Day 12 Post Op!!! New Pics! & measurements!! NO CC's to post.

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Hi All! I have been STALKING this site every...

Hi All!
I have been STALKING this site every since I decided to have the BBL. It has been a long 8 months but I have finally built enough courage to "just do it". I am 31yo 5'1 146lb, although I don't weight as much...I have it all in the WRONG places! lol. I am scheduled the first week of Nov. with Dr P and I am excited and nervous at the same time. I see A LOT of people on here for Dr. Salma in Miami but I called them and they are booked until July 2013...yeah I'll pass on that one. I see good results from his work but I don't want to await a date so far out I may not see...that's NUTS (IMHO). I can't plan today what I will be doing next month let alone 10 months from now! Any who, I spoke with Dr. P and he is the most soft spoken humble Dr. I have ever met! He went into great detail on what he was going to do, how he was going to do it, and asked if I had any questions for him & my expectations...WOW. This was all over the phone during an iConsult, but I felt like he was right there. He altered my photos while I was on the phone, showed me what he was going to do, and if that was along the lines of what I am looking for. I am doing the BBL special he has for 8k to include a round trip tix up to $500! I am local so I have a $500 discount so for about 8,5k I am getting my flanks, abs, upper & lower back, thighs, and arms done in addition to a BBL ($500 per additional site for lipo). I think my only fear is not getting enough fat injected. I have seen 2 really good post from 2 of Dr. P's patients, and they both are going back for something, weather it be a touch-up or more lipo. I didn't get from their post that it was from something he did, but more as something they wanted (so that is a plus in my book). I don't want a bubble butt or a Nikki Manij (sp), but I want it to be there with NO DO OVERS lol, this procedure seems like a pain in the butt (pun intended) to recover from, so doing it twice isn't something I want to experience.

Are there any ladies out there with any experience they would like to share? Or maybe a list of do's and don't? I already have my meds, and ordered some items that have been cleared by the nurse from Make me heal...any advice or pointers?

I'll add pics later.

Thanks for reading!

So just as I was thinking all was going to plan......

So just as I was thinking all was going to guessed it...a monkey wrench straight from left field. So I had everything done and cleared, and now I all of a sudden I have to attend an event...when you ask?! The day of the surgery!!!! OMG! I wonder if this is God's way of saying don't do it?!?! I know vanity is a beast in today's society...but at the same time...when things happen are they considered a sign....or just things happening. Any who I am patiently awaiting Cathy's response on a new date with at least 15 days of recovery time in-between. If there is anyone out there with a date with Dr. P this month....any day inbox me!


Okay so I got a new date today!!! NEXT WEEK!!!!...

Okay so I got a new date today!!! NEXT WEEK!!!! OMG! Im like really nervous! I don't know what to do! I am excited, nervous, and....idk....full of everything! I have been reading and reading and researching....and then more reading! I've seen what most girls bought and done to make life easier, somethings worked...and somethings don't. I had a surgery a while ago, and I honestly can't remember it, I know it was sorta painful...but it wasn't unbearable. I honestly just remembered being uncomfortable, so I am hoping all the horror stories are just people who's pain tolerance is lower, I had a child naturally...and that was PAIN!!!!! but I was working towards a if anything I *HOPE* it's no worse than that...I think my biggest fear is just being put to sleep....

OMG! I am 4 days out and I am SOOOOO...

OMG! I am 4 days out and I am SOOOOO excited! I have been drinking water nonstop....I haven't taken any vitamins or medicine because I was not advised to do so. I know a lot of ladies do it...but I want to have a clean system just incase. I've been put to sleep twice in my life (wisdom teeth, and a previous surgery this year) each time I didn't take a single thing until after it was over- and needless to say I can't wait until this is over! I am about to lose my mind! I am preparing for the worse pain ever!!! but hoping it is easy breezy....

Does anyone have a list of things they wish they had after surgery or things they took and needed?

Okay, so this whole experience wasn't as glamorous...

Okay, so this whole experience wasn't as glamorous as imagined. I feel like Sh!t x2. I went in on Friday 9am and I when I work up it was after 5!!!! I got to my hotel and I kept passing out. Yesterday I walked ate chicken noodle soup all day (best thing ever). I've showered and cleaned my garment twice. Tomorrow it's back to the dr.
Word of advice to all the ladies waiting there turn....SLOW DOWN. It's exciting, but a real humbling experience. You don't read to much about the blood, pee, and other body fluids all mixed up on ur skin. So just make sure you ready for that because that comes WAY before the big booty. :)

So, I went to the dr a new garment...

So, I went to the dr a new garment (xl to l) and my arm compress. Got light headed about 3xs before I had to call a time out. I've been eating and drinking but to put on a smaller garment to "mold" your body- OMG, plus I got the back foam- lets just say it's VERY uncomfortable. You remember how I said I had a child naturally??... Well in comparison I'd rather do that all over again for 15h than this. I'm glad I'm on "the otherside" but being real- I don't think I was REALLY prepared. I was healthy, I weighed enough, I didn't have to do anything extra but show up. I read the blogs, checked the reviews- everything- but to read it & experience it is like night & day. I think I've read 3 reviews that had the cold hard truth and I now appreciate it. Dont get me wrong it's SO worth it- but if you've never had a surgery with extensive recovery time it's pretty rough. Today is day 3 & I can not wait until day 7, then day 14, then day 21. Right now I feel better today than yesterday, and that's all that matters. :)

So I had the sx on Friday, my right drain came out...

So I had the sx on Friday, my right drain came out on Sat morning ffwd to today and there is a HUGE difference between drain in & drain out. I've taken photos but reluctant to post them bc on one side I have tight skin & the otherside.....not so much...looks weird. I was also looking at other photos and I must be weeeeeekkkk!!! Today is day 5 for me & I am just beginning to feel better, although I still get lightheaded despite eating clean, and hydrating. I also have this 1.5in foam in my back and a L garment (I think) and its comfortable so I know tomorrow I'm going to the next size down.

Okay so hopefully I can make the drive from central Fl to Mia tomorrow or Friday to get the one drain removed, but does anyone remember if the suck began to "hurt" at the end, when there were little to no fluids coming out?
My back drain isn't oozing a lot fluid at all anymore so I'm hoping she will take those out also. I just don't feel like driving/riding to Mia for 3 weekends straight in pain.

WTH does the iPhone turn "so" into "do" in the middle of a conversation?

Waist clincher:
Got mine today. Prolly won't wear it for a while. I thought I ordered med- I got a small.

Swelling gel...BEST thing ever. The only part I hate is that I knew immediately when it wore off. Everything got stiff and ached...again.

Again I am day 5 and still on the fence. I don't like high booties. So until this joker goes down and softens up I will still be unsure. I love the curves (my main goal) but the booty is hard high &...weird looking. :)


Man O man!!!! I got all that nasty fluid out of my...

Man O man!!!! I got all that nasty fluid out of my body and I feel 1000x better! I'm not as stiff as before & I have about 3 more days with this back drain! Omg! I am so ready for this drain sh!t to be over!!! I must say although discomfort with this drain situation, I really like Dr. Pazmino & staff, bc his patient care is...really patient care. As much as I want this drain out (I'm 10 days post op) his concern is my health. Which I'm sure most Dr are his is a little extra. He takes pride in his work, and he's not gonna rush you around like "cattle". He explains everything from start to finish, bc it's your body and he wants you to know what's happening. Idk. I think he is the most humble, down to earth, dr I've met. Everything is explained and he ask you to repeat what you think was said or just happen, so there is no confusion. To me that's a winner.

Hi! I know it's been a minute and I said a...

I know it's been a minute and I said a while back I would post pics BUT....I had a seroma so it effected my healing, and I just haven't felt like it. Tomorrow is the last day of drains for me! This back one has been a beast and it's still draining A LOT! it's all clear fluid, but I am not as swollen as I was before....and that's half the battle.

In the pictures posted, I still have on the board, the 1.5in foam, a shaper, and a SMALL waist clincher (squeem) I still have a little fluid, and my results aren't as tight as most due to the time (10 days) it took me to get drained, so I have to play catch up. Some of the pics were taken last week at day 7 when I still have the seroma it's on the left side...that's why it still looks fat in that area. I will update with new pics next week to give it a chance to go down to actually SEE a difference.

34 bust, 26 waist (measured at the dip above bellybutton), 43 hips...NUTS SN: I really hate that I sleep on my hips are not as ROUND as I wanted them to be...but I have to sleep..and even tho they tell you it's okay to lay on your really alters the results. :( esp if you got work done there.
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I did a lot of research and it came down to Dr. Pazmino, Dr. Mendinta, or Dr. Salma. In the end Dr. P won!

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