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Hey Everyone, I'm new to the site. Everybody...

Hey Everyone, I'm new to the site. Everybody reviews has been so helpful. My surgery date is Nov 18th with Dr. Valls for an BBL. Have anyone of you ladies been to him for work of any kind?? I don't see much reviews on him. After doing my research I see he closed down his office to incorporate with Vanity.


Hey Ladies, as I get ready to start purchasing the things that I need for my surgery is there any items you ladies suggest I buy before arriving? Or meds I should start taking before I get to Miami

Dr. Valls?

Any ladies had procedures done by Dr. Valls? Do you have any before and after pictures??

Count Down ??

37 more days

It's almost time to go for blood work and heart testing. I'm so excited but nervous and emotional that my results may not come back to good. I been working out, eating healthy, no drinking or smoking, been taking my vitamins and iron. But you just never know when it comes down to the blood stream in your body.

37Days Remaining

Real Self

--I'm so addicted to this site, it's crazy.


So I had one of the worst night mares that I went on for surgery and came out pisseedddd!!! My results was TRASH! I cried so hard y'all.. It was horrible, I don't want this nightmare to become no where near true. I actually woke up crying. My Boyfriend asked me what was wrong I told him just a bad dream, he asked what it was about I told him I didn't much want to talk about it (only because I'm surprising him with my bbl) so he just held me tight and we went back to sleep.


How long did you ladies have to wait until your results came back in???? I'm so anxious to know what's going on... If I get my clearance or if I went wrong some where.

Just 28More Days

It's getting closer and closer to the date, I'm still waiting for my lab results to come back.... Fingers crossed

Working Out

Been making progress, have to get down to 200lbs, currently at 215lbs

Before Pictures

Some pictures before, can't wait for my make over

I can't wait until it's all over

Here's a few more before pictures with no clothes on



Results are in..... I'M CLEARRRR!!!

I was sooooo happy when I received this email today. Now I can finally start all my shopping for my surgery, this is what I was waiting on. I'm sooooo happy!

Vanity, name changed???

Anybody else besides myself notice that Vanity changed their Company name to "Eres Plastic Surgery" it's no longer "Vanity Cosmetic Surgery" hmmmm I wonder "why" and "what's" going on with them??????

Thinking about changing Doctors... Hmmm??

Idk ladies, at first I was sure that I wanted Dr. Valls but now I'm kind of 2nd guessing.... I see recent reviews and most of the ladies have complaints. This makes me wonder if he is just an bad Lipo Doctor over all.... At the same time he is the only doctor that really works with heavy set girls like myself. He accepts your BMI at 35 when most Doctors only accepts 30. If I can get my BMI down I'm changing my Doctor!

GRAND OPENING??? What? Now I'm really confused....

What's really going on at Vanity??? Name changed now they have an whole new Grand opening.... I wonder does this effect future surgery dates!!?

New Body Reveal Gathering?????

Hey Ladies, so I came up with an cute idea. To have an New Body Reveal Dinner, I invited out the most important people in my life as I would like for them to see me first before the world does! I thought this was pretty cool. I'm going to have tons of old pictures posted around for them to get the "Old Me" stuck in there heads, so all they will see is the Old Me until the New Me make My entrance. This was just only right for all my supporters to come out to see me first!

Time is getting NEAR!!

The count down is REAL

Real Self....

So I decided to stay off Real Self for a week, Or I'll TRY to stay off until I'm very close to my sx date... Maaannnn I eat, sleep and Breath "Real Self" like now it's 4:45am and I rolled over to check my Real Self to see if there was any new updates or if I had any messages. LOL! I have to stop this. Until next time you guys.... Xoxoxo

Trying to drop the weight!!

Losing weight is soooo hard, I swear... One of the Dolls just told me that Dr. Valls is a very strict doctor! That's makes me feel safe but scared also at the same time, because I CAN NOT seem to drop this weight off! I been working out and eating right, my surgery is in 2 1/2 weeks and I don't know what to do. I don't want him to tell me that I HAVE to get an tummy tuck because that's not what I would like at all, but the way my body is shaped I kinda figure that's what he is going to suggest. One of the Vall's dolls told me that he wouldn't preform an BBL on a Doll because it wasn't best for her at the moment! This makes me so sad, something major have to happen in the next 2weeks and I mean MAJOR!! I have worked soooo hard LITERALLY to get to where I am now!

Bad News ????

So I went to get My EKG done today. I was told I have an heart defect, the doctor said he don't think it should interfere with my surgery but he also say that he really don't know because he isn't an heart doctor! Man this shit sucks... Waiting to see what Dr. Valls has to say, he may decline my surgery after this.... Everything was going good until this Bs! My feelings are crushed. I'm praying he can still do it.

Ordered My Pillow

I have heard nothing but great reviews, so I didn't mind spending the money ???? plus Dr.Miami recommends this pillow all the time. I wish I had the type of money he's charging to do my surgery. I would definitely be at his work establishment lol

Happy Booty Pillow

I hope it's worth every dollar lol... I'm not doubting it though, I been seeing so many good reviews!

Happy Booty Pillow

I hope it's worth every dollar lol... I'm not doubting it though, I been seeing so many good reviews!

Nervousssss!!! 4days remaining

Hey Ladies, I'll be flying out for Miami in 2 days (this Wednesday) my flight leaves @8:48am I'll be checking in at Claudia's Recovery House the next day since my surgery was pushed back an Day. My surgery is November 18th my original date was the 17th, but I'm not for sure of the time just yet but I'm starting to get goosebumps.

Eres/Vanity or whatever y'all want to call them!

So I received an call today saying that I still owe $500 how when my bank account statement clearly say that I sent an quick pay of 3payments. One which was for $1000 another for $2000 and my last one for $500 so how is that possible??? Then she tried to get me to call my bank on 3way with her. Uh no. So I call my bank and they goes to tell me that Vanity does have my money. The whole $3,500 of it. The Cordinator goes to say that they don't see the $500 no where in their account but before you was just telling me it was pending, oh but now you don't see it. Maaannnn I'm pissed, my surgery is literally in 4days.

Before and After pictures of Tummy Tuck 11/18/2016

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