Dr Hasan...March 2, 2016- Miami, FL

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Ok ladies, I live in Houston TX but I'm...

Ok ladies, I live in Houston TX but I'm considering going Miami to get my BBL done. I'm going with Dr Miami for now, I was told he was the BEST. I been doing my research for awhile now and I'm still stuck on him. what do yall think? I have been reading a lot of reviews and a lot of u guys going with a recovery center after treatment. What center is the best because i was just bringing and friend to take care of me. Is that a no no or what? Anyone one on here already gotten a BBL by Dr Miami please reply so i can get a better understanding....please!!!! Anyone can reply....

Nothing butt Ass!

My before Look!

Dr Hasan or Dr Miami

Ok ladies help me out please! Need to know which Dr to choose..anybody on here went to either Dr please give me some advice. Anyone on here from Houston Tx and need a BBL BUDDY to travel with please hit me up...sisterhood! Dr Hasan or Dr Miami?????

Going with Dr Hasan....!!!!!

I have made up my mind, I will be going with Dr Hasan...this MAN has alot of talent i see. I talk to someone on Realself and she really help me make up my mind. We talked over the phone over an hour and she really helped me out!!! This website is the BOMB....without this website i would be so totally lost....THANK U HUN....will be chatting with my new REALSELF FRIEND!!!!

The before pics!

These are the before pics with clothes on ladies!

Dr Hasan girl!!!

Dr Hasan girls....!!! Where u at....need pics and ready to read yall stories, loving it!!!!! Make a comment so i can read yall profiles.....

Hasan girls....!!! Please give me some input!!!

I need to know where to stay, I'm leaning towards i guess its call the Vanity Recovery House. My cousin will be traveling with me can she stay for free? And what do u bring? I was told about a house call Marin or something like that and u don't have to buy anything!!! PLEASE LEAD ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!

Just put my deposit down! Dr Hasan!

Just called and talk Leo my coordinator and she really was nice. She gave me details and I paid my $2000 deposit. I have $2500 to go. Oh, they have a cash special going on right now for a BBL for $4000 cash. This will last til Labor Day yall! Tell a friend!

Buddy SX Date???

I will be having my sx in Feb 2016...I put down a $2000 deposit already with Dr Hasan I have not gave a day yet, trying to figure that out. My cousin suppose to be going with me and she is not getting anything done. She is going to help me out a bit. I willing to stay at a recovery house and I was told she can stay for free. If anyone need a buddy around Feb just in case she don't go feel free to inbox me!!!! I will be leaving out of the Houston TX....

Just a couple of wish pics!!!!

I can't wait!!

More before pics

Looking for a buddy to have my SX with! My month is March 2016...haven't picked a day yet.

Looking for a buddy since allot of the recovery houses not allowing a friend to stay for free! My cousin was going but all rules have changed at the recovery house we was staying in! HELP...ANYBODY I DONT WANT TO DO THIS ALONE! Hit me up please if u having ur sx in March 2016...I wanna go early March with Dr Hasan. And I wanna stay at a recovery house for about 5 days....

Recovery House!!! ANYTHING CHEAPER THAN THIS??????

Special Change Since - Oct 9,2015
ELLE -5 Days
-Includes 3 meal per day
-1 Massages
-2 Lipo Foam Boards
-1 Lipo Board
-Boppy Pillow
-Yoga Mat
-Arnica Cream
-Feminine Pads
-Cleaning Wipes

My sx day is March 2, 2016....anybody going around that time? Need a buddy! Going with Dr Hasan!!

Anybody going on my dates? Need a buddy to share a room with...anybody leaving from Houston Tx or any other state please hit me up....or inbox me!

Cosmi Care Recovery House!!!

Ok, I did my research on Recovery Houses and the one I felt comfortable with was Cosmi Care. I called and spoke with Kesha and she was so so nice...she answered all my question in no rush. For 5 nights u can stay with a buddy/roommate for $1000...with 3 meals and 3 snacks, plus a supply kit they give u with all supplies. Around the house care and its a beautiful home in and out. If any of u guys looking for a Recovery Home please look them up. Its a deposit of $250 to lock ur date in. Im going March 2, 2016....GOOD LUCK GIRLS!! READY TO BE HANSIFIED!!!!

Wish pics! Dr Hasan work on some twins he did!

I hope and wish I look like them!! This is PERFECT!

March 2

Waiting on March 2, for my new look!

Travel Buddy from Houston Tx

Is there anyone of my RS sisters need a buddy and traveling from Houston Tx and having there sx in March? My Dr is Hasan...please hit me up.....and ladies if u know of anyone going and need a buddy please let me know. Thanks!

Switch sx days!!!!

My sx day is March 2 is there anybody having there sx March 4 and wants to switch days? I'm trying to go with a RS sister and leaving together from Houston....please let me know ASAP!!!

Keyla's Recovery House

Paid my deposit after the research on a recovery house. This shit is getting real, my sx day is March 2, I tried to switch with my RS sister but Dr Hasan is booked up til March 10. Soooo...March 2 it is....ANYWAY I heard wonderful things about Mrs Keyla and I'm so ready to met her!

Plan Tickets!!!!

Any cheap websites for flights! Leaving from Houston Tx!!! Please help....these tickets are high!!! My sx day is March 31st......

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