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So my surgery is end of July because I can not...

So my surgery is end of July because I can not smoke cigarettes for 4 weeks before the surgery, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time, I haven't spoke to Dr. Ortega Ive only emailed and spoke to the Assistant however she has made me feel very comfortable and assure everything will be fine. I just booked my flight to Miami Fl, Im coming from Atlanta Ga. I will post before and after pictures once I have my surgery! Thank you for this opportunity, I like the skin I'm in already but after this surgery I know I will love it!

different doctor

so I just made my 500 deposit with spectrum aesthetics the assistant I've been emailing and speaking on the phone with is Liz she is great. I thought my doctor was going to be with Ortega but she said it is with Dr. Alvarez I have been trying to see his reviews but not sure if Ive been reading the write reviews because the only Alvarez doctor is located at a different location in miami, however I did find some reviews on spectrum, it was 50/50 on good and bad reviews… I read one review where the doctor lost his license before, Im really hoping it is not the doctor they are assigning me to, but one review said alvarez is good, so I'm kind of getting iffy about this, I emailed liz to find out his real self link so that I'm not getting worked up for no reason, I did find there IG page but Dr.alvarez is not listed in none of their pictures only ortega and rami now their work is beautiful I would love to have them do my BBL… but just waiting on liz to let me know his IG or real self… just thought id ad a update I have also uploaded pictures of my before pictures and my wish pictures. the assistant stated that i need to gain 5-10 more pounds lol

my real pictures before surgery

these are my actual pictures i took for the doctor a couple days ago. before surgery pics

wish pictures

these are my wish pictures even tho I doubt it will turn out like this but thats what wishing is for lol

50/50 on These Reviews

seeing some of these reviews got me scared to use spectrum or alvarez
lol, but then some of the reviews make me want me to go thru with
alvarez bbl surgery, I went thru spectrum and thought I was with Dr.
Ortega but then they switched it to Alvarez without informing me, I
actually had to ask who my doctor is just to make sure, so I asked for
some info on Alvarez such as his IG or real self since I did not know
his first name, when they replied back they said yea thats him, nothing
else smh…. Im trying to see more of his BBL work since thats what I am
getting done, Spectrum told me that I needed to gain weight about 5-10
more pounds off of my pictures (remind you they have not seen me in
person) but Im starting to think that I should just stay the way I am Im
already 177 lbs I already paid my 500 deposit and I already have the
rest of the 4000 but I don't want to pay it until I actually get there
or at least speak to the doctor himself to make sure he knows that He
has an appt with me and my sis on the same date both for BBL, because
Ive seen reviews where spectrum has been canceling women's appts after
they have already booked their flights and hotels and paid them in full
for the BBL… there is not a lot of pictures of his BBL work from his
sites and from the patients, I will definitely be posting mine after it
is done, Ive seen pictures and comments where he doesn't really give
women the hour glass shape but he does make sure you have a booty for
the most part… Hips is major to me, I really want hips hahaha however
the women that have went thru him look gorgeous so he def does great
work.… I have emailed alvarez private office myself to get more info and
its been 3 days and no reply back…. hmmmmm… scratches head….
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