Finally Getting Some Hips and a Butt...Long Time Coming

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Hey Dolls, I am 22 days away from getting a body...

Hey Dolls,
I am 22 days away from getting a body that is proportioned. I'm having sx with Dr. Ortega at Spectrum on Nov.14th and will staying at A New Life Recovery House. I've been wanting this for a longggggg time but did not think it was financially possible until now. I'm excited and scared at the same damn time.

I am also nervous about the pain and my plane ride home. If anyone has any tips, please let me know.

Changed my doctor...

Hey Dolls,
I was reading RS day and night...looking on IG to the point where I was having anxiety about choosing Dr. Ortega. I decided to change to Dr. Alvarez. I'm so happy to be able to have him do my BBL and the same date. I see soooo many great reviews about Dr. Alvarez, I feel more at ease.
Still worried about the recovery and my flight home...sighhhh


Hey Dolls,

It's been a long time since I've updated you all!!!

My sx was rescheduled due to my A1C being 7.4 and Dr. Alvarez will not perform the surgery if its over 7. (Just found out that I am a Diabetic...sighhhh but since then it has went down to 6.8). Also, I was not told to stop taking my BC pills 30 days before sx (even though someone else there said 2 weeks). I asked about the BC pills only because I saw it on Real Self, another Doll posted about it. I was so devastated.

So my new sx date is Jan. 10 2017. I actually feel great about the new date because it gives me more time to prepare myself...mentally...emotionally and physically.
I have really taken this Diabetes diagnosis seriously. I've started eating much better and I also lost 10 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks. I AM SOOOOO NOT PLAYING!!!!
I've realized that if of course if I lose more weight that my results will be even better. So I am looking forward to this journey once again.

Exactly 30 days away...

I'm still gathering my supplies and driving myself crazy making sure I have all I need. Being that I already got medical clearance from my dr previously, I can just go to LabCorp and get my blood work done. I'm definitely excited and nervous.

I'm also torn between Dr. Miami Booty Buddy and Happy Booty Pillow...any advice dolls??

Pre-Op Pics...

Cant wait to get some curves.....

7 Days Away....

I am officially 7 days away and I feel like I dont have what I need. I will be staying at Miami Escape and I dont need to bring supplies, except my ab board and foams. Other than that, maxi dresses...I only have 1 I can bring so far. I dont want to bring my good ones. lol I also need some post op vitamins. And I need to bring some sweats for the plane. Its about to go down!!!! Ready to be snatched.
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