Embarking on another adventure this time W/Dr Mallol

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Just turned 38 and I am not looking forward to...

Just turned 38 and I am not looking forward to turning 40 looking like life ran me over. So I am deciding to get BBL, to have my thigh, back, arms, waist, liposuction and few other areas along with a chin lipo.
I am excited and scared at the same time. But I cannot wait to get a new body! Wear 2 pcs bikini, be confident with my naked body, go on cruise etc. just simply live life free and happy!
I have been communicating with Mar Rubio, so far great customer service. I will update after my consultation

Guhrani, Fisher or Llorente

Not sure who to go with. This is not my first rodeo. I have been taking care of BBL, MMO Dolls, giving lymphatic massages etc. Now its my turn and I have no clue who to go to!!!!.
I definitely booked Extended stay America for my recovery. and will be hiring a private nurse. New Life gave me a great deal with Anita's Recovery house, now if they throw in massages. I will probably go there instead. Has any one stayed there before? how many girls are there?

After much research & profile stalking....Decided to Go to Dominican Republic.

I will be going to Dominican Republic in Feb. I really do not have time to waste on these doctors here, doing half jobs, so you can keep coming back to them.
I finally got a quote from Dr Emanuel Mallol. knocks New life wayyyy out!
Being in the healthcare biz, I choose the Premium package of course. Although the price was great, but there is no point trying to go too...cheap....I need pampered to the Max...it's my turn...lol.
sooooo excited! plus I know they will recommend to fix my not so breast reduction...so I will surely be holding extra cash just incase.
uggghhh...I should have done this in the first place when I had my half ass mommy makeover.
I will be making my deposit as soon as I finish researching their recovery house.

Recovery House in Dominican Republic

Does anyone have recommendations for Recovery House in DR.....I just want to look at all my options, B4 I settle with the one that is included in my package. I need one with beach front and massages and food and transportation.

...........Please any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

I found a DR Recovery house! :)

I just got back from Dominican Republic, Caring for one of my Elite Client that got BBL and Arm Liposuction. We stayed at Paradise Recovery house. The place, atmosphere, neighborhood, and foods are great! muy bien. I will be staying there when i get my surgery. You all know I had to investigate for myself b4 I stay anywhere.

The only thing I recommend is to definitely look into hiring your own personal nurse for at least the 2nd - 3rd that you are in serious pain, very cheap like $50-70 per day (NOT!!! my fee lol, am a board certified military Licensed Paramedic/LPN). The first day you will spend at the hospital so no need. But after that 2-3 days.....you will have to wait forever for your turn to get anything done. you have to remember that you are not the only one recovery in these recovery houses and that you are basically paying for accommodation and full meal. So get your own nurse to cater to every needs while you are in the recovery house and carry her like a purse everywhere you go.

Changing to Dr Emmanuel Mallol

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