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After having my phone consult with Dr. Alvarez a...

After having my phone consult with Dr. Alvarez a few days ago, I made my deposit, booked my flight, reserved my recovery house, and booked my massages today. I'll be going through Dr. Alvarez's private practice. The office manager, Lena is amazing. I've had numerous conversations with her and she is very thorough and organized. My surgery is scheduled for May 10th, at 9am. After reading reviews and being highly recommended by Lena, I booked my RH with Mayda's Recovery House and will be staying 10 days and will be getting my massages with the infamous Elsie, who works closely with Mayda. I'm 43, married for 20 years, 2 boys (15, 7). I will be getting Liposculpture/BBL. I will go for a 2nd round for my TT. For the ladies who do not know, in Florida, doctors can only remove 1 liter of fat (6 lbs) if you have a TT. Doctors can not lipo the stomach either because there is a higher risk of necrosis.

Wish Pics

I LOVE jeans! I want a natural looking, round butt that looks great in jeans. I definitely don't want a shelf or too big. I'll post my photos later. I have a square, flat, cottage cheese ass. I'm a realist and know a BBL doesn't eliminate cellulite entirely but may help. I'll take it as long as I look good in jeans.

BBL Pillow Versus Seat Cushion

What's the difference besides the price? I ordered the seat cushion to see if it will work.

Dr. Alvarez Instagram

I emailed Lena this morning saying I'm getting nervous because of the lack of pics on IG and that I'm not interested in the celebrities, cars and trips. She immediately responded letting me know I was following his personal IG. She also sent pics and they're updating the website. She's amazing!

Personal: sergalvarez
Business : alvarez_plastic_surgery

Hope this helps. :)

The 12 Areas of Liposuction MYTH

It's all a marketing tool. The truth is doctors can only remove 4 liters of fat in Florida, including the tumescent fluid. 1 liter=5.31lbs for a total of 21.24 pounds. It sounds like a lot, but not so much with the fluid they're injecting. I see a lot of ladies complaining about their results, especially the bra line. If you have a gut like me, your stomach will not leave much left to be lipoed and the doctor MUST stop at 4 liters. In gist, if you have a higher BMI, please discuss the areas most important. Otherwise, the doctor will do the 12 areas and take out 1.77 pounds in each.

Great Deal!


$7.00 Priority Shopping

*Thanks alvarezdoll2016 for sharing*

Iron Rich Foods

My hemo was 14.4 (02/09/16) so trying to keep it up! Thought I would share.


Supplies List and Diet Smoothie

My supply list: Tylenol 8 hour Miralax Stool softener Arnica tabs Bromelain Bromelain Pineapple Chews Calendula Flower Tea SSS Tonic Mega Foods Blood Builder Vitamins Pill Box Feminine Wipes Feminine Wash Hibiclens Depends Chux Neosporin Benadryl Itch Cream Dermaplast Arnica Gel (2) Female urinal ABD pads 8-pack gloves Alcohol pads Palmer's Firming Butter Mederma Bio Oil Compression Socks 4-inch Seat Cushion Wahl Deep Tissue Massager Slip on comfort shoes Slippers Robe 4 black maxi dresses Lounge pants/tees Granny panties (6) Tanks (6) Socks AB board Lipo foam (3) Lipo foam stomach wrap Back triangle Fajas-Vedette 929(2 @ $67 free ship) on Vedettestore site. FYI$63 on Ebay Smoothie: Any combination of fresh frozen fruit (no additives/preservatives) Banana Baby spinach or Swiss Chard Chia seeds (great iron source) 1 scoop vanilla/chocolate meal replacement Almond Milk *No need to add ice with frozen fruit*

Before Pics

I've looked at tons of before pics but I never thought about the courage it takes to put ourselves in a vulnerable position and the emotions of seeing yourself through the eyes of others. I feel a combination of sadness, disappointment, shame and embarrassment that I've let myself get to this point. However, I feel more motivated than ever to take better care of myself and will use my surgery as only a jumpstart to healthier living. STAY MOTIVATED AND ENCOURAGED! We got this.

Does this waist training product work?

Any thoughts on this or is this the same as buying Saran Wrap? Lol

Here's the description:

Ann chery Osmotic Body Wrap Paper Cellulite/Burning Body Wrap
Made by Ann Chery of Colombia – the best quality! This is a super high quality osmatic wrap that helps increase and speed up the results of waist training. You wear this wrap in conjunction with your Ann Chery latex waist trainer. You may also use with the Ann Chery slimming gel and Ann Chery caffeine cream. This wrap is ideal for aesthetic use in different parts of the body including waistline, arms, legs and buttocks. Made with the finest high quality components.

50 Meters (165 feet long by 12 inches wide)

My cheap version of the Curve Cure Bed

I bought these at Costco for $20 for a 2-pack of floating tubes. I'll be stacking blankets/pillows to make flush so I can sleep on my back and use the other on the floor to sit.

Dr. Miami Booty Buddy

After reading reviews and looking at the design, I ordered the Dr. Miami Booty Buddy. My only issue is my cc statement will say *PayPal Booty Buddy.* So much for being discreet.

Pics of Dr. Miami Super Booty Buddy

I ordered this on Tuesday and received it Friday. Although I would NEVER say any $100 pillow is worth it, it is very well made and have no regrets purchasing It. It has no weight limit, 4 inches high and does not sink in. It's firm but very comfortable. The covers are removable/washable. XoXo

Read the label. Not Good 2 Weeks Before Surgery

FYI...Looking at the label on Amazon, I noticed this popular iron supplement has 30 IU (100% DV) of Vitamin E. We're told to stop supplements (except iron) 2 weeks prior to surgery. Vitamin E, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Omega 3 are all blood thinners and promote bleeding. This is also why doctors only recommend Tylenol and to stop multivitamins (Vitamin E). XoXo

Cleared For Surgery

Lena called to say I'm cleared for surgery! My hemo is still at 14.1. I eat a lot of cereal but who knew cereal is a good source of iron??? Honey Bunches of Oats is 60% DV!! I've started having nesting syndrome like I did when I went into labor. I am cleaning and organizing everything. Insane! Here's my final wish pics. Duran is one of the baddest in the game! I want this size and shape! Can Dr. Alvarez deliver?!?!

7-Day Post op Pic

Sorry, I know I've been M.I A. I am 7 days post op and doing very well and extremely happy with every choice I made along with my results. I chose to stay in Miami 10 days and will do a complete review on the surgery, doctor, RH and masseuse once I return home. XoXo

Massage Contact Info

10-Day Post-op

Hey ladies! Just a quick update. I made it home yesterday and spent today cleaning. Yes, the recovery is real. Liposuction should not be taken lightly. It's serious trauma to our bodies and it's a long recovery (3 months). My stomach, sides and lower back are very tight. My flanks seem to be the tightest and still sore. I'm doing self massages twice a day. I use the Wahl hot/cold with the Palmer's Firming Butter. I also use the massage balls in/out the shower with the Palmer's or Arnica. The balls are working amazingly and most effective to break up the lumps and relieve the tightness. I got the pack of 2 on clearance at Marshalls for $4.50. I got the 2 handheld massagers from Dollar Tree. I will do my full reviews this weekend. I haven't tried on clothes. I forgot to ask how many cc's. He did add fat to my hips. I'm shocked at my lipo results and very pleased. I will not be getting a TT. **My skin around my belly button looks discolored in the picture because I was sweating from cleaning with all that crap on. My belly button and skin are normal. I'm happy with my results! XoXo

Dr. Alvarez Review

Pre-op: Dr. Alvarez's office is in a popular tourist area by the beach. Lena gave me a warm hug and a stack of papers to fill out. There was no wait. Dr. Alvarez greeted me with a hug and went over what to expect. He is very professional, confident, warm and engaging. Surgery: When I got to the surgery center, I filled out a few more papers and immediately went back to change. The anesthesia doctor was very funny. I went in very relaxed. I woke up in recovery with my faja on and wrapped in several warming blankets. They also had a compression machine on my legs to keep the circulation up to prevent blood clots. I did not have any nausea or chills. I was not in pain. I felt weak, sore, and very tight. My blood pressure dropped low and they were giving me something via IV to bring it up and they were monitoring it every minute until it stabilized before I could go home which was probably 30 minutes. Lena comes to the surgery center too. When I first stood up too fast I got light-headed and they told me to lay back down for a few minutes. the second time I was able to get up fine and able to walk to the car. At the recovery house, I felt fine but they had me take 1 Percocet every 4 hours as a precaution the 1st day, even though I wasn't in pain. No nausea or weakness. I went to my post op the 2nd day and everything looked fine. I got my 1st massage also. I felt so good that I went in a shoe store. Because I was there 10 days, I had a 2nd post op. Overall, I feel going through his practice was worth it. I had his cell phone number. He and Lena checked on me during recovery and Lena has called twice since I've come home. There were no long wait times. They have a great relationship with the RH, so they were on the same page. Results: He does amazing lipo! I love my waist, stomach and the fat he injected in my hips. He asked how big I want my ass. I told him natural but not too big and I want to look great in jeans. My hubby said it's huge. I explained it's not the end result. I love Dr. Alvarez and I'm happy with my results.

2 weeks post-op

I still have numbness, tightness and lumps. It's very true what everyone says about the emotional rollercoaster. I had a serious "fuck this faja" moment Saturday. I was over this recovery and the work it takes to get the desired results. I felt like I was suffocating and confined. I got over it but it was rough. As much as I read, researched and prepared, I underestimated the emotions, but I know it's normal. I already had a sbelt (shown in the pic) and a Squeem. I'm Starting my waist training. I haven't taken my measurements.

6 Weeks Post-op

Hi ladies, sorry it's been awhile. It's true as with many others who are post-op that we get back to our normal life after spending months on here researching. I know it's frustrating not getting updates from us so I'll try to make sure and update every milestone. I am feeling great. I'm definitely still recovering but I have my energy back. I will start exercising next week only focusing on my thighs, arms and stomach. I will try not to lose weight until 3 months to prevent losing volume/fat in my butt. I eat a lot of fatty protein. I was 48 inches 1 day post op and now 47. I'm now waist training a few hours a day. My favorite is the Ann Chery with 3 rows of hooks and a 25 steel bone trainer. There's quite a few brands. I think i have Dilanna? Lena still checks on me and that says a lot about his practice. I am still very satisfied with my results and amazed at my stomach! The Devil is a damn lie to have me thinking it was impossible for my stomach to be flat with lipo alone! Dr. Alvarez is awesome. **Feel free to inbox me any questions

2-month Update

Hi Ladies! All is well with my recovery. The 6 deep tissue massages got rid of the lumps in my stomach. I still get a sharp pain in my stomach, waist or lower back sometimes but I feel back to normal. I started sitting occasionally at 3 weeks and now I sit all the time. I no longer use my butt pillow. I haven't had any complications or lost volume. I only wear my faja at night since 6 weeks. I still wear the Vedette 944 and 929 that I wore post-surgery but I'm in a medium now. I ordered 2 MariaE 9152 in 1x and 2x but they were just too tight and I gave up trying to get them on due to exhaustion and frustration. I was concerned about embolism and swelling. I still wear my ab board and foam every night. During the day, I wear my waist trainer along with the Sweet Sweat belt and Sweet Sweat grease. I also wear the Sweet Sweat thigh trimmers. Sweat actually runs down my legs and stomach while exercising so I am very satisfied! When I go out, I wear my Leonisa 022239 girdle with butt lift. It's my favorite. It's moderate compression with boning and the butt has soft fabric. It's very comfy with no seams and can be worn with anything. I even wear it with yoga pants and it doesn't show. I still swell in my stomach and lower back. My butt is jiggly and still softening. It is dropping and settling. If any of you have cellulite on your ass like me, a butt lift does NOT get rid of it. I knew that, but damn!!! I'm researching Cellfina and Cellulaze now. I love my butt even more now that it's dropping. Everytime I take my garment off, I feel like I'm opening a gift. It's a beautiful feeling and I hope all of you experience the same feeling! XoXo
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