Dr. Ortega Doll Ready to Go!!! BBL and Lipo Sculpture. Miami, FL

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Well ladies!!! I have booked my date (April) with...

Well ladies!!! I have booked my date (April) with Dr.Ortega! I'm super excited. My Coordinator is Lisbeth and she's awesome,easy to talk too and ready to answer any question you may have. We spoke of many different procedures and I'm now 110% ready it was that easy! Now to gain 5lbs and look sexy!!
Ladies I know you Ortega dolls are out there if you can please send me a list of things I should buy to get ready for this procedure Thanks

Ok ladies

Hi ladies here's my situation at the moment so my husband can't make it to FL. So I need a buddy now also and if you want to share a location we can do that too. I really don't want to pay for a recovery house but if I have I will ... Ok ladies help lol thanks a bunch


Hello ladies!! So update.. I'm here now debating on what faja I need. My coordinator says I can't buy my faja until the day of there.. But she forgot that she already told me which one I could get in one of our earlier conversations.. I just don't remember which one it is.. Plus I know she was trying to be slick.. I get it they work off of commission the more we buy the more they make.. Well I'm not looking to pay $125 for a faja when I can find it cheaper before hand. So if anyone whom has had a Bbl done with Dr. Ortega please let me know which one is the one he ok's I would greatly appreciate it.. Plus I need lipo foam when can I find it thanks ladies

Less than a month left!

So ladies I'm less than a month away flight booked ?, room booked w hubby? fajas (2) purchased ? nausea pills ? arnica pain pills ? calandra healing tea? waist belt ? body bed? super excited ???? I may be missing a couple of things if so let me know.. Anyone else had BBL with Ortega? If so talk to me please !!

A week away!!!

So ladies I'm a week away from a new me !! Labs are in and payment done in full. Has anyone done their Bbl recently with Dr.Ortega? Let me know how u feel please:)

Ladies the time came and went! ORTEGA DOLL FULL EFFECT

So ladies I'm a official ortegadoll. He was absolutely wonderful. Everything went well. I'm just very sore. And I bled a lot but I'm finished ... Ladies Ortega is the truth. ... My husband has been amazing I wouldn't have been able to do this without him. My roommate and her best friend are awesome we've been by each other side from the beginning and I believe we will be friends for years to come.. I'll post pictures later I'm super tired .. Love you ladies

2 Days post Op

Feeling good I can't complain Dr Ortega did an amazing job..

Day 4 post op

Just updating you ladies here are pictures of me on day four after having one lymphatic massage which by the way I recommend at least one while your here. In these pictures I have my veddette 929 on and I was able to put on my miss belt cincher which omg makes me feel so much better with all the compression. Any questions please feel free to ask. This journey may seem easy but ladies please make yourself mentally ready for what your body will go thru. Love you all

1 week post Post

Well ladies my recovery is going great. Eating healthy moving around is getting easier and I'm healing (swelling is going down) . Ladies please continue to take the meds the doctor give you. And keep your fajas on all day long

2 weeks post op

So ladies I can't complain I'm healing fairly quick. I've been doing the massages myself I purchased a massage wand then I went alittle over and bought myself a wellbox from this website makemeheal.com which ladies has everything for surgeries. I also bought myself a dry brush which is wonderful for when you get the itch on your back or anywhere on you body it stimulates and is safe when doing a bbl and lipo. Well here are some new pics God bless ladies

Looking into getting my BA

So ladies I know I'm only 2 weeks post op but I'm already looking into getting this done maybe putting the girls on a lay away plan. So I contacted spectrum again via chat. I honestly did like spectrum but I didn't really like the un organization my coordinator was(Lisbeth) she was good at first but then as I kept going thru the process she wasn't around and I get it your busy but damn I'm spending a shit load of money give me some type of attention. Plus she is very Misleading and deceiving after all i found out and I came to this conclusion because I referred my cousin and she just had her BA and lipo done today. Her own co workers stated she does this sort of thing to many people. So if your going to go there try and not deal with her. There are many other ladies there that will give you the time of day. Anyhow, I contacted them and specifically told them I didn't want to deal with her and surprise I get a call from her. I want to deal w Dr Ortega . So I looked into what other clinics he works with and I found imagenes and let me tell you I'm dealing with Karla Maria and she's been texting me all day up until 10pm she's been speaking with me . She knows my wants and needs and is on it. So let's see when this journey starts lol I know I'm nuts but you know what YOLO. Enjoy it while I can and best part my hubby has my back. Love ya God bless

1 month and 10 days post op!!

Well ladies recovery is going great! Dr Ortega really is amazing. I'm still a little sore but not anything a tight garment or cincher can't fix. Ladies get your massages, do them yourself as well buy a massager as well and take the lipo foam off after two weeks, if you want shape put that faja on. If it hurts then it's working. No boards either .. Let the faja and massages go to work.. I will post some pics .. By the way I was 1 st in an XL garment and now I'm in a medium waiting on my small faja to come in because this one isn't tight on me any longer.

Almost 2 months Post Op!

So ladies I'm almost 2 months post op and I'm still sore n very itchy. My butt is still alittle hard but I can sit . Still getting the massages because without them is be a mess n ladies get them they are necessary. I also still use my hand massager when I can't get to the therapist. I use it every night n morning to loosen up . Always wear your garment faja . I wear it 23 hrs a day one hour free time. I went from an XL faja to a me fun N now need to order a small and it's only going to be 2 months. I did on the other hand just order my 9 bone non latex waist cincher, no bone waist cincher and boy short butt lifter they should arrive Tuesday. Till next update God bless

New pictures

Most recent pics very happy with doctor Ortega's work
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Lisbeth is amazing request for her to help you!

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