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5 Months away! I've been wanting to do this for...

5 Months away!
I've been wanting to do this for like 3 years now!! and finally grew balls to go through with it. LOL, I'm 22y/o and 140lbs with one child. I sent my pics through Email and they said i should gain 6-10 pounds which shouldn't be difficult considering I have more than enough time. I like my body shape from the front but NOT from the side or back! I really just need a fuller butt and projection.
Like everyone says, Vanity will call you every single day asking if your still interested. I wanted some time to discuss with my boyfriend before scheduling anything since he'll be the one who will accompany me. I waited for the call the next day (because of course they'll call). I spoke to Yanais, she was very nice and texted me some before an afters. They asked for my debit card picture, ID, and I also had to electronically sign for the withdrawal of 1,000 for the deposit.
They have a cute patient portal with the countdown, list of things you'll need, and you speak to your coordinator directly on there.
I cant wait!! will keep you guys posted.

5 months pre op pics. Weight 140


The package I bought was the summer special for 5,300 which includes 3 massages, lipo foam, garment, and compression socks (confirmed with Ana Hernandez).

Wish pics

The first 3 are Dr. Fishers patients, the last two are randoms. The look I want to go for is a small waist, curvy hips, nice round booty !
As nervous as I am for it, the surgery date can't come any faster.
Like everyone else, I'm addicted to RS lol. It's like checking Facebook or Instagram now haha

More pre op pics

I weigh 142 now. As you can see it's really all the back fat that I really want removed ! My front angle isn't so bad.. I just want a booty lol

I haven't bought my flight ticket yet because I want to wait until I'm a little closer to the date .. I'm making my list of supplies and will soon start ordering online.

Current measurments

weight- 145lbs (goal is 150 by February)

38 - 29 - 40
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