Finally Going to Get my Booty Back - Miami, FL

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I've been on here for over a year. Now it's almost...

I've been on here for over a year. Now it's almost my time to go and get my body back.
I've ordered my boppy pillow, arnica gel, self massager, Neosporin, and plenty of other things. I've booked my flight, I have my recovery house as well. I think I've got myself a second first stage faja that'll be good. I would love to hear from the vets that have any tips for me. I would greatly appreciate it. I'm getting my treatment with Dr Sergio Alvarez. Oh my goodness I can't believe how close my date is. I've been waiting for so long. I can admit that I feel a tad worried. I hope he gives me a nice booty to go with my thick thighs. I'll take pre op pictures closer to my time. I want to loose at least 10 -15 pounds by my date. If you have any suggestions on with that. I'll appreciate that as well.

OMG my time is coming soon

It's getting all kinds of real now

I am now in the process of going to do blood work. I called my doctor to see if I can get an appointment but they were to busy to give me one. I'll try tomorrow. I'm going to get my blood work from quest lab and I hope to get an appointment with my doctor to get cleared next week. Oh my goodness I can't believe I'm going to do this. I keep thinking about how I'll be able to wear a tight dress and finally be confident in it. I want a nice round booty and I hope Dr Alvarez can give that to me. I don't want a stripper booty because I don't like that look. My legs are thick so it can handle that kind of a booty. I can't handle the attention though. I'll be honest about that.

Did my blood work and now I'm waiting for clearance.

Blood work done, have my pre of appointment on Thursday to get clearance from him. That I'm in good shape to get my surgery. My surgery is right around the corner. I leave for Florida on November 11, surgery November 15. My goodness it's literally been over a year since I had my plan to have this surgery.
I've switched doctors twice. My heart was set on Omelepu but unfortunately he had a big issue with his license. Heard he's back but he's at a new facility. I was going to go with Dr Ortega but I didn't know if he would give me a good outcome. Plus a few recent dolls of his told me to switch. So that's what I did. I changed to Dr Alvarez about 4 maybe 5 months ago. I can't wait to be his latest masterpiece. He gives nice booties and he compliments your butt to you shape. I think I have a good foundation. Hope he gives me my booty back with a little of his twist. Dr Sergio Alvarez I can't wait to meet you and showoff your work

I'm cleared.

I am cleared for surgery and I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. The time is approaching rapidly. I'm looking for a place to get post surgery massages in West palm. If any of you ladies know of a place I can go to get them it would be greatly appreciated. Google is not helping me at all.

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