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I've finally gotten my quote from Dr. Perry. He...

I've finally gotten my quote from Dr. Perry. He quoted me 8,200 the areas he suggested I have liposuctioned include the abdomen, back, flanks, arms, inner thighs and KNEES (has anyone had this are done the Knees). I'm a little taken back with the knee region...I'm 5'2 147 pounds. I will be emailing him to set up a phone consult and ask him about this Knee thing hes suggesting.....Time to start saving for my Dream Booty. Good Luck to all the Ladies and Men out there beginning there journey.

SX Date Confirmed March 3, 2014

Here's the scoop thus far; I spoke to Norma expressed to her that I would like to make payments towards my procedure so by the time March rolls around I'll be paid in full (I'm scared of loans ect) she advised that she will open up a file for me with my name height weight address telephone number and will keep track of my payments. Payments can be made with her over the phone the best news for me to hear is its ABSOLUTLY fee free! The minimum deposit I needed to put down was $750 (I put down $2,000). Although Dr.Perry's prices like many others may go up (which is completly normal) my deposit secures the quote he gave me. Also for those who wish to lay-away ya booty like myself Norma is in the office Tuesday and Thursday to process payments any other day she works from home and will not be able to take payments. Also I just received an email from her stating shes mailing the RX's for my pre-op labs which cannot be older than 20 days prior the surgery (mental note taken-CHECK). I have ALOT of planning ahead of me as all the vets know and the untouchables that have started their journey like myself are aware of. I'm overwhelmed with the thought as far as child care I have a 4 year old I'm sure my mom will take good care of her but I haven't told her yet. my family and friends are anti elective surgery of any kind :( I'm going to wait to tell anyone bc I don't need any negativity about my decision. Also, I'm totally open to a buddy or buddies lol. That's it for now.
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