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So... Here I am again. Ready for a bbl!!! I was...

So... Here I am again. Ready for a bbl!!! I was set with Osak cause a lot of my friends when to him and had amazing results. But with all the nonsense going on I had to switch. I'm telling you God works in mysterious ways... So I know this was a blessing in disguise. Also Ghurani was having a Valentine's Day sale and that was perfect timing. I love all Ghurani's work and my coordinator Candise went to him and her body is BANGINGGGG!!! I can't wait!

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The moment I realized I made the right decision!

Ghurani's latest work

Surgery day

So I'm here at Spectrum and everyone has been so damn nice. They came in to do my vitals and after that Dr. Ghurani walked in. Let me tell you something. He is the nicest man every. Very personable, charming and knows his ish! He was in no rush... He answered every single question I had to ask. He marked me up and we spoke some more. I am sooooo happy I chose Ghurani. I have been so nervous All week and he has calmed me down in the matter of minutes.

Surgery Day- Spectrum has been great so far.

So I'm here at spectrum and everyone here is so nice! From the moment I walked in till now amazing customer service! I came in at 7:30 was seen by 745, to do vitals. They did my vitals and 20 minutes later the doctor walked in... Dr. Ghurani is such a nice man, personable, charming and knows his ish!! I have been so nervous for the past week for the surgery, and the moment I met the doctor he seized all fear with his confidence, and knowledge. He was very patient with me and allowed me to ask every question I had for him!! He took his time to get to know us. We are not just another patient for him. Kudos for Ghurani


Ghurani is THE BESTTTT!!

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Ghurani the God

3am and pics

So it's 3am and im in pain!!!! I just took two Percs (recommended dosage is 1) and I'm feeling soooo much better in the matter of minutes. This has been such a journey for me. Even tho this is not the first time for me on the lipo side.... This bbl life is wayyyyy, different. But my doctor was so amazing. I would do a different on him separately, cause he deserves it. Oh yeah please get your self a stepping stool.... Because getting in and out of bed has been the biggest task. Anyway I love my ass.
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