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So I am contemplative about choosing a surgeon-...

So I am contemplative about choosing a surgeon- plus whether or not to get a BBL & TT together? Or Stager…
Some doctors support this method, others don't.
I have communicated w/ many AMAZING board certified surgeons, all w/ different opinions & different price tags. I have spent hours on sites researching board certified doctors, reviews, before/after photos, health care grades, recovery locations, flights etc. Its been tireless trying to find the right doctor, the right care, and a reasonable price for my transformation. I may be finicky- but I've never done this before- I want it done right- with no revisions, and no complications if possible.

I workout 4-5 days a week, I have no past/previous health issues, and would consider myself a pretty fix person. I want the sagging skin gone off my abdomen, I want a flat belly and more projection/lift in my derriere.

Top Picks:
Kenneth Hughes $15k (performed together) Harvard Grad- Solid work! *muah*
L.A. prices may be way out of my league.
Michael Salzhauer $12,500k (performed together) He does Crossfit- I do crossfit! Sounds perfect! But price is still kind of high!
Mel Ortega $5k BBL / $No TT Quote yet (separate) Prices are FAIR. Work is quality. We stager the surgeries as he feels it will maximize my results.

American doctors can be pricey- but there seems to be less risk during post op treatment & follow up procedures.

I have considered (and am still researching ) doctors abroad. Although i scare the mess out of family members/friends when i mention this. (though i do have a supportive relative who is a medical professional & understands that these too can be quality procedures)

Dominican Republic seems to be an attractive spot for these procedures- and nothing against Duran, Baez or Yily- but I’m not jumping on the bandwagon to be part of the CIPLA army. I’ve read some good things, I’ve read some bad things, but I am just not interested.

Top Picks DR (Don’t remember exact quotes- but all who responded are SUBSTANCIALLY lower than any American doctor)

Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio (I like this guy because he said 2 weeks was not enough time for me to recover from both TT & BBL. (I felt he was being real)
Dr. Fatima Anadel Almonte (Need more research- no quote yet)
Dr. Yvelise Bello Paredes (Need more research – no quote yet)
Dr, Luis Redondo (Low quote-Not too many reviews yet is an ISAPS member)

Butt enhancement procedure - Scheduled

I've tirelessly been pursuing a doctor for my much needed makeover. I've totally been removed from FB, IG, Twitter & every other social networking account and only focused on finding a surgeon, recovery spots, reviews, pictures etc.
I'm going with Dr. Ortega- Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami, FL. Karla is SO personable- she was assigned as my personal coordinator. After I received the receipt for down payment i was like "Aint NO turning back" I'll be updating you w/ my progress. Planning to stay at a local recovery house- the ladies have extended kindness & generosity thus far: keep it coming ladies.


Returned ppw to Karla today- spent all last night looking up more reviews- very attracted to the work of dr. fisher- the hype on here about him is amazing! (Harvard Grad degree!) Clearly he does GREAT work! My question: Why is Dr. Fisher using the BRAND NAME DEGREE at VANITY? For what purpose? It appears to cheapen his caliber! Fishers method proves AMAZING- as BBL outcomes are largely (punt intended) satisfactory!
My ONLY Barrier: Fishers entourage! ie: colleagues/employees seem to bring him DOWN. TOO often reported that ppl around him provide POOR service. Not sure why Mr Fisher is operating out of Vanity clinic? REALLY??
CLEARLY skills like his have potential to DOMINATE a private practice. Why Vanity?
RS reviews report Vanity as a "a butcher shop......." !!!!!!
As someone serious about certification, ethics, degrees, honesty, licensure, policy, etc.
Thi irks me:
EXAMPLE: Dr. Hasan, (Fisher Vanity colleague) - a board Certified Dermatologist- (Not PLASTIC SURGEON!!) Hasan's BBL procedure often evidence as satisfactory! BUT, i feel it IS a disservice to a patient for your to NOT be board certified in Plastic Surgery. NOOOOO good vibes from Vanity Clinic and workers. I believe, Surgeons have the HIGHEST standards of practice/procedures and their credentials should NOT for a second be questionable. So much Love. Ortega.
Conclusion: Bizarre that Fisher works from Vanity Clinic! His $6k (mostly all inclusive package) is VERY appealing! SMH. Vanity Clinic reviews SO BAD my conscious tells me NO.

BBL: The Best In Boston!

OK, today i came across a doctor with FABULOUS BBL WORK operating out of Boston. didnt think this was possible, this region of the US not renowned for this procedure. then, there was Daniel Delvecchio MD .
officially canceling with Spectrum Aesthetics/Dr. Ortega.
i change doctors like i change underwear. but his work is undeniable the BEST. like the Mendieta of Boston.

BEST IN BOSTON - DR. Delvecchio! Picasso of BBL!

obsessed with him.
Dr. Daniel Del vecchio
Undergraduate: BA in Biology, Yale University
Medical: MD, Harvard Medical School
Internship: General Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, 1985
General Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1985
Plastic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1991
Fellowship: Aesthetic and Craniofacial Surgery, Children’s Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1994

Only the best! Dr. Del Vecchio BBL (Boston)

Had a phone consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio tonight. he is FABULOUS! i was calling to speak with my coordinator but HE got on the phone and assured me that i will well taken care of and that im going to look beautiful! i never once was able to speak with Dr. Ortega- he was always too busy. Im paying the down payment this week. happy to work with these people!

DR. DEL VECCHIO (Boston) Scheduled 12/11/14 BBL!

Just finished paying my down payment to Back Bay Plastic Surgery! BBL LIFE!
So excited! Also a bit ticked I paid Spectrum the initial money, but i have to eat that cost because Dr. Del Vecchio's work is worth it! I can't imagine letting anyone else sculpt my new behind!
JaVonica Latson has been my coordinator and she is so sweet!
My pre-op date is tentatively 11/25 and surgery date is set for 12/11.
Now to secure some friends to drive!

DR. DEL VECCHIO (Boston) Scheduled 12/11/14 BBL!

crap! i need to cancel with karla. of course im going to ask for my down payment back but of course they're going to say no.

FREE BOPPY PILLOW! Use code: 4F6E5526E

Hi ladies! So today i scheduled my 1:1 consultation appointment with Dr. D in Boston for 11/18.
Im EXCITED. I got the 2 weeks off from my job in Dec and one day off in Nov to meet my doc before the makeover!
On another note: i purchased my BOOPY PILLOW today (Nursing Pillow) from a website for FREE!
I mean, I just paid the S&H cost!
Make sure to spread the word ladies, dont spend the money when you can get a quality one for FREE!!
Just go to using promotion code "4F6E5526E", its that easy!!
Since they are valued at 40$ I just snagged mine for $14! Im too happy! Will load a pic later.

FREE BOPPY PILLOW! Use code: 4F6E5526E

dont forget to get your boppy pillow! i bought one yesterday by using this code and didnt pay anything but S&H cost! literally charged $0.00! Now to start buying my Arnica Montana tablets and Bromelain for bruising and soreness etc!
so many girls have been so helpful to me and i just want to return the love! keep you posted ladies!
30 days until consultation! 53 days until my surgery!!!!!!!!!!

(BBL) FREE BOPPY PILLOW! Use code: 4F6E5526E

i got blood drawn tonight and i was nervous prior to going in for the needle. made me think of what my experience is going to be like with Dr. D. i was super confident up until you get in the waiting room , then chump life hit! im expecting to be totally numbed up during this BBL!!!!
hopefully my boopy pillow will be in this week! since i didnt pay ANYTHING im super excited cause i love some FREE STUFF!!! saved like $40-50$ using the link! I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! cant wait to actually NEED the boppy!! INSANE!!


SO- Today is the first day i started to get cold feet and question if this is all worth it. i started thinking ive got to be crazy letting some doctor prod/poke a huge needle into my butt. part of me wants to back out and say... ah....... never mind. i think its because ive been away for like 10 days and when you do that you lose touch with watching the girls and their results.
im going to try to be on more so that i can not be so freaked out when i think about it.
i meet dr. del in 18 days! then my surgery is dec 11--- thats about 40 days until surgery.
im so happy but so nervous at the same time.

did get my FREE BOPPY PILLOW in the mail though! its so cute and i will upload a pic tomorrow.
for those who need the code for free pill its: Use code: 4F6E5526E

Free boopy pillow! NursingPillow.Com use Code: 4F6E5526E Valued at 40$

Of Del Vecchio "his consistency to continually deliver beautiful results......." WORD. so peaceful with his work- it's the recovery time I'm alarmed about.

I got my free boppy pillow! Code below!

So here is my pretty pretty pillow I will be using for the next I don't know how many weeks post surgery! She's a beaut! use code: 4F6E5526E and pay ONLY shipping cost! Save $40!! WOW!!
So happy about this! I'm all over the place in my mind about this surgery though. I've called the office multiple times for consol so I'll feel better.

Here's the free boppy pillow pic

Sorry my photo didn't upload- stupid phone.

appointment rescheduled!

Oh no! Jovanica just called and said the doc has to travel on the day of my surgery and won't be available!? oh dear! what to do? She says she'll call me to see if I go in one day early. prayers up!

reviewing more butt stuff

how many days away am i? so close! sheeeeeesh. didnt hear back from jovonica- i was tempted to text Dr. D butt (punt intended) i didnt. if i dont hear back early tomorrow about securing my date for 12/10 i am texting his personal cell. certainly justifiable. (:

Surgery pre-op with dr. del vecchio tomorrow!

Heyyyyy----- good news! Jovanicas back on my top list! She was awesome to get me in 1 day earlier and now my appt is 12/10 as opposed to 12/11 which means I have 1 more recovery day! Appt time set for 730 in boston!

back from my consultation with del vecchio

first of all- he does NOT sugarcoat ANYTHING. he will be straight about your problem areas and his limitations. my skin quality is poor and that will likely not improve with the surgery.
i desperately need a tummy tuck and he made it clear that the result i want to achieve will have better outcomes after the tummy tuck. ive got some really good meat in my thighs (good fat) but he refuses to pull a lot because i will not commit to getting a thigh lift (which he supports me on)
he did say he would "clean out" in the abdomen area because i am doing the TT next. i acknowledge that pulling from the area will not improve the sagging skin (and there is A LOT of sagging skin since i lost 65 lb) ----- with all that said. Del Vecchio will be straight with you, which is helpful. he said there is fat on my flanks and back he can use, but there is good fat in the knees too. i didnt want him to HAVE to go there, but if its useful to achieve the look then, well, at least ill be under anesthesia!
i will add that JoVanica (secretary) is the BOMB! she is quality and she ensured that i had a really good experience. i dont know too many people that would not be satisfied with JoVanica's service! she is stellar! His facility is located on Newbury street in Boston, right next to Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany etc. Very classy place. There were very few other (normal everyday women) like me there for sessions with Dr. Del... that made me feel good too, to know that so many other ordinary women go to see him.
i did have my aunt with me, he really liked her and she was pushing to get evaluated by Del Vecc for a mommy makeover. he gave took her in following me and she was satisfied with his remarks to her. she also may schedule ahead of me for her TT, BA and BBL. i will f/u with you on her outcome too since i may be babysitting her (caring for her) right before my surgery.
all and all i give my consult 5 stars because everyone in the office was so warm and friendly.
For those of you who've never had PS done- i was a novice so i didnt know i'd be fully naked at the consult - duh! but, you will pose nude for like 6 photographs. During this time while checking out my (pancake-miley cyrus-spongebob) booty he did say "Yes, you'll have a nice result, we'll take good care of you..." that was comforting as Dr. D seems to deliver all the worst news first so that you aren't TOO GASSED about expectations. All and all, anything Dr. D does will be better than the inverted booty i have now! I told him that i trust him and have long reviewed the research and work that he has out there, and that Im very confident in his ability to beautify me.
He wrote on my prescriptions and i have to be at the hospital at 530am on Wed 12/10.
I did forget to tell him what type of booty i want, which may sound weird by Dr. D is such an expert that i may just how felt right at ease with his artistic ability and harvard grad quality. i also forgot to get the quote for TT but he did say he could perform this 4 months down the road.

Goodnight! ill post photos from my phone next.

Del Vecchios Office- Boston

Pretty legit office- located next to killer upscale posh names like Cartier doors down from Chanel & Tiffany's etc. 5 star labels business.

DEL VECCHIO. 8 days pre op! BOSTON.

hello ladies!
its been a whirlwind trying to get things finalized before the surgery.
the additional garment i ordered (dr. D provides one @ surgery) was $98 nordstrom.
Dr. D has specifics on getting the "Spanx Shimmer & Shine" so thats what i purchased.
all that so i can cut the butt holes out of that expensive thing.
well anyway.....
payments are all made. you will have to pay 3 places :
1) dr. D office
2) anesthesia
3) hospital fees
this is all included in your total cost for service

no other concerns right now except that i cant show to the sx with makeup on.
but i NEED my face on. thats wack. but whatever. it is what it is.
post soon! pray for me because i have to be at the surgery for 530am.
im nervous.
2 hours of pain. possibly a lifetime of beauty.
get ready for the pics of my pre surgery deformed butt.
gotta pay it forward.

BBL in 2 days!

Ok here we go! Life's been a whirlwind! Just wanted to touch base to let you know I won't depart once the surgeries over! I'm in it with y'all! It's finals week so my life is bananas right now! Just an update- I'm going thru w/ it. My life will forever change. Scared as crap for the anesthesia and pain of recovery by what else can I do? Refuse tk walk around with this flat booty forever. Here's SOME of my supplies! Most we're purchased between walmart and dollar tree others are being shipped from amazon. A second garment should be here tommorw. I refuse to buy 2 right now cause they're 100$ each. Also I still need to buy a toilet raiser. I was being cheap cause walmart wanted 50$ and website said 30$. There's a pharmacy that has that and walkers (planning to rent walker) for affordable prices so going there tommorw. Don't fully feel like I have all my friends support. Even my roommate seems nonchalant about it all. My day ones (mainly those who would get it themselves) totally affirm me going thru with this.
Going to get back to writing and getting in my assignments cause I'm not about to attempt to so work on percs. Not a good look.

1 day pre!

More supplies! Sorry the lighting is bad! Bed pads, female urinal and brushing creams etc!


BBL completed today by Dr Delvecchio

Hey ladies!! 2700 CCs in each cheek!! My BUTT is HUGE!!!
Dr Del put a Nicki or Khloe Back there!! Actually hoping it goes down a little!! LOL!!
So far so good, and recovery for me may not be we bad as people claim!
Pardon that awful before pick!!

Big ol butt!!! Del VecchioDoll!

Hey girls! 1 day post op follow up.
Things are good. One of these pics my friends took b/c you can see my butt trough the comforter!!! They says it's SOOOO HUGE!! Check out pics! Promise to get better ones up! Still can't remove garment until 48 hrs!!
Backscratchers the best invention EVER! stay up on bromelin, arnicare (pills, gel, cream), painkillers and antibiotics. Butt is hard as crap but that's to be expected. Being in the garment SUCKS so bad! Use the arnica gel to relive pain and swelling from surgery and garment trauma. Drink maddddd water! Don't skip this! It seems to all play a role in speedy recovery time.

Day 2 post op!! Feeling amazing!!

Ladies- I have no regrets!! My body looks amazing already!! Dr De Vecchio is a miracle worker!! There is a scoop in my back before the bubble butt starts which is exactly what I wanted!!
I had some "rib roll" fat which is ungodly fat roll under the breast that he lipo'd out for me.
My butt is huge cause it was 2700 cc..... Before and afters are mind blowing!! I promise to get photos of me standing in a thong and put the Side by side the before ones.

He must be great at what he does cause so far I've had zero complications, pretty mild and tolerable pain and a behind that makes everyone say DANNNNNG!!
Dr Delvecchio knows I'm returning for my TT in 4 months so he sucked ALL MY ABDOMEN FAT which means it's more sagging and hanging than ever. If you weren't an obese girl like I was then you many not have that problem. My front is gonna look sagging and hanging until he can medically clear me for TT.
That's brotha is a bad dude!! I swear he's a magician!

Please be mindful these are not the best pics-- I'm pretty badly bruised and somehow managed to take most of these myself!
Keep checking back for updates about how the artists work is being sculpted!!
Thanks for the love and support!

Loving my post op butt!

Ummmmm friend just took this. They are all like WOW!!!! These results are crazy!!!

Post op follow up tomorrow

Yo! I have never been out of a garment since surgery (and I have 4) for more than a combined 30 or so minutes maybe!
Just took a photo to update but this particular garments a mess as my 2700 CCs needed more room and I was fatigued so I just cut it haphazardly while it was on me!!
I love my new curves!!! Still very bruised (hence photo) and still very extremely swollen especially the abdomen (I think he went thru my belly button) and the pelvic region. There may be some fluid and he many recommend massages. I see him in bean town tomorrow! I'm happy to see him! He's changed my life w his artistic ability! I've got cakesssssssssssss
Do not sleep on Dr D! That high price tag comes w some no mess skills! Everybody on his team is legit! The hospital were some of the most some of the most amazing and attentive, caring ppl ever!
Keep ya posted chicas!


Update: here's me currently
Coming along well. (:

Bbl happiness!

There really isn't pain in my butt per se- my abdomen because of my fabulous doctors aggressive lip. Lower back still hurts because it took massive work to arch this flat back.
I do wake up in the morning hurting still --- but baby when you look in the mirror it's worth it.
I've gotten a lot of compliments wherever I go.
I'm still VERY swollen in the abdomen and pelvic (Virgina) region.
I change garments daily and never skip a day without one. I have been out of my garment on 2 occasions for a total of 2 hrs each time- for diff reasons but it felt so good!!
For itching I use Benadryl. For pain I'm on again off again narcotics- but when it gets bad I take them.
Still need laxatives to be regulated and lots of water.
Roughly 2-3 weeks before I can return to the gym.
Have formed relationships with other girls who are contemplative about a choice to go to delvecchio, went to him, or are scheduled to go........ Girls you won't regret going to Daniel delvecchio. My body is bangin and I didn't even get my TT yet. I would recommend family, friends, anyone and anyone. He has an eye for excellence and precision and a vision for your body that will blow your mind. He gives excellent care!!
Blessings ladies!

BBL = happiness

I'm roughly 17 days post op- things have gone terrific. Still swollen and bruised from the aggressive lipo, but when you look the way I do- you just press through. (:
Here's some recents. Me trying on dresses for NYE.

Shout out to Dr Delvecchio! He's the real MVP!

Bbl photos

Here's the pics- sorry!
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Delvecchio was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing him again as needed. His staff (namely Jovanica) are courteous and professional. I knew I was in good hands when I observed his work on social media (Instagram). After meeting him I got the feeling he is a busy man, meanwhile immediately knew he knows his job. His level of skill and quality care always put me at ease. He has the best location, fine hospital affiliation and altogether provided an enjoyable and easy experience. My treatment plan made me feel like I'd been set up for success and so far my outcomes have possibly exceeded my wildest expectations. He was brutally honest which helped keep my goals and vision for my body realistic. He gave me faith to observe and learn that plastic surgery is where medical science meets art. His artistic ability molded and sculpted me like a master potter and provided me a posterior I've only dreamt about. His work has possibly forever enhanced my life for the positive. He is worth every single penny of his going rate. I have no regrets about choosing him and look forward to providing a recommendation to anyone needing future work done. Dr D likely will be a family name for cosmetic surgery in my household and among family/friends for years to come.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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