JeytheBodys: Quest for a snatched body!!!

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Ok I know I'm extra late since I had my procedure...

Ok I know I'm extra late since I had my procedure already but I figured it was only right that I give back to the community that helped me prepare for this journey. It may be a little half assed but bare with me cause I'm in recovery... And I'm lazy lol. So yea here it goes... I'm 23, no kids, 5'6, was 137 lb gained to 153 for surgery using equate plus (a God send). Wanted a bigger but all my life, happy I had the means to do so now. Had surgery with Dr. Hasan at vanity, was suppose to be Dr. Fisher but he broke his leg on vacation... Again, so I couldn't wait and switched. Shari was my coordinator, don't recommend her. I do LOVE Natalie Machiado the MA there. I actually live in Florida, 30 min from vanity so I just gathered supplies from supply lists that I seen posted on here and left out what I knew I had at home. I'm recovering at home with help from my boyfriend, mom, and sister. Ok so like I said its kind of half assed but if I'm missing anything let me know, ask all the questions you want. I figured you girls probably love pictures just as much as I did so I'll definitely be giving you that at least. Next post will be about my surgery day. Happy I'm finally doing this, later dolls!


I'm backkkk!!! Ok sorry I've took so long to write my next post but I've been out of commission, not because I've been in pain or anything cause I've been doing really good.. I've just been tired and trying to get use to this new body of mines. Ok so this post is about my surgery. Ok so I actually met a cool chick on here "indiangirl_hasandoll" we ended up getting in contact off of here and I let her stay with me the day before OUR surgery, since I live in Miami, and we had a pretty good time! HEY BOO lol, ok anyways.. My surgery was set for 12pm and hers at 730am so she actually had her caregiver come pick her up from my house at around 530/6 am, I was so excited for her cause I knew I would be next. So I went back to sleep.. Yea I was able to sleep lol, I had to get all the sleep I could cause I knew it would be a b*tch to try and get some after the new body. Woke up at 10, prepared myself and my little bag (maxi dress, phone, wallet, sweater, all you need!). Reached vanity at 1220 (yea I was late, sue me lol) checked in with my BF, and went to the infamous back room to wait. I didn't get called in for prep till about 1, went in and they asked me questions, made me sign final papers, dressed up in the surgical gear and waited... And waited... And waited.. Their lucky the music was blasting cause I would have been super upset I wanted to get it over with! I. Started feeling like i was waiting for my demise TUH!! Ok so FINALLY the anesthesiologist game (kinda cute with muscle thing going on btw lol) he was real nice, put in my IV, joked a little, ran some anti nausea meds and said HASAN was coming.. I was like oh lord this is happening. So then I waited.. And waited.. And then the HE came!!! (Review on our interaction will be separate.. This review is getting loooong lol) so yea my BF spoke to someone to allow him to come in for a sec to talk to me, he told me how much he loved me and said I would be ok and that my sister wanted to talk to me, I took the phone and she was like I love you baby sis, your gonna be ok, just pray, and when you get out we're gonna be the big booty sisters (she got hers done too with Dr Miami)... I almost BURST INTO TEARS!! WHY THEY HAD TO DO ME LIKE THAT RIGHT BEFORE I WENT IN??? SERIOUSLY?? Smh, anyways I went in the surgical room after my goodbyes and then the nurse wiped me down with iodine.. I laid down on the table.. Sooo cold by the way.. They strapped me down (told the anesthesiologist DAMN, way to make me feel like I'm in the crazy house before I go under, I'm not gonna run away) he laughed so hard. So then he was like ok I'm gonna give you a little calming cocktail to make you FEEL good, but not to put you to sleep yet...... LIAR!!! Cause 5 seconds after laughing and praying, I was out like a light.... Stay tuned for part 2 of JeytheBody's: Quest for a snatched body!! ;-)


Just a few pics from my day 3 post op to hold you guys over till part 2 of my surgery day review!

Surgery day PART 2 is in!!!!!!

Surgery day part 2!
Ok ladies, so when they say once they give you the good stuff you are out, THEY ARE NOT LYING!! I went to sleep in 2.5 seconds and woke up in .5!!! Seriously, I thought I didn't even have the surgery yet, BUT... Then I realized I was on my stomach.. My abs felt tight.. My butt felt inflated... And BOY Was i shivering!! I was like THIS IS IT!! THIS IS IT!! THESE ARE ALL THE SIGNS MY BODY WAS SNATCHED!! So after I prayed and thanked God for not allowing me to die on the table (yea I'm extra) I went into RS vet mode cause the shivering was not the best feeling, so I was like "ok girl breeeeathe through this, you got this, you made it this far.. Relax, this is normal, you made it to the other side and your ass is probably FAT!" And then I started SMILING, and I know I must have looked crazy cause just then the nurse came up and asked me if I was ok, she was sooooo nice. She treated me like a baby, covered me nice and tight, pressed herself on me to stop the shivers, and brang me Gatorade.. I don't know who the hell some of you other ladies dealt with but she was great. She then told me to switch to another bed, I said ok, and got up so swiftly, it's a MIND thing ladies, I'm gonna repeat that a lot, cause the lady was like "oh wow, your strong girl" and that really motivated me to keep it moving. Ok so then I heard her call down for my BF and once they announced he came she made me get in the wheel chair, kneeling position and rolled me out through the back area so paparazzi wouldn't see me (lol I'm dramatic I know, that's how it really felt though) and I laid in the back of the car and drove home. Stay tuned for part 3 of surgery day!! Hope you ladies are able to get a feel of what your day could be like and maybe freak out a little less.. Many people go through it and make it, and so could you.. Everyone deserves a big booty and itty bitty waist :) lol

A few pics, DAY 1 PO!!

Hey ladies, so here are a few pics to hold you over till part 3 of my surgery day, yall know I wasn't gonna leave yall hanging. Let me just tell you that YOUR BODY CHANGES DAY BY DAY! seriously, one day your waist wanna act right and look all slim and sexy, the next it's like its trying to revert back to sponge bob. As far as the booty go, one day it wants to look PHAT, the next your deciding if you should put some syrup on those aunt jemima pancakes. All I'm saying is you have to give yourself time to regulate and become the body you may expect it to be. That's the reason I don't go crazy with my measuring tape, I plan to measure once a week if that, I decided to let my body do its thing, and prevent myself from cursing my boo Hasan out every other min when I think something is wrong, when really my ass could be lopsided cause one the swelling on one is going down quicker then the other (GOD FORBID!!! :-0) but yall get. Give your body time to heal and be one again before you decide to stress yourself, make any harsh critiques, or blow up vanity. Anywayyyys that's all for me RS sistas!! Happy healing! MUAH!

Surgery day PART 3 IS IN!!!

Ooook, so I arrive home from my surgery, cause like I stated before ladies I live here, have an extra master bedroom I decided to recover in, and I'm also a nurse and after much research I realized I GOT THIS. I didn't need anyone to take care of me, I knew what needed to be done, what my body was going through, and how to help ease it through the process, I was prepared! Oh yea.. I had my mom, sister, and BF there JUST IN CASE. So my boyfriend helped me out the car and walked me through the doors, I looked around and was like "wow, I really made it!" So I walked to my sisters room and she was like "MY BABY!!!! Look at you!!!" Lol that's my boo, she check me out and I was like "do I look good? Does my butt look big?" ( the infamous question) Mind you my sister got hers done as well... And my moms next.. Yea... HOUSE FULL OF BIG BOOTIES!!!! Lol so my sisters like "YES BOO YOU LOOK SOOO GOOD" then I smiled cause I knew she would tell me the truth. So then I walked to the living room, then the kitchen, then the bathroom, then the living room, then my sister was like girl what you doing, and I'm like girl I'm WALKING I'm not trying to stay in this house all day everyday, I wanna heal up quick and go out with this new ass! My sister was rolling! Lol she knew I was DEAD serious, I was ready to do what the hell I had to do to make this recovery process move as quickly as possible.. Now look at me, 2 WEEKS POST BABYYY!! Time moves soooo quickly, soon I'm gonna be 2 months and Gonna have a mini bonfire in my back yard with my foams and stage 1 garments! I already started buying snacks, I play no games! So yea ladies the rest was history really, I ate, made pineapple tea, drank pineapple juice, ate pineapples, looked at myself in the mirror for a few, then went to sleep and dreamt about turning into a pineapple. Welp! that's the end of my surgery day ladies! Hope this was all informative, i know it wasn't the best thing you could read, but I tried cause I really wanted to give back to the community that helped me. I love my RS sistas and don't worry I still have more updates for you guys! Just stay tuned!! Later babies MUAHHH!

Before and After.. Kinda lol

Hey babes!!! You guys have contacted me on a few things such as how many CCs I got and about before pics. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't been slacking I've been trying to get my pics and cc's from vanity but they want me to sign a waiver, and pay for this and that and blah blah blah. Basically I have no time for it. So I'm gonna find a way around getting the CCs info but as far as before and after I hope you guys can settle for a pic of me in a dress from 2 months ago and how it looks on me now. I think I look BOMB.. But Idk you let me know lol. I have some more reviews and info for you guys, as well as some "no no's" that I've been indulging in (don't kill me) so just stay tuned!
Miami Physician

I LOVE HIM!!! He's nice yet straight to the point, had a wonderful convo with him and he truly made me feel like he knew what he was doing, understood what I want, and was going to get me as close to the result that I wanted!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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