New Doc Update-Decided on NYC-Finally Decided...:) - Miami, FL

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Hi Everyone, hope all is well! I have been a...

Hi Everyone, hope all is well! I have been a member of Real Self for about 4 months & I have attained so much knowledge & insight via the stories, pics, & reviews shared by you all. I plan on having a BBL completed in June of this year...I will keep you posted on my progress/journey going forward! Xo

Online/Email Consultation with Spectrum

So I had my consultation with Spectrum last week...My coordinator is Emily. I have continued to do research on the whole process to ensure I am fully informed. Aside from that, I am very excited to be doing this for ME! If all goes well, I hope to have the surgery sooner than June! ;) Thanks to everyone for sharing their journey...helps in more ways than one! Wishing you all happy and successful recoveries; ) xo

Deposit Paid $!

Hi Everyone!!...I paid my deposit today to Spectrum!!!! Yaaay! Emily has been soooooo helpful!! Im so excited...They have a deal going on that includes 6days/5nights @the Recovery Home they are affiliated with!! I said "sign me up"...My journey to a new & improved me has now begun! Wishing all super recoveries!;)

Getting Closer...

I'm so excited...Paid more funds towards my surgery today! I cant wait for it all to happen...3 months to go and I will be ready & hopefully enjoying the "new" & improved me! Hope everyone is doing great & healing well!

Surgeon Switch!

Hi Luvs..So naturally Ive heard the news about Dr. Omulepu...Spoke with my coordinator Emily this morning and have decided to go with Dr. Ortega! I'm not super stoked about making the switch but better to be alive and well afterwards, as opposed to injured or worse! Either way, its up to me to maintain my final results, thus Im ok with my decision! Still slated to have the procedure done in May! Happy Healing Everyone!:)xo

New Doc Update...

Hi everyone, hope all is well. After initially deciding on Omulepu, then having to switch to Ortega, I was somewhat discouraged about the whole process, thus one of the reasons I hadnt updated my page...Anyway, after much continued research I decided to stay local (NJ/NYC) and have my surgery in Manhattan. I feel totally comfortable with the surgeon I have selected and look forward to continuing this journey! I am paying more than my initial quote, but I do believe I will attain pretty good results. I am still in preparation mode as far as hemo growth etc, taking Vitamins from Total Body Bliss Nutrition, and obtaining my supplies. I did my first blood test the weekend before last and things seem pretty good. I will post some before pics soon. Happy Healing Luvs!

BBL Complete Ladies...

I had my procedure on 07/08/2016 in Manhattan, NY. Recovery is going ok thus far...Definitely has been an interesting process! I will keep everyone updated along the way.

2 Days Post-Op

A pic from this evening...just for fun...back to compression here I come!
Spectrum Aesthetics-Miami (possibly)

Currently researching surgeons, started first consultation today via email with Spectrum ...I don't reside in FL.

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