Perry doll! Cuz Big Girls need BBLs too!

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New to the site. I want to know who is the best Dr...

New to the site. I want to know who is the best Dr for my BBL. I have all this leg/thighs and NO HIPS! So truthfully tek all this guy and gimme some hips! They can add a lil to the booty to even me out but at 5'11 200+lbs I get enough attention already without draggin' a bigger wagon. I want safe, hygienic and as close to my wish pics as feasible. I hate that input on dresses and look like a capital P. Boobs and legs, no hips. I want a curvier figure w/o looking like a Magic City Dancer.

Hold Up! Wait A Minute So Nobody is Talking About Dr. Perry in Miami?

OK so like everyone else I'm spending forever on here. Just saw Dr. Wendell Perry from the Miami area. Liking his BBL. Doesn't look too aggressive w/the lipo but has women looking very naturally snatched. Please if anyone is having an upcoming BBL w/him inbox me or if you've had one recently let me pick your brain about him. So far loving the pictures. But, it seems like his office is NOT in close vicinity to popular recovery houses.

Post Surgery Pics

OK Ppl love to tell me I have a great body. I'm like.... it's alright but I need to fill in My blanks. Those blanks are where my hips should be dammit!!
I'm figuring lip on the belly, full back and waist and then fill in my blanks will have me looking like my wish pics. If the Dr. needs to add a lil to the booty so be it but I don't need a SHELF! At 5'11 it's already hard to find jeans that fit in length and I have runner's thighs. I've decided Imma do it. Now time to save my coins and make a final decision Thanks RS ladies for holding a sista down w/info & pics & honest reviews. Keep the Circle of Support going :)

Not Looking Like any Support from "Friends."

So I've managed to tell three of my close friends and my sister. SO far.... only blah support from one friend. Downright HELL NO GIRL from the other two and my sister is like..... Do you, I gotcha back.
Now I know why ppl don't tell anyone. Out of my three friends one is willing to venture into surgery her damn self. The other friend is overweight & just believes the gym or nada and the 3rd friend has the damn HIPS I want. She told me to buy hip pads. I told her NO, I want them there for the long haul. So.... sounds like I'll be leaning on my sister for emotional support & will just go into surgery on my own & stay at a recovery house. This decision is my own and other ppl's opinions will not stop me. Time for me to focus on my Hemoglobin b/c I have anemia.
Giving myself a countdown of 1 yr to get my coins together.

Top 3 Choices for my BBL

OK so far it's looking like
1. Dr. Perry
2. Dr. Fischer
3. Dr. Hassan
Why? Dr. Perry seems like he has the look/bedside manner/knowledge down PAT! But I don't feel like there are a lot of BBL before/after pics. So far, I like what I see but wish ppl would post more recent pics. Hell It would be nice if HE would post more recent pics. Dr. Fisher seems like he is the next runner up, but from what I hear I don't like what I'm seeing in terms of how his office is RUN. A lot of reviews show he's a great Dr, but that office support staff is hit/miss. Then we have Dr. Hassan. He's wicked in how well he has women look, BUT he's not Board certified and then there's STILL that office management issue.

Noticing Changes in Quality of BBLs.

I'm noticing changes in the QUALITY of the BBLs that Dr. Hasan/Fisher are doing as of late. I'm seeing a hit or miss with a LOT of their surgeries. I'm also seeing a lot of uneven HIPS. Like A LOT. The few BBLs that they are doing I give props to but it's starting to look hit or miss with them. This is solidifying my push to go to Dr. Wendell Perry. When I finally book my weekend consultation trip it's off to Perry I go. I'd rather spend the extra money and KNOW I'm going to be done right w/even body distribution.
Happy Holidays Doll!!!

So Many Changes re: Hasan/Fischer

So what thee hell is going on. Vanity sticking ppl for heir paper! Hasan missing & a lot of talk about him losing his liscense. What the hell is going out RS Family.
I've been able to see more of Dr. Perry's BBL work & have been disappointed. I'm not getting BBL to still have 1 roll on my back. Nah.... This is a lot of coins to be spending to only look a lil different.
I'm #TeamNoRolls
Now what I've been lacking on is my money getting scheme. God knows there's enough OT on my job I could prolly get $2500 in 3 month. Imma start getting focused b/c once I got the guap I can make the final decision. But Sr. Fischer is starting to be my 1st choice.
Since I joined RS I've gained weight. So Imma focus on getting my health to be surgery ready. Getting my BMI down & Iron UP! Cuz once this $$ gets in my account I'm booking at Keyla's RH & picking a surgeon & dropping my money

Final Decision- Imma be a Fisher Doll

Ok.... After reading all the drama with Dr. Hasan & the other Docs I'm going with Fisher. I guess since the brunt of the work has fallen to him he's been busy! I've seen an improvement in in hips and we all know he's a booty God. Yeah I'm sold, Fisher it is.
Changed my mind from Dr. Perry due to the lack of up to date BBl pics. Fisher is fully certified, consistent pricing & great bedside manner.
Now Imma challenge MYSELF to 1. Get my BMI down!!! I know I'm too big & he won't touch me even tho lately I've seen him do surgery on a few big girls like myself. Results were FAB. So I'm shooting for 20-25lbs weight loss.
2. Address my Anemia & Iron
3. Get my coins up. I want to walk into Vanity w/the entire balance so I can pick my SX date & get confirmation immediately. I'm not here to play around with Vanity. I see the reviews but I know money talks & bullshit walks!
I'd rather take time picking a RH once I have my SX date. I'd rather pay that off last. I want 10 days in MIA. I'm not flying with any drains in me!
Maybe Winter 2017 will be my target time frame. Truthfully I wanna get this surgery in the Winter so ya girl can show off for Summer 2017.

Wish Pics

SnatchedByFisher is the perfect example
Of how I want my AFTER to look! Happy healing to her and once again good work by Dr. Fisher!

More Wish Pics

More Fab work from Dr. Fisher in thicker Sistas like myself. I'm convinced!

Recovery Homes in Miami

Ok Ppl the recovery home racket is wide spread I see. I would like legit recommendations from ppl who have had surgery in Miami and stayed at a recovery home. If you don't have any personal surgery pics, pics of the recovery home don't reply to my post. All these fake real self Accts popping up are recovery homes trying to pull in clients or just fake scammers. Imma not depositing money to be playing around here.
Do Dolls in the last 3 months which recovery homes would you recommend to stay in after a BBL! I would like a 24hr caretaker in the home, provide transportation to/fr surgery, to get prescriptions, clean/safe environment!

Another Wish Pic

Saw homegirl and feel like this would be a believable version I can show the dr. She slopes out nicely, subtle even.

More Wish Pics

Ok!! Lately I've been looking at Dr. Blinski. He's got the same price range as Fisher w/o the Vanity Drama. I also think I found a potential RH, My Miami Escape. If you dolls have heard anything bad about the RH let me know. Aiming to have my surgery on Winter 2016/2017 so my body will be turnt UP by Summer 2017.
Found some wish pics that I think so doable. Her name is Georgia Reign. The comedian Michael Blackson's GF!

Final Decision.... Imma be a BLINSKI Babe

Soooooooo, remember I said Inwant the Fisher Treatment w/o the Vanity drama? Well I got just that & will be getting that with Dr. Blinski. His shapes are everything, especially his HIPwork. He gives you natural but obvious upgrade to ya body. I'm sure if some women want stripper he can do it but so far I've just seen GORJ work from him. His price points are competitive. So Imma start buying my supplies, getting my BMI down & coins UP!

Me Now Vs Wishpics

I believe in being realistic. I think she's a GOOD Wish Pic Goal for when I go to Dr. Blinski for my consultation.

Following Dr. Blinski & Blinski dolls on Instagram

Hey Ladies!!
So far I'm dieting and trying to come up off this weight! I've lost 5lbs & are taking 200+mg of ferrous gluconate from my Dr. Imma do Bloodwork to see if my iron has increased.
I also decided to take out a pension loan to pay for my surgery & a few other tiny bills! Imma take a weekend trip to Miami, Fri-Sun and set up an spot with Dr. B. He's now booking into Feb 2017. If he still has Feb/March dates I'm going for it!
Following Dr. B & the dolls he's done and will soon be doing has me HYPE! Can't wait to join them in hip/booty land.

Pre-Op body Update

Hmmmmm I still have a lot of work to do. I did my own markups! LOL
Sad thing is due to Dr. Blinski's new standards I don't qualify for surgery with him. You can't be more the. 180 with a BMI of 30. If I dropped to 180 I wouldn't have any fat to harvest.
So it's Dr. Perry now. I swear when some of theses doctors get popular they act REAL brand new. I guess Blinski knows his work is good & will stand out more on thinner bodies!

Iron Levels

This was done 6/20/16.
Been on iron pills since then.

Personal Trainer

Ok Ladies so I'm 238!!! That's 38lbs too damn much!!!! I hired a personal trainer to get my outta shape ass up to par!!! We gone slim down so I can be healthier for surgery! Maybe 28lbs bc 210 is a good weight for me & they can shift that to my hips!!! My trainer is a winning MMA fighter and I'm on 2/12 sessions already!
Big trip in January, going to Africa & Ill need to slay in future outfits when I get there so!!!! I'm ok it to win it Dolls!!!!
Still a future Perry Doll by the way!

Who's the surgeon?!? Cmon Ladies Spill it!

Fantasia is my latest wife pic. She's busty like me & I would want my AFTER to look like hers! She claims exercise & it might be true but that waist is snatched to the Gawdddds so I dunno ????
Also I'm starting to look at Colombia as an option in my search. Dr. Paz seems like finding the Holy Grail but Imma do it. Anybody got info on him?! Dolls do all these posts but after surgery they don't update w/pics!!!! What's up with that? Share the wealth!!!!!
Also anybody use MedTourColombia to coordinate their BBL surgeries while in Colombia?!? Seems like the way to go for Non-Spanish speaking gals!!

Money IS a Thang

Been a minute. As of late I've been researching Colombia for BBLs. Why?! Their medical car is comparable if not better then the US & the prices are affordable. In a matter of months US Doctors are going higher & higher in costs for BBLs. I simply can't manage 10K. Even w/the cost of a recovery house and airfare I can go $5-6K if I consider Colombia ????????
So the lastest news is I got a quote from Dr. Harold Paz, Colombia ????????
He quoted me $3,400 for BBL with lipo, health insurance, medication, messages. My quote was for 3mo so in Jan if I don't send $400 deposit I'll need another quote.
I sent Dr. paz my BMI/HEMO levels and photos of me front/back & sitting down. I got the quote within a week.
So, a co-worker of mine said she'd also like to do Colombia for some revisions & BA. She's Spanish speaking so I wouldn't be lost in the sauce. But I was also thinking about booking with medtourcolombia so they can do my transports, quotes with additional doctors & securing recovery house. They also accompany for language barriers. So I got options.
Going to Colombia can save me a lot of $$$ and also give me the results I want. Aftercare when I come home will also be affordable as I've found a good place that offers post surgery messages and support.
P.S. I've lost weight. I've gone from a 14 to a 12 with the help of a trainer. 238 to 229. Imma go for another 10lbs.

All 229lbs

Gonna lose a Lil more then get this BBL so I can fill out these dresses how I truly want to, with hips! I bought the dress! Cuz Imma still shine for the New Year!
Dr. Fisher

Doctor Choice is forever changing!

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