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Today I spoke with Shelia and paid for my BBL. She...

Today I spoke with Shelia and paid for my BBL. She is great!! Im now in the process of booking my hotel rooms and paying for my trip to Miami. Ive heard so many great reviews about Miami Vanity!!
I have a look i am trying to achieve im already blessed up top just wasnt so fortunate with the butt area. Ive posted a wish pic. do you guys think its possible? I should have more than enough fat to get the procedure done and gain the fullness im looking for right or nahh? im 5'5 and i weigh 190

Theres been a change in plans...

I recieved an email from my coordinator sheila asking me to call... So i did... For some reason dr salas cant do my sx ... She told me my new dr will be dr. Bass at the same time and date thank god... Unexpected but im okay with it does anyone know how his work is?

Date moved up!!

Sheila called today and asked if i could get my lab/blood work done here in my hometown instead of the 3rd in miami at the center bc they want to push my SX date up to the 3rd instead of the 4th ... I hope my pcp goes for it and has room for me in his sched on such short notice if not ill check labcorps ... Count down continues ladies... 2 days til we hit the road for mia!!!

U wont believe this....

So sheila asked me the day before im leaving to do my lab work in my hometown n have sx clearance faxed to vanity... I did it... However pulling out of labcorps i get pulled over for rushing to get to my daughters school... Taken to jail and they kept me four days i missed my surgery my hotel was already booked and everything i just got home to update u guys im so stressed n scared i lost all my money.... I emailed sheila n told her wat happened n i know ill get a call from her in the morning bc shes been trying to contact me worried about wat happened ... Uuuggghhhh fml frfr... I have the worst luck!!! Ill keep u guys posted .... I still have a flat ass.... On a brighter note the ladies in jail nick named me brazil.... Lol i think we all know why...

Packing for miami!! New sx date!!!

So im all packed up waiting for sheila to call me with fees for recovery home bc i lost my hotel due to no show bc of my minor jail set back....and they are all booked :( but my new date is the 6 th im leaving sc tonite to head to fl... Super nervous... When she calls im asking her if i can do my sx on the 7th instead of the 6 th bc im pushing for time getting my rental to drive there.... I rescheduled my amtrak train ticket with the sleeper car for the 13 th so im good to go for my comfortable return wml u guys !! Photos coming soon!!! # transform stay tuned!!


... Sooo im soooo nervous bc my driver swerving im in no rush cuz we making good time i just wish hed slow down some.... Loud music ... Ughhhh i atleast wanna make it there safe fuk!! .... Im bout to take the wheel n he goin 80.... Ughhhh pray for me yall

Its about to go down!!!

Im all dressed up for surgery and im actually more calm than wat i expected myself to be .... The iv is in and this saline got me cold as hell.... Ten more minutes then bye bye to the old n hello to the new me!! Before pics .... Soooo horrible but watever its all going away in a few


Check out my after photos day of surgery results when swelling drops ima be so thick u guys i love it dr bass is the shit!!! N now so am i super shocked at my results wat do yal think

3 days post op!!

Still a little sore but not nearly as much as the first 2 days my nights were the worst but every day i feel better ... This medication keeps me high but i had to take it wit excedrine extra strength to avoid headaches from the hydro codons ... I walk a lot everyday im shrinking in the waist here are the 3 day post op pics

SoRrY 4 ThE wAiT

My life has changed drastically everything i love my new body i walk with so much more confidence ... I think if i go bk it'll be for a tt i dont need it but its like im so feeling myself a tt would only make my body look better I've been so caught up in being happy i forgot about updating my realself and im so sorry ladies ... Xoxo new pics !!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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