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Hi Guys!!! I have wanted this procedure done...

Hi Guys!!! I have wanted this procedure done FOREVER!!! i'm finally ready to do it! Everybody says why you don't need it don't do it its going to be a waste of money - i think otherwise. But i always wonder What happens if you get it & you start working out afterwards or start loosing weight? Has anyone had any real issues with loosing their butt after. I'm 5'5, 130LBS, i really don't have a lot of fat to begin with dr suggested i gain 15-20lbs! YIKES!!! Its fun eating everything & anything though! lol. I haven't made a deposit yet but I'm 99.9% sure its going to be DR.SALAMA!!! any tips on gaining weight?!? its harder than it sounds :-/

if any of you guys are in the same boat as me as far as height & weight go pls drop me a comment so i can check out your story & see your results

THANKS!!! :):)


been looking at so many reviews now i don't know who to go with!!!!

wish booty

wish hips

duran doll

Leaning more towards Duran. I feel that drsalama doesn't take enough fat and doesn't shape your body aswell as Dr Duran. She emailed me back a couple times but haven't heard back from her for may.15th.2014 surgery date. Anybody travelling to DR mid may????


I'm going to duran!!! i got a quote from her right away (3,500$) but been waiting to confirm surgery date!! ugh i hate that it takes her forever to reply!! waiting 3 days now, messaged her on Facebook, whatsapp & e-mail! ...... everybody wants duran she is probably booked solid. i hope she can squeeze me in mid may!!!

debating ...

debating on staying in toronto & going with dr. martin jugenburg!

anyone go to him??? please post a comment so i can check out your story thanks!!

momma knows!

soo ......i told my mom i was planning to go to DR for the surgery & she FREAKED! My brothers worried sick, they are not havin it. SO to make them happy & more at ease i booked a consul on june23rd with dr.jugenburg in toronto. BUT thats when i wanted to have the surgery done so now considering dr.fisher vs dr. salama! please give me your opinions! share your stories even though i think i have read almost every review on here!! i need to make a final decision & deposit by the end of this month!!! its a must!!!!


im so obsessed with the plastic surgery stimulator!! i hope i can get these results!!




dr fisher it is!!

so I went to see Dr.Jugenburg in Toronto he said that it would completely not be worth it for me to go through with this procedure because of my lack of fat. i disagree. so i have made my final decision to go with dr. fisher!!! making my deposit tomorrow!! :) apparently he is booked up until aug!! was hoping for a sooner date...




finally booked my date! SEPT.9TH!! AHHHHH!!!! 55 days!! LOL

as of right now...

I'm 5'5 133LBS was 130LBS, I gained 3lbs so far lol & have been at this weight for about 3 weeks now!! gaining the weight is harder than i thought!! i want to gain 10-15lbs.

36 days.......


Hoping for these results...

26 days!!!

getting real

i have been waiting years for this!! I'm @ 138lbs. Eating like crazy for the next 9 days, i would just love to gain another 2-5lbs before i go. I can't believe I'm only a week & 2 days away!! Really hoping for lasting results. I have been reading that if you gain wight just for surgery its more likely that the fat cells won't survive although i have seen plenty fisher dolls with very little fat to offer!! Positive Thoughts though lol!! ahhhhh IM SOOOOOO EXCITED! i have been shacked up all summer gaining this weight, tights and loose shirts have been my best friend, i haven't worn a bathing suit once this summer, I can't wait to wear my clothes again & feel good in them!!


everything is paid in full & I'm ready to go!! i gained my 10lbs. going in at 140LBS! leaving for miami on monday! ill be staying in vanity's RH!! JUST 3 more sleeps!! OMG!! so anxious!

MADE IT - tmrw is the day!!!!

Made it to miami! Missed my first flight had to re book with a different airline....350$ later .... Ugh.... Anyway nubia picked me up from the airport took me straight to vanity to get my labs & meet with dr.fisher hes awsome, such a cool guy. He said im going to have awsome results & i have great skin!!! :D YESSSS I'm so happy that I chose him, I'm so happy to be here!!! Surgery is scheduled for 2:00pm tmrw!!!!!! I have seen some great butts here at vanity LIVE! Lol. I'm at the recovery house now. Its nice. It's attached to a horse boarding & training ranch thing so it kinda smells & there's a baby lizard running around the house - love that. Vanity so far has been great, Nubia is awesome love her! I think that's her name? Anywho I'll update tomorrow!!!!! GOODNIGHT!! Tmrw I will be FISHERED!!! Ahhhhhh

no joke

I MADE IT!!!!!! girlfriends this surgery is no joke!!!!!! The pain is so real. If your having this done Brace yourselves. I know it is all worth it but damn.......everybody keeps saying it looks so good. I havent even looked At it yet but I felt it its big & hard!!! I can't stand for more than 2 minutes without feeling Nausea's. I will try to take pics & do more of an update later. Thank u for all your support. xxoxxo

booty pic

Had my first massage a couple hours ago. Ouch!!!!! I took this pic. Its not the best I promise I'll post better ones as soon as I'm up to it. One cheek looks bigger than the other hoping That will change....


feeling tiny bit better.i have to poop tho & i don't know what to do.... i can't get this garment off & on alone

Day 3!

pushin through ... just had my 3rd massage. omg they are painful but make you feel 10000000000 times better!! ahh I'm so happy that the worst is over! i love my new body it beats the old one 100% ...my only issue is that one side seems bigger than the other.. :( i really hope this changes, any ladies have this issue?! i have my post op appointment with doctor fisher on monday! can't wait to seeeeeee him so i can get some details! lol heres some pics of vanitys recovery house & the booty! :) enjoy!! thanks again for all the support!!!

this dress tho.....

this dress was not so cute before, i wish i had before pics in it!! i love my new body!!! :D:D:D:D:D i love dr. fisher! I'm so happppppppppy i did this!!!! i can't wait to wear all my clothes whenever i want and not feel like sponge bob!!! i feel a million times better today by the way!! i just can't wait to be back to normal & i can't wait to he homeeeeee... 3 more days! yay! ....oh and this drain ... want it out ....now!!!! lol


My garment is getting very loose. I bought one off the nurse for 70$ one size down. This morning I decided I was going to have a nice shower took my garment off and got so nauseas omg worst thank god for Nubia (RH coordinator) she was putting ice on me getting me water. Eat! Before ever trying to take that thing off! I learned the hard way. Didn't get a chance to shower & now off to the clinic I go!! Will do a Lil update after :) here's some pics I took before almost passing out! I don't want to loose anymore volume in my hips or butt! Praying I won't!


For all you future BBL patients here's some tips. Sleep with a pillow under ur belly jus bellow ur boobs, put a little padding under ur incision for the drain to rest so it doesn't dig into you while laying on ur stomach. Sitting backwards on the toilet when you gotta go! GATORADE! GET LOTS! I got 4 big bottles it wasn't enough get like 10 lol it will help u. Don't over pack one small duffle bag carry on is all you need. I brought wayyyyyyyyyyy to much. Eat before you take ur garment off to shower or you will probably faint. Get sweet snacks for your recovery. Walk around. Get those massages they help soooooooooooo much. Have lots of baby wipes. & do some pushups before you get this surgery lol ur arms are everything. Good luck to everyone....

My appointment yesterday with fisher was very pointless he came in for like 3 min looked at me said everything looks good and told me come back weds before I catch my flight to take out drain, take pics and have a Lil chat. Will update tomorrow!!! Xx

Home Sweet Home

I made it home!! Got here last night. So happy to be back in my own bed with my cat and dogs lol. I missed them so much!!!! I went to the clinic yesterday got my stitches & drain out, piece of cake! Vanity is going to email me my medical records so I can find out than how many cc's and what not it takes about 4 weeks they said. A lot of ppl are asking about RH I stayed at vanity's its great I highly recommend it I got it in special for 1200$ had to pay extra 360 for the 3 extra nights so 1560$ I think its totally worth it. Vanity is great, Fisher is awesome, RH is excellent & totally worth it. I'll take pics later and post. I just want to be normal!!!!!! I'm so sick of lying on my stomach! Happy to be home though! Plain ride wasn't bad either BTW! Thanks for all the positive feedback! Happy to answer questions xxxx

Pre Op - Day 11 Pics!

My progress from the day before surgery to now! :)


*3 weeks*

I sat a lot today in the car and at a a restaurant kind of regretting it. I'm noticing my butt Is getting softer . One side more than the other. One side is Def bigger than the other. Hips went down a lot . My stomach by my belly button area and bellow is super hard also my sides. Lower back is heeling ok. I had this brilliant idea to cut my stage 2 garment cuz I thought it was to tight on my butt I ended up cutting the whole bottom half thinking I Could just use the top for compression but no bad idea regretting it so much. So now I wear foams board garment & waste cincher on top. Sometimes no board but damn that shit is tight. I seriously am having booty greed i feel like my butt Is shrinking but im finally filling out some of my pants it's a great feeling lol. hoping my butt doesn't go down anymore!! I need to figure out this hardness on my belly and sides. I really hope it goes away. I Def think I need to book some massages. Still sore. I'm going to take my garment tomorrow to see if i can get it taken in! my waist cincher is soooooo tight its making crease on my sides even through the foams.


my upper back bra fat is still there... don't know why but i wish it wasn't. i need to start working out & eating right,,, after my 6 week mark I'm thinking ill start? .....my arms are way to fat for my body lol

almost one month!

So I'm sitting, laying on my back & sides. Booty is getting softer. It doesn't feel as weird to sit and lay on back. I dont know if its the best idea but sinc3 ive been doing that my butt seems more natural and soft & less painful.. Last couple days I've been going out for couple hrs with out garment but definitely need to keep that thing on I get super swollen and sore. My lower back, sides and lower abdomen have some ways to go. Been massaging the lumps myself Def notice an improvement. My butt has gone down. I have major booty greed. My hips are like gone and I want them back lol..... love my new body Just want Moree. Have any of u ladies slept on ur back and sides at 3 weeks. I hope I don't loose anymore volume tho!!!


so looking at these pics i wish he did more of my upper back! i have so much fat still. I've started to eat somewhat healthy so hopefully ill slim down in a bit up there. don't want to loose anymore booty. any exotic dancers know how long till its ok to go back to work!?? i think in 2 weeks ill hit the gym to work on my upper body and slowly work my way down! any questions just ask! happy to help! :):) thanks for all the support!! don't know what i would have done without this website! slightly obbsessed!

before & after!



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