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Paid 3000 down and ready to get skinny and a...

Paid 3000 down and ready to get skinny and a bigger booty. So can't wait!! Started getting the stuff I need for recovery!!! I can't believe they r making me write more for my review lol anywho... Does anyone know of a good hotel to stay at while we r there? I will keep u ladies updated on the journey!! ????

Recovery house???

Well my plans with my bf going fell thru so now I need to find a recovery house. With recovery house is there a nurse there to help and which is the best one? And do u have to find ur own way to spectrum and the airport?

Recovery house solved!!

Finally decided where Ima be staying... I've heard only good things so I am sooooo excited!!! I wish I could Fodor sooner but uuuugh work has made me wait lol anywho I know I ain't got too much longer to go!!! I feel so much better now I know where I'll be staying. Thanks realself ladies!!! Woop woop :)

Blood work done

Done my blood work today. Figured I wouldn't hear anything back if the results are all good. Seems like I stopped worrying with what is going on since I don't find anything out til way later. Anywho... Still got a lil more shopping to do but over half done. Still not sure where Ima stay!! I know I want food lol it's not much longer and I will have my perfect booty!! Or at least a bigger one ???? I'm so excited!!

Shopping complete!!

Got all my shopping done!! Now it's time to quit smoking... Based on the reviews I've seen some need to quit 2 weeks before and some say a month... I havent recieved anything as far as constructions yet and the ONLY way I know what I'll need aid from the ladies on here. Not very happy... if I pay u for ur service give me the best service possible. If I have a question please answer it. Don't only respond to when I'm sending u my money. That's kinda shitty. Anywho Sorry bout the complaining.. My blood work has been done and procedure paid in full just waiting on my appointment time. I'm guessing since I haven't heard anything back from anyone my bloodwork was ok... Now I gotta schedule my flight n find a RH. It's not as easy on finding a place to stay like I thought it was gonna be. Enjoying all the pics of the surgeries!!! Keep updating ladies!!! :) gives me hope for a more beautiful me. :)


Well I called a different corinadtor that maybe possible will switch me over since mine just seems to take my money and nothing else. I'm a lil pissed. But oh well. So maybe I can get some shit figured out instead of being totally clueless on this journey. So annoying.

Results back on lab work

My lab results came back and white blood count is high... Have to get rid of my sinus infection and chest cold and try again. I didn't have a lab corp in the dakotas so lab work is out of pocket. Oh well... Gonna try to figure knock this cold out. Plus I have been smoking and stressed so it's prolly really high.

Praying i will get over this cold!!

So with my white blood count being high I have to redo my bloodwork. I can't do my labs and ilim still sick!!!! I got 3 weeks to get better and get lab work done or Ima have to reschedule. :( I've been sick already for 3 weeks!! I'm sad ????

Still got a cold!!

My day is coming up and I am still sick so scared to go take blood test because it will be 2 out of pocket test that will prolly fail. I text Emily to ask what I needed to do and also called someone else and they transferred me to someone else. ????. Bags have been packed for a couple weeks now. But lost my 199 flight. It will now cost me 540... Doesn't matter really I reckon. Wondering if I should just reschedule since no one contacts me back. Thinking I should have spent a lil bit more money just to get good customer service. I need to go ahead and book the recovery house.. She said it will not cost me anything to change dates on that if I needed. So I will do that this evening. Wish everything would just kinda start falling into place. Uuuugh and I get rid of this damn cold!!!

Think I'm feeling better FINALLY

I am feeling like 90 percent better than I have been for the past month. Asked for my layoff at work so I can get my blood work taken again and everything I need to get done done if blood work comes back ok. I think it will. Been taking antibotics plus some Claritin, Tylenol cold n flu, night meds, drinking plenty of juice.... I'm starting to get back excited!!!! Now gotta call recovery house and do that beings my blood work came back and I had to retest I just waited... I ain't got much longer to goooooooo :)

Blood retested!!!

So looks like I'm going to have my surgery next week!!! Yay!!! Waited on my results and I was below 10 on my wbc!!! Booking my flight and recovery!!! I'm so friggin excited!!!

Almost time!!

So ready to go and get me a booty. Bags have been packed for a month!! Found a recovery house on short notice and tickets are booked!! :) in so ready for the new me ????

Today is the day!!

Surgery is at 4!!! Yay!!! Loving the recovery house. Marian is awesome so far. Love love the house... :) so excited!!

Today's before pics

Gained a few extra pounds ...I am so ready for a cute big booty.. Appointment changed to 3

It's done.

Surgery started about 12:30 last night was over at 2:30 this morning. It hurts like hell to get in and outta bed. To walk even. It hurts !!!

I look friggin amazing!!

Well finally took the garment off was suppose to wait til I get back to do it but there was a lil incident to where I had to change. Anywho... Here are some pics.

Almost time to go home!!

Getting in and outta bed is much much better. The pain is there but dang near gone. Maybe it's the pain meds I take just to get into bed lol I dunno but feel so much better. So proud of my new ass. My follow up went well. Dr walked in and ask me to remove my gown and turn around. His words were the same as mine. It's marvelous. Lol I'm like I know!!!! Very sweet doctor. I gotta go home with the drains tho. Still a lot of fluid coming out. But rather go home with it than have build up. Get my last massage tomorrow. I kinda hate to leave knowing there's no place around home to give them. My recovery sister left today :( without her I think I would broke down a lot more than I did. Love that girl!! Anywh ho bruises are going down swelling is slowly going down. I love love love my ass!!!!

Feeling wonderful

Pics with some clothes on lol

Weighed yesterday

I weighed yesterday I lost 10 pounds!!! Woohoo!! My boyfriend can tell the sweeping is going down but still swollen a good bit. (He does my massages) I tend to get massive headaches after the massages.. This was even when they were getting done professionally.. I take half a pain pill before the other half after. Tends to help with the pain. I'll post more pics prolly tomorrow. :)

Feeling awesome awesome!!

Still have my drains in but hoping maybe next week I'll be able to get them out which I am still draining quite a bit. I'm beginning to level out on my lumps. I think my stomach is ugly and I would have just gotten a tummy tuck but I'm sure it'll look good within a couple months. I wanna cry when I look at it lol Ima tit!! But I'm skinny and my butt is huge still!!! My boyfriend still thinks it's a lil big. I keep telling him it will go down (I love it) but all is good. Here's some pics from last night and this morning. :) have a wonderful day ????

More pics

With some clothes on

These friggin drains!!!

Calling around today to see who can take out these drains!!! Yay!!!! My front drain hole is a lil infected so I think Ima dread that pain but it will be well worth it in the end in sure lol my body is improving every day. I no longer wanna cry when I look at my belly. The loose muscle at my belly button has went down bunches but dear lawd my thighs look like friggin hamburger meat!!!! I think u want lipo on my thighs and arms... I will try working out before I just go straight to lipo... I recall the first thing I said when I woke up from my bbl and that was what the F$&k was I thinking lol... So I'll keep trying to remember that as I look and see what all is wrong with me lol workout workout workout as soon as i am able!! But I am most definitely seeing improvement!!! I'm totally loving my new booty!!!

Drains are out!!!

Them fuckers are nothing like I imagined!! The doctor I went to was not familiar with drains so we all was shocked to see the end of that thing!! He took my back drain out first!! It came out sideways outta the lil drain hole that I have!!! Friggin hurt!!! Second one he just pulled that drain right out like he knew what he was doing lol didn't hurt near as bad... My guess my focus was on the pain I just encountered with the first drain lol but all is good. :) I am drain free!!!

I love da booty :)

I don't get to see myself everyday because my bf won't go get me a full body mirror but I get to go into his moms room and see myself from time to time... I looked yesterday because he was tired of me asking him everyday what I look like... Anywho all I could do is smile!! I was thinking I lost some of my booty but nope I think it's all still back there!!! I just smiled and was and said its friggin huge lol he just rolled his eyes. Think he was a tad bit pissy yesterday but oh well... I'll try to get pics Monday... I'm only lumpy where the drain was now. I think it's fluid there but not sure really. Been massaging it but it gets bigger like every day. I don't like that but I'm hoping it's just a bit swollen and hoping its not fluid. Can't wait to take some more pics!!

Fluid build up

Seems after I got my drains taken out I have fluid build up. My boyfriend keeps saying it will go away but worried about it I googled it. Looks like I will have to go get it drained to prevent infection. So first thing Monday morning I will be trying to find a plastic surgeon to help me out. R fly back to Florida.

Dat A$$

I took a few pics with my skirt on that I will no longer be able to wear in public ???? lol and some panties. I think my ass is huge!!! I now agree with the boyfriend lol but I wouldn't change it for anything!! I don't think I've lost anyof it!!! With the red panties I posted before surgery they looked awful on me!!! They r no I think cute cute!!!

More pics!!

More pics!! Finally got the boyfriend to take some

Fluid uuuuurgh

Called around and there's no one really that will drain the fluid for me. I found someone but spectrum will have to send them all the papers where he worked on me and they will not do it unless it's hurting me or starts to become hard!!! Well I don't want to wait that long!!! I got another place that's suppose to call me tomorrow that's like 2 hours away!! If thats a no go then we'll we have come up with a plan!! My bf has friends that has cows and with the cows they have huge ass syringes and he said different size needles( I was like I ain't putting a huge ass needle in my gut!!) but they have smaller ones lol so I'll do it myself thanks to all the ppl that can't do it!!! I told all that I callsd I just need to syringe it out!!! That's it ppl!!! Lol but yup do it by my Damon self lol

In jeans

Tried on some jeans today!! But it was with my garment. I think I will not be able to wear these with ought the garment and foams but I just wanted to see what I would look like.

More pics

Took some more pics this morning

Pics didn't post this morning

Pic from this morning

Measurements are staying at a stand still :)

I don't believe I put my measurements on here after surgery!!
36- across boobs underneath boobs 30
Booty has only lost one inch since surgery. I was a 42 but I think I lost volume more in my hips than in the booty!! Can't wait to get fluid drained and start toning up!!

Going back to work next week!!

Well it's been a month and next week I'm going back to work! I work construction so I hope I'm ready for this lol. My super told me if I needed more time off then I can take it but I do believe Ima try to see if I'm ready next week!! I need the money!! Also I had a plastic surgeon that's an hour an half away call me back and said he will see me and drain the fluid for me!! I'm like yesssss!!! Oh might I add it will only cost me 50.00!!! So hellz yeah!!!! Also hope to go shopping for jeans today!! I can't go to work naked soooo I get to go shopping!!!!! Maybe if not today then tomorrow. Boyfriend will be going with me and I swear he just is not a happy person lol anywho... It seems everything is falling into place!!!

Fluid out!!

Went and got the fluid drained today!! I think the plastic surgeon I went to was for like face plastic surgeon so I was very grateful he seen me!!! I took my gown off because he wanted to see my results and he was like wow he did an amazing job!! He said I look absolutely amazing!!! I was like thank you!! I couldn't stop smiling!!! Made me feel good another surgeon thought I looked amazing! He said I don't see u ever being fat.. I showed him my before pics and he was even more amazed!! He was like he was aggressive with the lipo and he loved my butt!! Lol him and his nurse was checking it all out lol I absolutely love them ppl lol anywho they drained 31ccs out. Said if there's no more fluid I can go back to work after next week. So we will see!! I'll post pics tomorrow of my booty in them jeans!! It looks awesome!! Good night dolls!!!

In jeans :)

Just post pics of the jeans! First thing this morning hehe


Why am I now considering a boob job to go with my lil waist and big booty??? I don't wanna go thru more surgery but I think a nice rack would just make it perfect lol

Ready to go back to work already!!!

So as I'm laying here trying to finish healing in just thinking of all that money I could be making but this fluid buildup is holding me back!!! Go Thursday to get drained again. I don't think it's as much as last week... But it's still there. Hopefully but the middle of next month I can go back. 3000 a week is hard to swallow because of a lil fluid buildup but oh well huh?? Gotta get healed up first :) but I still love my results and still haven't lost any booty!!! Yay!!!


Going to do that hour and half drive today again to get drained. It don't think it's as much as last week. But hopefully this will be it and I can return back to work soon :) I have a feeling this won't be my last trip lol but I still look amazing so it's all worth it :) it's not bad and doesn't take long. They just stick the needle in spot marked and strts sucking the fluid out. I am not completely numb on my belly... I figured this out last week when he stuck the needle in. Lol I was like I'm not numb!! I'm not numb!!! We all just started laughing lol anywho I'll post pics prolly tomorrow. :)

Spectrum needs to do their job!!!

I'm back here at the place to get drained and last week I signed a release form for this surgeon to get my records. They have tried numerous times to get the paperwork and says that spectrum is refusing to send them. These ppl are pissing me off!!!

More pics

I didn't take as many as I thought but here's a few in my new outfit. My butt kinda doesn't look as big in these :/ but it's still big lol trust me!! :)

Try again

Pics that didn't post

Going back to work!!

Well I'm packed up and heading back to North Dakota to go back to work. Looks like the fluid is gone!! Yay!!!

Long knot in my ass!!

I'm going for my hopefully last follow up from the surgeon that's kinda took me in as his. I have a long hard knot like thingy in my right ass check and it hurts :( so Ima make sure it's nothing serious before I go back to work. My lower back and stomach still gets stiff as hell when laying down... Kinda nervous that Ima have some kinda major stiffness when returning back to work. I'm sure I'm just getting paranoid. Lol. I'll update Thursday after the doc.


Tried to post this weekend but I guess my net sucked!! I can finally wear dresses!!! :) one happy gal right cheer :)


I know its been awhile but I am doing another update. Love my results. Started working and it seemed like instantly my ass went down lol but it's still big prolly just not swollen. Anywho... Still love my results. My belly isn't so lumpy anymore. Still a lil but not nasty lumpy. It's hard so that means I wasn't lying when I told ppl I was protecting my 6 pack under all this fat lol I was worried my belly would stay sunk in which I didn't think was too sexy... Anywho here's a few new pics. Sorry it's not really good ones but my camper has no big mirrors :( that's work life tho :)


Well it's been 6 months. My booty has only went down 2 inches. Instead of 42 it's a 39 but that's not bad at all. I blame the lose from not eating correctly and working. I worked that ass down a bit lmao I love my butt!!! With the lipo... I understand it's plastic surgery and it's all not gonna be perfect especially if ur getting aggressive lipo. I have dents in my belly. Friends say it looks like I'm getting cut but u take a picture of it and they r like omg u seriously don't look like that in person. So no bikini for me. Or at least without a cover.. Would I do it again... I sure would!!! I feel fabulous with my belly covered... I also got voted hottest ass in the bar... Yeah lol I was proud lmao here's some pics of me now.

Going on a year!!

My year update pics will be posted the end of April or beginning of May! I have gained about 15 pounds and I swear the weight has gone straight to the rump :) and I think my boobs are getting some of that weight also lol I ain't lyin!!! But anywho

Love dr O!!! He did an amazing job!! Spectrum staff on the other hand need to do their friggin job. But love DR O!! Didn't get a check up call or anything after surgery. It would have been nice but oh well. I paid for a BBL and that's what I got! I feel I was last because the girl at the front desk said I just made my payment in full. I gave her a disgusted look like I called my bank because yaw didn't dovur job and post my payment a month ago when I paid in full!!!! So I was second to pay for the surgery but because they can't do their job as office ppl I was the last for the surgery... Anythi this is about the doctor but I would seriously fire everyone but the sweet lady that is over the office ppl and find better help!!

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