BBL with Dr BBL SX scheduled September 27th!!!! - Minneapolis, MN

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I am scheduled for bbl surgury on Nov 10th 2016...

I am scheduled for bbl surgury on Nov 10th 2016 with Dr. SALAMA.... I was feeling very confident about my decision but then came across many concerning reviews about
1) over aggressive lipo leaving burns and ripples
2) the "dirty diaper" look
I'm also wishing I could see more before and after pics that are 6 months or more post op.
I have considered switching to Dr.Balgobin do to his expertise in lipo and contouring. If anyone has any input on either Dr it would be greatly appreciated.... feeling very anxious about making the right choice

Final Decision!! SX 9-27-2016 Dr. BBL

I have chosen to go with Dr. Balgobin .......I am most worried about ruining other parts of my body just to fix another and I feel Dr Salama would be to aggressive with lipo for me. I was also very un-easy about getting an automated response that looks to be personalized to me but when I got an identical 2nd email because I filled the consultation form out twice and I realized it is sent to everyone with your name added...... I don't think he even looked at the photos I sent....... heres why..... I recently saw my local plastic surgeon (he did my breast aug last year) and he said I don't have enough fat on my back or stomach to get enough for a bbl. Then on Thursday I had a live phone consultation with Dr Balgobin (not a automated email telling me I am a perfect candidate or a coordinator answering my questions) and he expressed the same concerns my local surgeon did. He described my photos and what he could see about my body. He said I would not get the results I am looking for. I asked him if I could gain some weight and he said yes but he would need to review my pictures again before going through with the surgery. So I agreed to gain 10-15 pounds...... very hard for me to mentally be ok with this, I have worked so hard to maintain a healthy weight as Ive gotten older but I feel much better in the hands of Dr. BBl

Gaining Weight for BBL??

Any tips on gaining weight in the healthiest way possible over a 2 month period?


So ever since I made the final decision and paid the deposit I have been having the wildest dreams about the surgury and feeling anxiety while I'm sleeping....uhg

Ordered the Curve Cure BBL Bed Today

Ordered the Curve Cure bbl Bed today..... hope it's worth the pretty Penny it cost ..... I also got the seat cushion as well, I liked how it had a back support so I will be able to lean back...... looked Comfey! I think I'm going to get one of those fold up chairs too and cut the butt out of it..... has anyone else done this?

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