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After much thought I decided to post a review on...

After much thought I decided to post a review on my process and upcoming procedure. This site and all the supportive and informative honest ladies is what made me decide because I have spent a lot of time reading your individual post. I've decided to go with Dr. Hassan at Vanity in Miami. I will be posting my experience up till October and after along with pictures.

Ready to see Dr. Hasan Oct. date & Flight booked!

It seems like time is flying by . I put down a deposit and right now I've been working out and trying to lock down my accomadations for sx stay. I notice a lot of people going home quickly , so any comments on travel time would be helpful! I have read not so good things of Vanitys RH, but for the convienence of it it is still being considered but I am a picky girl and stay at great hotels usually when I travel so I'm not sure what to do. Help me!! Lol

Stats + Before Pics

Im 155lb 5'6 looking for other RS girls with similar build. Im pretty active and started hitting the gym more frequently recently to tone up and see if I could lose about 10 pounds before. Im looking for more a contoured shape and a smooth back ugh . Thats my problem area and everyone just says workout but it never changes and I just want to wear a dress and not feel fat rolling over my bra lol. I spent some time yesterday planning a list of supplies and trying narrow what i need to take vs after care needs . I think I found some good needed items and today I randomly found a small memory foam pillow at Ross , whoop!!...must be a sign huh lol.
I come to see after care is very important for maximum results so Im kinda glad I'm doing this going into fall so I wont be as tempted to not wear a faja. Anyone know what size I need id like the blk one because i don't want to be all bloody. 8 weeks to go!
Omg so many questions !!

Bigger Butts more Fun?

I swear my new bod is all I think about. I was watching the kardashians today and seems Kim and Khloes ass just get bigger n bigger. A lot of RS girl talk about "Booty Greed" , omg I hope I'm satisfied with mine shape. I hope I don't get a shelf or look cartoony I hope it's subtle . Everyone says Hasan doesn't "do" wish pics. Wish pics are fun aren't they though! I prefer a small waist .
I was thinking Bout reactions I will receive and how will I handle it , will I want bigger , does it shrink over time?
I'm kinda antisocial lol maybe big asses are like being Blonde ... More Fun?

Getting Prepared time is Ticking!

Ok so I cannot believe the time is flying by the way it is. Im steady work out 3 days a week will most likely cut carbs this month. I have my date confirmed and working on supplies which I will put final list before I travel. I just buy things here and there. Today I tried on my faja which I found on Ebay same style but wanted black to not be bloody mess. I called vanity and they removed off my invoice ! My coordinated recommended I buy two , for in between washes. I will buy smaller because I buy 38/l and fits well now in legs and butt but big on waist and back . Which is good for post surgery first few days of after with swelling and foams I bought. Im gonna order a M and a waist cincher this week. Any suggestions on waist shapers and when to start wearing it I though maybe 2 weeks and I will be wear a compression band over my garment that I found online. I care my about contour results not really worried about my butt but bbl includes all my areas so i say make sense. I wear my faja today its so comfortable and lift my butt good I almost changed my mind about surgery -----joke! Cant wear fajas poolside!

4 week Pre Op Paid in full dr. Hassan

So countdown is ticking away quickly . I'm gathering supplies and dreaming of all the clothes that will fit me better! I finished paying Vanity and everything is set I bought extra longer fajas because I added my inner thighs. Thinking about buying one of these to sit in to give stomach rest. Clever or Nah?

Pics because I'm up late

Played with stimulator saw on a RS page & loving bella_stella recent Hasan doll , exactly why I picked Hasan.

17 days until surgery! Labs before?

Im really ready ladies! I have pretty much all supplies and will post a final list at later time. I went to to try & get labs done before going . Vanity say i can do day before surgery soon as i land but i want to be clear . They say i needed specific codes so i emailed my coordinator for that. I rented s car today also : ) Anyone have labwork done day before surgery? After all its included but makes me nervous not knowing : /

Hasanified in 5 days OMG unreal!

I'm so ready girls , just getting ready to pack so I'm making sure I pack comfy clothing and everything I need . Although this is surgery and recovery no easy I am looking forward to sleeping and doing nothing for 10 days. Got my preop instructions today. Wish me luck!

I made it bbl today with Hasan, Miami.

Just wanted to let you ladies know! My surgery went fine as scheduled , I know many of you were supporting me , thank you for you support. Surgery felt fast, pain is bearable def less than I imagined. I feel stiff and like a big boulder . I happy to have my sister here to care for me , can't imagine being alone. I get very dizzy when I stand for too long so I go bathroom on my thighs and lay again. I'm stuffed with padding to catch bloods n fluids , changing pads now . My sister says I look good , I see that booty back there lol. Will update in next couple days will try for pic then.

Post op pics

I have alot of padding so that is the lumps n bulges . Followup at 10am . Ladies by water proof pads to lay on especially for Hasan who does not use drains. Im laying on a shower curtain covered with pads and pillows are also covered and taped down w them. If u cannot find n to save these pads are same as doggie pee pads. I would say most important items to have and set up before will help.

1st Shower Pics 2day Post Hasan

Hi ladies , today is day 2 after my Bbl w Hasan. I was able to shower so was first time I could see myself really. I glad to have the shape I asked for and in my consult I showed him my wish pic of a heart-shaped booty and i say to him i want proportion most of all . Im happy with my body and i cant wait to heal. Showered today and put arnica gel , foams and ab board in my faja. Feel free to ask any question regarding my surgery. ????

3 day post Hasan Messages & Diet

Hey dolls I was due to go in for my messages and we went to hear that Hasan wanted me to wait until Tues.... Sure he did is what I was thinking and why wasn't I called instead of having me take a ride there, thank God I'm close! So going forward I will call to confirm any of my appointments. I was actually relieved though I am very nervous to have one . When my sister takes off my faja to clean and check me and adjust foams it's hell and even with my medication my skin is so tender , sensation is hot, tingly and super uncomfortable. : ( I am so scarred of message , I have stopped bleeding so I hear message drains fluid and feels better but I can't imagine anything but pain!! If anybody can tell me their experience would appreciate it ; )
Oh so here is what I eating pretty much which is pretty much how I eat normally. I do have a better appetite today and less dehydrated than the 1st few days , I had bm yesterday and today on my own btw. I hold my self up on my hands to use restroom , I suggest letting some weights upper body strength is a must for recover! Lol

1st massage Day 4 post Hasan feeling better: )

Hi all I just wanted to update you on today I was nervous for massage and I went and feel better after. It did hurt so I recomend to breath and bring headphones , before I felt so tight and achy especially in my back. If you pay for your massages make sure they schedule you because pay for 5 and didnt have any scheduled until today and have to do them super early now. Blanca massage me and was very nice and built up the massage i cant wait for another! There were alot of fisher girls there today and everyone complimented my attire I wear big gown look like an idian princess. You cannot see nothing and pulls on over my head . Buy at ross like a moo moo very chic one size fits all gift from my mother. If you wear regular clothing you look like a stuffed turkey lol. Here are pics from yesterday. Day 3 I wish my butt would hurry n shrink : ( its too big i dont like it.

Pics : shall I explain

My husband was the reason my pics had to be deleted he saw that someone left a comment saying the met me and he couldn't understand because I didn't have my face posted as we agreed and blah blah so to keep the peace and to keep my privacy I decided to take my photos down. But girls I will repost or create a new review don't worry and hopefully I can remain anonymous online.
So I gonna post pics hopefully you saw me day 4 pics feeling better today day 5 had a message but I am thinking that need to drain my back before traveling. Anyone have fluid with no drains need draining , my massage lady says it doesn't seem like I would but I feel full of hot liquid on my back : (

Vedette 929 for less than Vanity $85.00

Vanity charges 120.00 for it. I used size large in black so I didn't have to worry about blood stains : ) and vanity only has nude. I actually wore it before surgery it's comfy and lifts really well lol.
I'm 5'6 150 it was a little loose on me so perfect after surgery when you gotta add foams and board.

Rollercoaster 9 day Post op pics

I'm not a happy to still have so much discomfort : (
One minute feels like your skin. Is burning from the inside and tearing , next I feel like a walking water bed. I'm drinking a lot of fluid but still have fluid they say just be patient I know I'm the only one that hears it. . This process is taking a toll it's def a roller coaster. My butt is still too big for my liking, most of it is swelling because I'm completely numb from the back. Sleep is fine but not for long unless you want to feel like a million hot fire needles inside of you. I wake up every 3 hours and walk and drink water to AVOID pain that is unavoidable.
I know one day I will say oh like so far back and happy with my body but so uncomfortable, one min I need double compression then I need less, I'm most comfortable with my foams on and board . So I basically look ridiculous to leave out house like that so in ill stay! Sorry to be a bummer I am still happy to do it but never thought it would turn out to be a never ending rollercoaster.

Before /Afters Hasanified : )

Miami Physician

I am happy with my decision to have this procedure and with Dr. Hasan. I believe he is great at sculpting and provides you with honest professional expectations. The center is extremely busy, clean and bright. Although the staff is friendly & knowledgable they are sometimes not all on the same page. If you want a babysitter to hold your hand throughout the process Vanity will may not be for you, but the pricing and skilled work is worth the trade. I will recommend Hasan highly and use him again.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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