Fat Transfer to Butt, 10/28/2016, 5'5 155ish Lb Latina. So Excite!! - Miami, FL

Consultation/appt setup: So far I have been...

Consultation/appt setup:
So far I have been working with Margaret from vanity and she has been very responsive and informative. I have been very fortunate to get a bbl appt on someone else's cancellation (the cancellation was due to the girl being deployed).
I am flying in from Texas to Miami.
I am considering doing the recovery house that vanity recommends, "extended stay of the Americas".

Pre op Body: had 2 babies and got very fat with lots of stretch marks. :( lost the weight and got "skinny"
I used to workout and take "supplements" and had a great figure with nice butt. My lifestyle changed and can't maintain that lifestyle anymore. I still workout but not as hard as I used to. Trust me when I say I used to workout hard. I used to squat 225lbs! I used to do squats 3-4times a week. My average weight is 150ish. I'm pretty sloppy looking now and have been trying to gain a bit of weight. I don't have a huge belly but I have some "love handles". I hide it pretty well. (My profile pic is me about a year ago when I used to life heavg)

Concerns: flying back from Mia to Texas. (3hr flight)
How the recovery house will be and options.
Buying all these compressions and pills and what not. I'm still new to all this.

Recovery house-Miami escape

It's official! I just put the deposit down for Miami escape! Getting super excited. I also purchased access to their supplies.
I am going to bring anti nauseous medicine, quest bars(for fiber), some loose maxi dresses, flip flops, compression socks, my Lipo boards only and diuretic pills with potassium.

So looks like the only thing I need to do when arrive after my pre op appt is get my meds filled!


So I've been trying to increase my weight. I thought i was close to 160. Im actually at 153!
I'm disgusted with myself with all this eating! Hoping I can gain at least 5 more lbs. my workouts have been mostly heavy lifting which also helps with my cardio. I want to go into this surgery strong so that my heart is stable and recovery is smooth!

Flight post op

How did you ladies survive your flight back? Mine is a 2 HR flight with a layover and then another 45min flight to tx.
Are sitting on Boppy pillows that vital?

Or will sitting on my butt for 3hrs not be that detrimental?

I've heard of girls sitting on their knees but that will be awkward af!!
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