Want nice Flat Stomach and Bootay projection/ changed to Dr. Mel Ortega

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Hi ladies , i am 28 yrs old never had kids, just...

Hi ladies , i am 28 yrs old never had kids, just had my BA done in Dec 1 , 2015. I need the rest of the body to match my new boobies , and be beach ready since i do live in Florida :) I had to think long and hard about this one , went to meet few doctors and Osak really made me feel comfortable and he answered all my questions without rushing me . He was very real with me. I was also going to meet with 'Dr. Miami' but he was booked for few months, and i want to start this journey soon because i want to enjoy the summer months .. hopefully i made a good decision going with Osak ... I read few reviews of the ladies that had some infections etc , i really hope something like this doesn't happen but also i know its the way you take care of yourself after etc which i am a clean/neat freak so hopefully nothing goes wrong... I am very scared and even thought about cancelling and going au natural by hitting the gym hard but the gym won't give me that botay i been wanting ... After that i plan to keep it up by doing weights, squats and i eat healthy in general so hopefully my results don't disappear... I really hope he takes all my fat from stomach away and gives me FLAT stomach....
Most of my fat is around my mid section which seems to take a loooong time going away even when i was working out .... Another reason i am ready for this..
When i met Osak i thought he would tell me to gain few pounds but i guess i have enough fat to work with LOL...
Any Osak Dolls or any other tips or suggestions i should know about would be much appreciated :) I have to find a supply list of what i will need because i have no clue yet.. I have seen ladies buying Faja' but that will be included for me so i don't think i need another one or do i.. Sending much love

Pre Op Vitamins , Iron??

Did anyone start taking Iron supplements before bbl and if so how much? My iron is usually low


I need the rest of my body to match the girls :)

Second guessing... yup

Hmmm... been sitting here thinking if i should write or not ,,, been thinking to cancel this!! Im still unsure going back and forth ... I finally decided to tell 2 ppl closest to me and their response was kinda what i expected but still brought me down.. Kept asking me why do i want to do this i am very beautiful now my body is nice why do such unhealthy thing to my body while i am so young , thinking i have low self esteem etc all that :/ like i need help or something ,,, i don't know how to deal with it ,, i know they love me and want the best for me i think they just don't understand cause not everyone is familiar with these procedures thinking its a huge deal ,, maybe it is?! Been also reading ppl getting infections with Osak as well so i don't know i am so torn don't know what to do.. If its like that i don't wanna risk my life I don't know so confused Lord help me,, ahh..





Dr OSAK Licence suspended?!:o

I have to find out if this is true and why wow!!


Switching to DR. Llorente Orlando /// Mel Ortega wow this is crazy!! Osak pls come back!

This is crazy i feel like i am lost not sure even what to think... Since Osak licence got suspended they are switching people either with Llorente or Mel Ortega!!! My coordinator suggested that i go with Llorente because he is good with lower BMI's , she even suggested him when i went in for consult with Osak but i was set on Osak ... She said Mel Ortega is good on higher BMI so she wouldn't go for him if she was me. I asked does she know when this will resolve with Osak she said she had no clue probably within few months like later this year because they have to go through all the legal stuff and who knows many he doesn't win! Even tough i am upset cause i really wanted him because of his work and i met him in person and we talked and he explained everything to me in details and i felt comfortable... so now this really sucks.. For me i live 45 minutes from Miami (north) so for me its not as bad as for someone who had to buy plain tickets, hotels, all that stuff I really feel for you all i would be way more upset i can't imagine that :/
So now i am searching on Orlando's work i found some but can't see many i heard he is aggressive with lipo but not much projection with the booty?? If anyone can point me anywhere to see more feel free to let me know or had surgery done with him ,, thanks xoxo good luck ladies

Do you recommend DR. Llorente Orlando?? Pls let me know if you had anything with him and your exp

I am looking to switch to him but don't know much and heaven't seen many bbl's with him pls let me know if you have anything done with him <3

Just got my labs done!!! 26 more days!!

Hopefully they come out good... i take multi vitamin every day that has iron in it as well so lets see what happens! My coordinator said i might be able to get an earlier date cause few ppl cancel at the last minute or their labs aren't good soo let's see!! I hope Llorente is good ! I am meeting him tomorrow!!

I met Dr. Llorente and it's not good :/ Ahhhh.... Is Mel Ortega good ladies? For Aggressive lipo and projection?!

Hi ladies, so i went this afternoon to meet Dr. Orlando Llorente and i feel so down :( ... He kept the answers very minimal and short i got no reassurance whatsoever .. I asked him if he would take all my abdominal fat or just enough to do the bbl he said 'it will certainly be better than it is now' :( I didn't like that at all when my main concern is that area ... he was nothing like Osak absolutely nothing like him ... i also said i wanted projection and he didn't really have much to say on it and kept asking me if i have more q for him ( he was in rush) , totally different than what Osak said to me and made me feel comfortable and reassured.. this really stinks :(
I didn't feel that he was interested in me what i wanted etc and so i didn't feel safe and comfortable to go with him at all i wish this experience was diff... i really wanted to like him and feel good in his hands since i already paid my deposit and everything ... Maybe i shouldn't have even went i don't know :(... I can't wait to talk to my coordinator and tell her how it went because she is the one who recommended him in the first place . If i had 6 grand i would go with Dr. Ghurani in a second but because i already had my BA (with him) and paid cash i don't want to pay another 6 for another procedure right after i feel like its too much .. i need some savings...lol
I am meeting Dr. Ortega on Thursday morning lets see how that goes if not i think i will just forget about this whole thing & just hit the gym hard and get a nice and fit butt i mean its nice but i wanted a diff look ..Projection.... this sucks :( i feel so disappointed and down... I am going to go research Mel Ortega's work soon...

So... I switched to MEL ORTEGA !! Meeting him this Thursday! If you want to switch dates pls let me know!

I got the date for MAY 18!! That's too far for me but i guess it's either that or nothing. If anyone wants to change the dates let me know i am very flexible! <3

Instagram account!!

Follow me on here ! Thanks to my girl 85south85 for suggestion , so much more info and pics !

Met Ortega today!!! Changed to MARCH 11 :ooo

He is super nice and very professional so knowledgeable!!!! Amazing!! He took his time examined me gave me a nice visual that i needed answered all my questions and more! I am so impressed ! I can honestly say i feel comfortable going with him and i also had a dream so maybe thats a sign lol I told him he looks different in person than in pictures , he lost so much weight :) My Llorente and Ortega experience was like night and day , and I'm not meaning to say anything bad about Llorente he just wasn't for me I'm sure he has good work as well.. Ok i heaven't slept last night and now i want to nap but I'm so excited i can't sleep lol my mind is shutting down so i better stop writing lol
But am i glad i got him , and i changed the date to March 11 instead of the one in May ,, someone worked their magic :) so excited :D

GOT CLEARED!!! Hemo very high!!!!

My hemo is almost 14!!! Here we go this Friday coming up so soon!
Evelyn said my hemo is so high he can take out a lot of fat wohoo :)
I used super absorbent whole food vitamins its exp but so worth it here is link if anyone is interested :)

Also Now Dr. Ortega requires a ekg test i think thats the spelling! Its a heart test that monitors your heart beat .. so i am going 2 days before the sx in their office to do it and make my final payment :)
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