In Need of a Fat Butt! - Miami, FL

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Hi RS Ladies and maybe gents? I'm looking for a...

Hi RS Ladies and maybe gents?
I'm looking for a affordable but trust worthyour doctor to do my BBL, I received a quote from Dr Fisher for 4,800 that includes liposuction to back (upper and lower), lower handles, abdominal areas (upper and lower), and put into my butt and a little in to my hips. I don't think I need it in my hips as I already have a very small waist and big hips but if the doctor thinks that will give a more hourglass look in all for it. He said it will also include all blood work and care with a nurse for a day. I'm still trying to decide if I want to go to him as his pictures are great and I haven't seen any bad reviews BUT!!! the customer service is not on point. Anna told me if I put $1000 down that will lock on my price and to be fair I don't want to feel pressured to do something with a doctor in not 100% sure about. She also told me if I do not put down the dep the price will go up, I told her I will put some down but not 1000. . . Since then I have not heard back from her!
So! Now I am looking into other doctors because I need to go where I have excellent customer service and not just BASIC! I've been trying to get in contact with Dr Mel Ortega but haven't heard back for over a month..
basically girls! I really need help with what doctor to go to the most I want to pay is 5,500 and that will be with out financial aid.
I want to do it before Jan next year but can't get much more time ofday work as I already have FMLA to care for my father. Also, any thoughts on Dr Yily? In DR?
I'm also looking for a travel buddy too.
Please help

Received consultation

Final Dr Ortega got back to me, I think I want to go with him. Only think is they haven't got back to me regarding scheduling an official date. I love Dr Fisher work but I'm sorry the customer service is terrible I med to feel safe going to a Dr who is basically about to change my life and by all mine I think he will do a great job but I just feel like the after care will not be there. It's more about the money for him.
Any girls been to Dr Mel Ortega?

Dr Mel Ortega It IS... SUPER EXCITED

OK!! im superrrrrr!!!! Excited!! I wish i could do it tomorrow lol.. emailed Vivian and will be putting a Dep down tomorrow.
sorry for the typos in the pervious posts i was on my phone.
Is any one going in August at the end of the start of Jan 2016?
im considering adding pictures but i have to many tattoos lol...
A few reviews said Dr Mel is very blunt, i dont mind that as i am also quiet straight to the point and expect others to be too.. so if your a sensitive person i think you might want to consider another doc.

But!!! with that said! Mels work is great and is worth the straight to the point attitude :)

Now I'm confused - Dr Fisher or Dr Ortega

So why do I feel like the doctors in Miami are all in competition with each other? After Vanity not getting back to me since Monday and.... their customer service is not great I made up my mind that I was going to stick to the original Dr that I wanted to go with... DR ORTEGA.
So! One of the girls from Vanity call me to tell me that Dr fisher is running a promo for 3,800. Which is ridiculously cheap.. I think I'm a bit scared to go for a procedure which is so cheap... they say you get what you pay for right? Am I the only one who thinks this price is to good to be true?
Don't get me wrong I have been tempted to go to vanity but I do not think that its the right thing to do.
Girls, is this normal for vanity to fall off then try jump back on you with a cheaper price??
My bae is also telling me to stick with Ortega... I feel like these two are battling against each other lool.
They both do get work but Ortega has better customer service which I am really big on.
Help me guys do you have a good or bad experience with either of these doctors?

Dr Ortega booked - 28th August

So I'm definitely going with Ortega, it's confirmed for August 28th.
I can deal with the pressure to pay at vanity

Is any one going around the same time?

Mel T. Ortega, MD

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