boarding. As soon as they scanned my ticket, I was escorted past the long boarding line and to my seat. There was also a wheelchair waiting for me when deboarding.

Back to work:
Hot mess. It took me about 2 hours to get myself dressed and out the door. A good 20 minutes of that is attributable to putting on my socks.
My boss told me I looked a hot mess and to go home early. I didn't. Too much to do.
The next day, more snow hit the ground, so I was forced to work from home.

Current booty status:
My booty looks good. Most of the swelling has gone down so it looks more normal (I was nervous it was too big).

The hardest thing to deal with is the swelling, which is annoying and painful. I have a lot of fluid retention and it just won't go away. In hindsight, I would have opted for drains and started massages at Vanity much sooner. I guess I will just have to keep wearing this darn garment, excercising a few times a day so I'm not so stiff, drinking lots of water, and getting massages until the swelling subsides. The swelling also makes it impossible to see how my shape looks. My entire lower back is swollen and so are my sides and waist. I posted a few pics without the garment in my favorite comfy pants.
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