2 weeks post op - mendieta - w/ pics - so sad :(

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Okay ladies, I'm setting up everything as I write...

Okay ladies, I'm setting up everything as I write this, I haven't decided if i'm going to post pictures, i have a curvy body already so i'm so excited to see what kind of magic he really does! I'm out of state so I know i'll be paying for hotels & plane tickets but this is life changing so it's definitely worth it!

Little about myself, I'm 24 years old, been thinking about this surgery since I was 19 and although I always thought about going overseas I realized soon enough that I'd rather spend the extra cash. I know the surgery is 9850 but I expect a minimum of 4gs over the actual amount, hoping to get nice but not too expensive rooms. I wanted to ask though, what should I expect besides pain. I know costs go into body garments and a test for all my bloodwork and whatnot. I'm excited and nervous. I currently weigh 160 but I'm trying to be 145 for my surgery, I'm 5'4 so I'm small, I'd rather have a smaller frame. Losing my weight definitely, I hope he has availability for the summer, the faster I can bat this surgery out while I have the cash, the better it is for me! Please share your stories ladies! I promise to update soon as I get an official date.

Fingers Crossed BBL Mendieta

Figures crossed. Soon as I get an email ill know if my date is still available! I'm so excited!

Waiting for my clearance!

Hey girls! Wednesday ill know for sure if it's a go! Ill post pictures soon! Can't wait!! Fingers crossed!!

Mendieta in a week!

Okay so this is officially happening. Medical clearance, hotel, flights, down payment. I am so beyond excited right now. I want to post pictures later, ill definitely be going into extreme detail of how the process is to help you ladies.

My birthday!

Just turned 25! So excited for this, biggest birthday to myself!

4th day post op w/ Dr Mendieta!

Hi ladies, okay, so I am psyched to tell anyone that needs advice what i went through, still pretty sore. This pain is not to be under estimated, any questions you have feel free. I'm a little shy but I do want to post pictures, my results are outstanding, i may just be even curvier than a kardashian. my butt.. still working on seeing if i'm satisifed with the size & projection but I hope that will all work out, still planning on losing 10-15lbs once I heal, wanna be a skinny minnie with a booty. Let me know if you guys have any questions.

Clearly 1020ccs is not enough :(

Okay ladies.. so I'm trying sooooo hard to be optimistic but it's only 2 weeks post op & I basically have NO projection. None. They said they gave me 1020ccs, I asked for my butt to be a little smaller than kim kardashian's & I showed up pictures with projection. Oh yes.. projection & I even used the word & I'm an optimistic person but this is killing me. It's SOOOOO far from what I wanted. Sooo soooo sooo far not even slightly close, I don't see that much of a difference between me & my previous butt. I'm hoping, actually emailed like a bagillion vets.. is this fluffing thing real? This thing needs to fluff :( ASAP! Lmao I'm just so sad, I hate wining but it's honestly breaking my heart because if I knew this I would have told him to make it huge so that it would have even been on the bigger side.

I'm so sadd :(

Pictures finally of my butt :( sad sad sad.. 1020ccs where?? & I can't find a good enough before pic but I wasn't that flat.. I was a little smaller.

Another pic!

Idk why it looks so lumpy in pics but it really isn't like that in person. This is my butt's "projection" at 2 weeks. I wanna cry :(

Another pic in garment.

Feeling better :)

Okay so comparing my pictures from my preop, I honestly look 150x better. I'm gonna post some of my body & my booty does look much bigger than those pics. I think I just saw those pictures & honestly had a serious breakdown. I'll post more! Thank you guys for all your sweet words.

Something strange..

Okay so I noticed something, I got a call from mendieta's office & they were just checking up on how I was feeling. We talked & I figured I'd bring up the fluffing since I'm still pretty sad about my butt still (this emotional roller coaster is real) & the nurse dodged my question. Like literally answered my question in a completely different way. I even asked her "is it true or possible people fluff, get rounder & fuller" she legit again dodge my question which then obviously made me feel even more paranoid & crappy. Ugh guys it's hard but I'm sucking it up & waiting for the 3-6 month mark. I just prayyyyy this thing rounds out. Sadly a round 2 just isn't in the financial cards for me :(
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