Finally Made my Decision...going with Dr Fischer - Miami, FL

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Ok, so after being on here day and night for the...

Ok, so after being on here day and night for the last month.... I finally choose to go with Dr Fischer from Vanity because his work is amazing! I called the office today and I asked if I could email pictures and get a quote and I was given Leomarlys as my coordinator. She tells me the cost would be $5,500 & that would include 12 areas of Lipo, ok all that sounds good but then she tells me I would have to pay cash because the only credit card they accept is American Express??? Huh has anyone else heard of this? I really wanted to pay by Visa or MC, also she then advised me it would be $1000 deposit with complete balance paid two weeks prior to procedure....I ask her shouldn't we confirm that the Dr has the date available that I need? She then says oh yeah let me check hat for you....plz any advise would be great, the info she was giving me just doesn't sound right.....thanks again in advance.

Deposit Paid

Yikes....I when ahead and paid the deposit so I could secure my surgery date of Sept. 6 with Dr Fisher, my coordinator verified the deposit and quickly sent me a confirmation email with my surgery date & a list of items I would need to buy prior to the surgery also pre & post op directions. I'm just hoping all goes well and they keep there end of the bargain, cuz we all know how crazy they are at
I will keep you all posted and I will post photos closer to my surgery date. One thing I will add is that Dr Fisher asked that I gain 10lbs....what I'm trying to get rid of this hot mess....but I will do as told. I'm 5'6 148 lbs.... Well that's all for now my lovies.

SO mad at Vanity!!!!!

I know this won't be surprising to many dolls on here, but Vanity Cosmetics just called me to CXL my 09/6/16 surgery with Dr Fisher, "they stated he will be in a conference"...really!!!! I paid a $1000 deposit via Bank wire on 04/08/ I'm told it will take 4-6 weeks to receive my refund , I asked why so long when you were so quick to take my payment, Leomarlys from Vanity then told me she would email me the link for the required refund paperwork. I receive am email that stated here is the email address and you can request your refund here???? no info nothing to fill out just an email address, I can't believe this place, lesson learned for real!!! Please dolls if anyone can chime in and help me with this refund process I will really appreciate it I'm so bummed, I was looking forward to this surgery for almost 1 year already sad :-(

Vanity Cxl my surgery! Stay away from this place

So sometime in July, I get a call from a Vanity rep. to let me know they needed to CXL my surgery for 09/6/16 with Dr. Fisher because he would be at a conference. I told them but I sch this back in March and paid my $1000 deposit, and I already had made arrangements for time off etc etc....They offfered me to go with another Dr. and I said no, to please just refund me my money....With all that said I received an email and completed the form, it's been about 6 weeks, I've sent several emails made several phone calls and still no refund...ladies stay away from this place.

Going with DR. Gloria Thomas in Orlando FL

So i'm going with Dr. Thomas in Orlando FL, I have to say it was more than in Miami , my cost will be $6,900. I choose to stay local , after my whole experience with Vanity I thought it would be better this way. So I was lucky enough to be having my same surgery date of 09/6/16, and my friend will be taking care of me, as I'm going thru a divorce as well...yes sad but true alot going on at the same time, but it's time to do me...Here are my before pics, I will add my after pics as soon as I far so good blood-work done and all is well....I keep you all nervous but so ready!

Surgery day is finally here!!!!

I'm so nervous & happy at the same time...Just really scared of the pain...Oh lord Jesus help
I will try to post again as soon as I can, wow this is really happening, I hope I come out with my desired waist and butt, or at least pretty darn close...ok dolls pray for me.

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