Dr. Sergio Alvarez ready for my bbl

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Hi everyone, I am 5'0 and weigh 167 pounds. I was...

Hi everyone, I am 5'0 and weigh 167 pounds. I was a little hesitant about doing this review but I figured there's a lot of dolls that would love to know my experience. I have paid my deposit with dr alvarez and now it's a waiting game for me. I'm so excited to finally have my surgery. I'm going to have surgery on October 21. I met with dr Alvarez a couple weeks ago and at that very moment I was convinced that he was the person I needed to do my surgery. I'm starting to create a list of things that I need. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Cleared for surgery

So excited I got my blood work back and I'm cleared for surgery. My cholesterol was high but I'm going to work on cutting sweets and eating less salt. It's so hard to be healthy.

Surgery date changed

So I got a phone call from Lena telling me that they have to reschedule my doctors appointment because my doctor is going to be on tv. I'm really happy for him and I didn't mind moving my appointment. So imstead oct21 it's going to be oct20th. I had to add an extra day to my hotel stay. But I'm pretty excited it's a day earlier. Its like 3 weeks away. I can't believe it's almost show time. I'm going to start ordering my stuff off of Amazon. I just don't know what size faja I'm going to need.

BBL 1 day away with dr Sergio Alvarez

Hi ladies so I didn't sleep last night at All. Everything just started going wrong yesterday like my friend that was suppose to come down with me she had an emergency and she may not be able to make it. I started to think if this surgery is something I shouldn't do. What if this is a sign from God. I don't want my body to be messed up because of a decision I decided to make like this. I know I'm not the only one that's thinking like this. But this morning I woke up and the nerves are still here. I'm really nervous and scared. Hoping these nerves go away soon.

Big day finally here. BBL

Hi loves so through out the struggles I made it. I came in and filled out some paper work. Parking was so bad here but other than that everything's going well. I am extremely nervous but I'm ready to see my results. I will update everyone once Their done with surgery.

The truth about a bbl

Hi ladies, so I'm so happy that I finally got my procedure but I must say I read so many reviews and watched so many YouTube videos. Nothing prepared me for this like I thought it would. For one I went the through dr Alvarez private practice and I had my surgery done at spectrum which was fine. He came out and talked to me before surgery but when I was put to sleep he was not in the room. I didn't mind this but I was so nervous and scared it just would have made me feel more comfortable. After they put me to sleep I woke up in the worst pain of my life. I can handle pain pretty well but this was something I did not expect. Ofcourse i knew it would hurt but not this bad. I was cold and shaking uncontrollably. They gave me some medicine to try and minimize the shaking. It did help a bit but she explained to me that it was normal. Being that I was in so much pain I felt like the nurses where not very tentative. I won't say that they are rude but they seemed really busy. I was really ready to go to my hotel where I knew I would be more comfortable . Standing up was like hell on earth. I couldn't really do it. Also dr Alvarez did not come and see me before I left and after surgery. Which to me really sucked. But again I really didn't need him at this point but no one sent me home with paperwork explaining what to do next. I understand they where super busy but please don't forget about your patients. The car ride to my hotel was rough. I was so thirsty and hungry and I just wanted to take my pain meds which did absolutely nothing for me. Overall my results look amazing my stomach is snatched my hips are so contoured and my butt im praying that it goes down a tad because it's a little on the big booty Judy side. Please ladies I don't want to scare anyone but don't underestimate this pain. I'm praying that it gets better because I can't deal. Also I read a bunch of reviews about spectrum ladies at the front desk are really rude so I went in preparing my s of that they were going to be rude. But no they were super nice. Oh and my ass is so hard like a basketball. I know over time this will change but damn it's hard. Lol let me know if you ladies have any questions. Photos coming soon I can't stand and take any pictures. Just give me a few and I'll post some today.

Day 3

Sorry for the blood. Once I've heeled up a bit I will take better pictures.

Day 4

I feel spit better today. Just a little scarring. I've been using neosporin it's been heeling the scars out a little. I've been getting really bad headaches. My doctor told me that I needed to drink more water. So I've been drinking water like crazy.

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Day 5

So I'm starting to get just a tad bit concerned. Every now and then I get chills that's all over my body. Like I'll be so warm and cozy and as soon as I get from under the cover I'm so cold. Or I'm super hot and sweating. I called my doctor because I don't think this is normal. I know I lost a lot of blood and I may be slightly anemic but this is really starting to worry me. Hopefully ok here from dr Alvarez later this morning. So I will keep you ladies posted.

Day 6

Hi ladies so the reason why I was having chills was a side affect from the anesthesia. Today I have had no chills. So I'm so thankful for that. It's still really hard to sleep during the night. My back hurts at times when I'm sleeping on my stomach. I got up enough strength today and I decided to take some pictures on a dress. lol I just couldn't wait any longer. Thanks ladies for all the support. Please feel free to write me if you have any questions.

2weeks post op

Hi ladies,
So I im so happy I'm closer to 3 weeks because it has been a long journey not being able to lay on my back or sit. But the swelling has gone down a lot. My butt is still just a tad but sore but it's getting better. My stomach is still really sore to touch so I'm hoping that goes away. My stomach is still really tight. It's true you do have your up and down days. I'm so happy with my results. I can't wait until I can stop wearing this faja. It's getting a tad bit annoying wearing it up under my clothing. Btw the more you heal the more you itch really bad. I will keep you guys updated until I get to 3 months.

More pictures.

Doral Plastic Surgeon

He is overly sweet and he makes you feel so comfortable. I am glad that I chose him.

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