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Hello everyone I am so excited. I have always...

Hello everyone I am so excited. I have always struggled with my body shape and finally my life is about to change! I am scheduled with dr Sergio Alvarez in spectrum aesthetics on Wednesday the 30 of this month I will post pictures of how I look soon before and after. I heard good things about this doctor he worked with celebrities and he's young. Pray for me!! Lol is anyone going there on that week so we can meet up! Thanks;)


I have a big belly but is not showing too much I weigh 150 pounds .. Being a single mother n going to school full time there's no time to work out I'm so excited for this surgery

4 days left

Omg so 4 days till my bbl surgery I am so nervous and excited I really wish for good results I want a nice body:(

changed the doctor

okay so they changed the doctor cause alvarez wont be there so ortega doing it for me which im so happy about because he is great!!! im having surgery at 2 today im so nevouse!!!

Spectrum aesthetics with dr Ortega

So it's been 10 days now and I'm still swollen but not too much pain just a little.. The reason why I said I had a bad expierence was when I got there they were rushing me I couldn't ask all the questions I had and the assistant was very rude and she didn't speak any English n kept speaking in Spanish n I couldn't understand her my friend was there and he could understand so I'm thankful for him,, then she says to take off my clothes Infront of my friend so I had to tell him to leave the room .. she didn't care about my privacy at all n all she did was tell me to sign n snatch the pen from my hand each time I wanted to smack her so bad. So unprofessional .. It's okay to speak your language but not with your none speaking Spanish PATIENT!! Ugh then when it was all done I woke up freezing crying and shaking from the anesthesia and the nurse rushed me out and said I had to go home cause their closing .. On the way to the car on the wheelchair I'm crying in so much pain, emotionally hurt too because i couldn't even recover a little in there.. The nurse showed no empathy she said I was a baby 21 n spoiled... What? Bitch I know what pain is I gave birth, I was physically n emotionally abused I had a rough childhood... N u tell me I'm just a baby n spoiled cause I'm crying and in pain.. Wow she didn't even wait till I was in the car and safe my uber n friend helped me get in....I know they are busy and get a lot of patients but to treat your patient that just spent all her hard working money like that.. I don't recommend anyone going to spectrum aesthetics .. Please save your money and go somewhere where they treat you like a human ... Not somewhere cheap so there rushing and making mistakes. As of my results my butt deff got smaller but it still look better than before I will post pictures when The swollen goes away cause that's the real results. :)

No butt

I lost my butt. I regret doing it.. My butt was huge after the surgery but it all went away. Don't do it u want a bigger butt get implants their permenant .. Still in pain in my stomach and it's been a month and a half :(
Doral Plastic Surgeon

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