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Hey BBL Dolls pls help!!! I'm looking to get the...

Hey BBL Dolls pls help!!! I'm looking to get the BBL surgery June 2016 ( I know that's forever away but I work for a traditional school system and that's when we go on summer break). Currently I am 25 5'7 242 ( started off as 257 2 weeks ago yay me!) and will get down to 190 for the surgery in June. I originally was looking at Dr. Ortega for my surgery, however after being on RS for several months stalking his work, I've learned that some of his work is amazing and some of his work looks like he didn't do anything at all. So I starting looking into Dr. Osak and fell in love with his results, and then started to notice some of the same thing. A handful of his patients POST BBL pics looks like someone's PRE BBL pic and I'll be damn if I travel all the way from Ohio and spend all this money to get up off that table the same way I got on. I honestly would like Fisher or Hasan to do it, but they require me to get down to 150-160 and I sincerely don't want to be that small. I've always had meat on my bones and I like it like that, I just want a ass lol. I have all the money I would need for the surgery, so I could pay for everything right now (supplies, plane tickets, RH etc) I'm just waiting on my time off, however I would like to lock in a date sometime within the next month or so because I know when ppl start getting their income tax money I can forget about a June date, so here are my questions:

What have your experiences been with either or the doctors (results)
Out of the two which one is more probable to give the best results?
Is there anything the patient can do to better her chances of receiving a great result?
Does anyone know of another creditable doctor to perform this procedure for about the same cost with the weight and height I will be in June?

Thanks ladies, I look forward to reading your advice/experiences.

Planning on being Hassanified

So after going back and forth for months I decided to go with Dr. Hasan. To make a long story short, he was always my first choice, however when I had my very first consultation with Vanity the summer of 2014 I was told that my BMI was too high for Dr. Hasan and I would be a better candidate for Dr. Osak. After following his work (and Ortega's) for about a year I've notice some inconsistencies. I think both Dr's can be hit or miss and I don't have time for that. I'm not concerned about a small waist, I can get that in the gym on my own. The most important thing to me is a big bubble butt because mines is completely flat (you'll see once i post these embarrassing ass pics). Hasan seems to give that to all of his patients which is why I've decided to crack down and lose this damn weight. I've started eating right and exercising the beginning of Sept 2015. My starting weight was 257. Currently I am 237.6 as of 10/28. I work for a school system so I have the summer off which is when I will be getting the surgery 6/6. I'm 5'7 so I have to get my ass all the way down to 190ish to make my BMI 29. I have 7 months to get there. It'll be hard since I'm a single mom that works 5 days a week and goes to school in the evening but not impossible. Just got done paying my deposit and my coordinator's name is Lia. Let me know if you guys have any advice about the weight loss or the bbl journey in general. I'll keep you guys posted along the way!

Recovery House Suggestions???

June is rapidly approaching and I'm trying to figure out which RH to go with. Does anyone have any suggestions on RH that are best bbl patients? I plan on trying to stay 6 days 5 nights and I'm not really feeling Xanadu, which is the RH Vanity suggest. Any suggestions/experiences are welcomed. Thanks ladies

Weight Update

I almost forgot to mention the weight loss journey from the first post. It's been awhile, I know, but I am almost at my goal. I've gotten done from 257 to 198. My bmi needs to be 29, so I have to drop 8 more pounds to get to 190. I'm prayerful that I can get there by the end of March *fingers crossed*. For my ladies who are like me and have to drop weight for the surgery this is what I have been doing since the beginning of Oct.
A lot of it was changing the way I ate. I cut out junk food, fast food, and sweets. I drank water and when I got tired of the bland taste, I would purchase the flavored carbonated kind. I stuck to lean meats and purchased a food scale to weigh my meat. I conditioned myself to eat no more than 700 calories a day, because in order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume, and with work, school, and being a single mom, I didn't/don't have the time or energy to live in a gym. I exercised 3-4 times a week, mostly cardio. I have a WII and I would do the sweat version of Just Dance for at least 1 hour. After I was done I might have done a few reps of sit-ups and planks and stuff like that. I did that for about 3 months and fell all the way the F off during the holidays. So I started Adipex. It is an appetite suppressant which helped me out a lot. I was around 220 in December and that's when I fell off exercising and haven't really done it since, but I've still manage to drop the weight....kind of...I've been stuck at 198 for a little over a month now, so it's time for me to stop being lazy.
I wish I could give you guys a shortcut to losing the weight, but unfortunately its hard and it sucks, but it does help that the price of the surgery is so high, b/c that motivated the ish out of me to lose this weight when I was so far away from my goal. Stick with it ladies, we can make it!

Traveling Advice

I'm traveling from Ohio and just purchased my plane ticket last night. One of my returning flights is almost 3 hours long and I want to do w/e I have to in order to make sure I don't mess up my newly obtained ass. I've read that getting a donut is a no no, so does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? BBL Pillow, foams etc. I'm praying that the flight won't be full so that I can lay on my stomach since I plan on also getting hip injections. But if anyone knows what to do, or can direct me to some information or someone who has been through it I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks ladies!

SN: I'm looking into staying with Moni at New Body Recovery. I've heard nothing but good things about her and she's reasonably priced. Just waiting to hear back about the availability.

wish pics

Doc Update

Sooo as most of the ladies who had plans on being "hasanafied" probably already know Dr. Hasan has been M.I.A. for a couple of months now. I talked to his assistant Roxy and she swears up and down that he will be back in the office the last week of April and back to doing surgeries the first week of May so I have nothing to worry about ????. However I'm not running any chances! I've been reading how some girls have had to be rescheduled with other doctors. Some lucky enough to get Fisher, others have to get McAdoo. That's a hell no for me. I can't really speak for McAdoo's work or any other dr at Vanity other than the 2 I've spent over a year researching and that is Hasan and Fisher. If I can't have them do my procedure, I won't be getting it done in June, flat out! So I took the liberty of scheduling my surgery with BOTH doctors, on the same day, at the same time, that way I'm covered no matter what. The pro with going with Fisher is he operates on patients who's BMI is 30 so I only have to be 195 versus 190, the con is he is an extra $500. I've worked too hard to get my ass from 257 to currently 192 ( 2 pounds to go for Hasan and no pounds to go for Fisher!!! yay me!) and have spent too much money on supplies, RH, deposit etc so far to not get this damn surgery. Now that I got that rant out, I've purchased all of the expensive supplies (Fajas, Squeems), now all I have to do is buy the small stuff (boards, foams, chux etc) once everything arrives I'll post a pic!

Update on Hasan's return....

I received a call today from Hasan's assistant Roxy and she left me know that Hasan has returned back to the office, however because he's been gone so long he has to get approval from the board to perform surgeries again. So basically they have no definitive date on when his license will be reinstated. So I guess I did the right thing by locking in Fisher when I did, but I'm still hoping that Hasan can get this crap together before June. Roxy said she will keep me updated, so when I find out more info, I'll put up another post.

BBL with HS :(

Good news first: I reached my goal weight of 190! *praise break* now all I have to do is maintain the weight for 1 more month, but I will probably lose another 5 pounds just to have a little wiggle room because not all scales calibrate the same.
Bad news: I have HS (hidradenitis supperativa) which is a chronic skin condition (I get hard, sometimes painful knots under my arm). I've had it since high school, and for some reason it didn't even cross my mind to bring it up during the consult. Anyway, after looking on here, a couple of girls asked about getting a bbl with HS and pretty much everyone said they would not preform the procedure on someone with an active infection (which I currently have). I've been depressed all day about it, because after damn near a year of eating right and excersing, and mentally preparing myself for this procedure, it's a big possibility that I won't be able to get it done. I have had a previous surgery in the past and had no complications, but I don't think that matters. I'm not getting anything done under my arms, so I don't see what the issue is, but we'll see. I've started taking tumeric, applying tea tree oil, and cleaning the area in hibiclens, so I'm hoping I can make it go away in a month, but currently it's not looking like it. Currently down in the dumps about this.

If it's not one thing, it's another.....#IronBlues

Dr. Fisher doesn't have an issue performing the procedure with me having HS! (So happy), however my blood count is more than likely low. I've have iron deficiency anemia for as long as I can remember, so I take about 700 mg of iron a day. I had my iron checked a few weeks ago and it was 12 (yay) however lately I've been feeling super exhausted, dizzy and light headed, and some chest pains- all signs of low blood count. My pp talked me into the deli shot in January, which was suppose to make my cycle did not! In Feb I was on my cycle for 2 weeks, and I started my cycle 3/27 and am still on it to this day! Over 4 damn weeks. I know this is the reason behind everything. So, I'm going to the ER after work to get this ish under control. I'm praying my iron hemoglobin is still 12, but if it's not I'm going to pick up some pur absorb on my way home. I've read how it helped some girls out, but idk if 4-5 weeks is enough time to bring it up for the surgery. I also heard about blood builder supplement. Anyone have any advice or suggestions? Starting to panic!!


I still have some shopping to do, but all of the items on the list Vanity gave me are taken care of


So I'm literally sitting at LabCorp waiting to get my blood drawn after a little misstep with Vanity so I'm giving an FYI to u ladies. So apparently when you get your script emailed to you, vanity doesn't put the diagnosis code on it, so the staff at LabCorp has to call and get it, as well as some doctor id number. Thankfully for me there was a young lady who came to the same office im at and had this problems, so they had to call and get the info from Vanity which took 2 hours for some reason, anyway because they went through it already, I didn't have to. So if your script doesn't have that info, call and get it yourself because they won't draw without it!

Low Iron

i literally have no idea how my iron is low but it is. According to my results from labcorp my hemoglobin is 11.3 which is one hell of a drop from the 12.3 I was at literally less than two weeks ago when I had it checked at the ER, but of course they would not take those results because they were not taken in the 30 day window. So here I am with yet another obstacle to overcome. I'm honestly getting to the point where I want to say screw the whole thing and give me my money back (which I paid in full today BEFORE retrieving my results) I'm really thinking there had to be some fuck up on labcorp' side because it doesn't make any sense to me or my pcp that I dropped a whole point in such a short amount of time, so here I am...again at the ER trying to see what the hell is going on.


i went to the ER and sure enough my hemo dropped from 12.3 two weeks ago. It was 11.9 last night, which means it raised .6 in 2 days. I immediately went to CVS and picked up Purabsorb and started taking it last night. I took 2 packets today (only because I'm on my cycle...still, because of that damn depo shot) as well as the prescribed iron 325 mg 3x a day. I'm waiting for my pcp to call me back because I want to make sure I'm not poisoning myself with all this iron lol. Since I only have to get to 12, which is only .1 away, I'm going to go get it checked again 2moro. (I'm hoping since it rose in .6 in 2 days that it can rise .1 in 1.5 days) I'm just trying to get it checked as much as possible because I only have around 21 days to get it up and checked. Wish me luck ladies!!!

Another. BBL death?!?

Just caught a piece of Nancy Grace tonight and saw that a 29 yo mom of 2 just died last Thurs at Encore. I know that it's a different clinic than Vanity but it is affiliated with them and I'm freaked the heck out. My surgery is literally 2 weeks and 5 days away and I'm not sure if I want to go through with it. I always knew there were risk along with getting this surgery but I never imagined getting it 2 weeks after someone just died also trying to get it. I have no clue what doctor did it. The only two names they kept saying was McAdoo and Osak. Maybe my Hemo dropping at of nowhere is a sign...idk but my heart goes out to her family. I couldn't imagine my son not growing up with me all because of some elective surgery. Idk what I'm going to do.


went to my pcp today to do another Cbc and the HIV test Labcorp never did, and she just called to let me know my hemo is 12.1! (I'll let you know what I did to get it up in another post). Just waiting for the HIV results which take 24-48hrs.

Lipo foams??

how many Lipo foams are needed for after the surgery? The post op list I got from Vanity said 2 and 1 board which is what I got, but I also got a list from Moni at New Body Recovery Services and her list said 4-6. At this point I'm so over spending money so I don't want to buy more than I need!

Cleared for surgery!

As promised: tips on iron

Not making a good impression

I'm suppose to be staying at New Body Recovery Services while I'm in Miami. I read mostly good reviews about Moni so I was pretty excited to stay there...however the lack of communication is making me second guess this decision. I emailed her my itinerary to make sure everything will be fine with the pick up and drop off from the airport yesterday and called her twice today and have not heard from her. I know it's still early but I feel like it takes no time to send an acknowledgement email. Also you don't have an option to leave a voicemail because it has been disabled. I still have to pay $1150 to stay there and this is no way to get all this money from me. I might be over-reacting because I'm in my nesting faze and I just want to make sure everything is in order so I'm not really upset but she really isn't making a good impression.

Faja Question

how tight is your faja suppose to be preop?? I got mines in a 2x and 3x and they're both right as hell. I keep wondering how I'm suppose to fit foams and boards inside and still zip it up! I'm about a week away and if push comes to shove I'll have to break the bank...again and buy one at Vanity but if I can quickly purchase one now I would rather go that route. I heard there was a store across from Vanity that sells Fajas, is that true???


Leaving on Monday! I can't wait to get this over with!! I'm so tired of waiting and anticipating this surgery, the yo-yoing weight and hemoglobin I went through. I'm just ready to be in Miami already!!

Touched down in Miami

Just made it to Vanity and am waiting for my pre-op. I already got my surgery time for tomorrow, it's 12, however my nurse from the recovery house (who is mad cool btw - and also from Ohio!!!) told me that Vanity is SUPER slow and I'm not going to leave 2more until like 7-8 in the PM, which is going to blow balls because I can't eat after 10 (don't know wth happened to midnight) by I'm going to be ready to eat a cow!!

SN: the staff at Vanity all have wonderful asses lol.

Almost time!!!

keep me in your prayers ladies!!! I'll see you guys on the booty side!!!


made it to the other side. Sore and groggy so I'll update later.

1 day post op

its not as bad as I thought it would be. Mary and her assistants said they've never seen a girl get up and move around as much as I have so soon. I just refuse to help make this recovery any worse than it has to be by laying in the bed all day and being 100% dependent on others. I was up and walking after surgery honey! I haven't gotten a chance to see what it looks like yet, but I will be heading to my post op at Vanity soon so I'll get a chance then

Surgery Review

I'm 6 days post op, and still sore as a mother, but it gets better. I would have updated sooner, but honestly I didn't feel like typing all this, but here it goes

Pre-op 6/6
I went to Vanity straight from the airport and waited there for like 2 hrs just to sign a mountain of paper work. They checked my garment to make sure it was a nice fit and that was it. They called me while I was on my way to my pre-op and gave me my surgery time, noon, and told me NPO after 10pm

Surgery day

I got to Vanity a little after noon and they took me straight back, where I was weighed and told to pee for a pregnancy test. I was placed in a paper gown and Fisher came in from taking I'm assuming a break from his current surgery. He took pictures and marked me up and told me the risk and just general info about the procedure and recovery. He asked me what I wanted and I told him and showed him picks and basically he told me I wouldn't get it. That I have a lot of excess skin and that I need a tummy tuck, honestly long story short I wasn't a great candidate for this shit. All I wanted from him was hips and a round big butt, I didn't care at all about my stomach or rolls. He said he would do his best, and that the good thing about me having loose skin from losing weight is that I should have the room for the fat. He left and my sister came back to where I was waiting because at this point I'm in tears. I've lost 69 pounds for this surgery and he all but told me I wasn't going to get what I wanted and I didn't ask for anything unrealistic. The first thing he said when he read my chart was "185, that's not good", like bitch what? I just lost 69 pounds, that's great!, anyway long story short my sister was ready to get me out of there but the manager came back and was like he's harsh like that to all the girls before surgery so that way they don't come out with unrealistic expectations. I still think it was bs to be like that with someone period, let alone before u work on them. W/e I went through with it, woke up laying on my butt, I got up and kneeled on a recliner until my ride got there. I was trying to use my phone to look and see how big my butt was unsuccessfully lol but the lady that was back there with me saw and was like "it's big mami, he did good" I guess we'll see


I'll give credit when it's due and Fisher did give me some nice ass hips, but booty he failed. Sometimes it looks big to me and other times it looks flat. I stayed at Elite recovery house which is wear Dr. Miami sends all his patients to and he gives them ASS honey!!! Petite girls that have like no fat he gives them big juicy booty's so I can't for the life of me understand what the hell Fisher was talking about. I don't know if I will ever go through this again, because recovery is a big bitch no lie, but if I do I will be going to Dr. Miami because that's a man who knows what he's doing! Whether you're a size 2 or 12 that man gives you results! From what I heard while I was still in Miami, Fisher seems to have something against bigger patients. He wants his work to be perfect and apparently big girls don't offer that, but my thing is you don't have to look like Kim K or Nicki to be perfect. Anyway if I ever get round 2 it will be with who I should have went with last week. I'm disappointed in the results but not mad. I had NO butt at ALL before so what I have now is an improvement. Everyone at Elite kept telling me it is big and that I just need to wait until my butt drops and I will love it, but it's not going to drop immediately. I have to wait a couple months for my true results, I'm hoping they're right

Bruh I'm over this garment!!!!

I'm officially 1 week post op and all I can think of is, "I still have 5 more weeks in this thing!!". I personally think it's too small but the staff at Elite and Vanity says it's not and its doing a great job keeping my swelling under control, so I've resisted the urge to buy a larger size, however it is hell!!! I feel like I'm wearing a girdle that's too small and then because I'm a glutton for pain, I stuff foams inside. Yesterday I had to take those suckers out. I'm going to put them back in, I just dk when. It's bad enough I'm still sore as hell from the lipo but the garment and foams just make me feel uncomfortable all day, and sleeping? What's that? I NEVER though sleeping/laying on my stomach would be an issue because that's how I sleep anyway. I NEVER sleep on my back, but babyyyyy, I'm ready to pull my hair out! I figured the one problem I would have is not being able to give my belly a rest by switching to my sides when my tummy got sore, which is a problem, but the back pains! I wasn't anticipating it AT ALL. I'm trying to be patient with this recovery, but being uncomfortable most of the day is soo frustrating. I guess I've reached that infamous point where I'm second guessing wtf I did to myself lol. I know it's temporary cuz even when I start to think that way I remember how my hips look and then shut up lmao. I just need better days to come soon!

10 days post op

its getting better, but still a pain in the ass. I got a call from Vanity about 2 days ago and we decided to go up a size on the garment because with the board, foams, and triangle it was intolerable and I would find myself taking it off. My new one is arriving 2moro, what I've been doing in the meantime is keeping my garment on at all times, I just take breaks from the foams and boards. Like currently I don't have any in, but I will be stuffing them in shortly. Sleeping/laying is still a miserable process. My back is KILLING me. Idk how much more of it I can take. It's the worst part. One thing I started going is sort of building a fort around me with pillows. I lay ontop of 2 to help straighten out my spine and I put a pillow on either side of me. That way if I kind of lean to the side or half lay on my stomach/half lay on my side, I'm not touching the mattress and I'm barely touching the pillows because of the two under my stomach. It's a temporary fix, but it does kind of help. I'm just counting down the days I can sleep however TF I want and sit.


Garment on, foams out.

Uneven :(

I so didn't want to be one of those girls flipping out 2 weeks after my surgery but...i am. I notice that my right cheek is bigger than my left. I'm not so upset that it's uneven because I'm still in the recovery period and I know this isn't my final result, but I am disappointed that I lost so much volume and probably will lose more over the next couple months. I am trying my best to avoid doing s round 2 because this recovery is for the birds. I just wish he would have made my butt bigger to compensate for the loss in volume that he knew would happen.
DR. Hasan

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