Excited to Be a Blinski Doll - Miami, FL

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After 2 years of searching and reading reviews on...

After 2 years of searching and reading reviews on realself, I decided to go with Dr. Blinski. I am super nervous but I cannot wait to have my dream booty. From the reviews and pictures on Instagram, his patients look natural and their healing process was very good. His staff is amazing and they have answered all of my questions to put me at ease. I've never had surgery before so this will definitely be a journey. December cannot come fast enough.

Wish Pics

Time is slowly ticking by. I cannot wait until December gets here. Does anyone have any recommendations for a nurse to look after me for the first 2 days?

Countdown until I am bootylicious

I am so excited! 52 days away from meeting Dr. Blinski and having my dream booty. I've decided to stay at Miami Escape for 6 days and then fly back home. Wondering what items I should take with me.

24 days till I'm a Blinski doll

I'm so excited but I'm so nervous. 24 days from surgery!!! Everything is booked and paid for. I will be staying at Miami escape and Dani has been awesome with answering all of my questions. I'm wondering what items I should bring to Miami and what clothes to bring. Any input would be awesome and greatly appreciated dolls.

I'm in Miami!

Ok so now my nerves are kicking in. Im starting to get a lil nervous. I just had my preop with Dr. Blinski and I will have my surgery tomorrow morning. He is so nice and he answered all of my questions. I am staying at Miami Escape. The house is beautiful and Dani and Brenda are amazing. Countdown until tomorrow ????. Wish me luck bbl dolls.

8 days post op

Hello dolls. I do apologize for the long wait but I am now 8 days post op. Dr. Blinski is amazing at what he does. His staff was amazing and made me feel very comfortable. Recovery has been good but difficult. Never knew how much I would miss sitting. Here is my pic after surgery. I will post more as I heal.

5 weeks postop

Hi everyone! Still loving my results even though I did lose an inch around my booty. Waist is still shrinking so I'm measuring at 31 for my waist, 43 around my booty. I plan on beginning my workout next week to work on toning my arms. Will post tummy picture after my next massage. I was planning on getting a massage today but had to cancel due to being sick with a 101° fever.
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