Dr. Ortega BBL For 2016 Please! - Miami, FL

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So I've decided to finally do it! I'm putting down...

So I've decided to finally do it! I'm putting down a deposit and seriously planning for a BBL this year. I've been thinking and fake planning for long enough. The time is now and I've decided to go with Dr. Ortega in Miami. No DR I want to stay state side (no offense to anyone else) but this is my personal choice

The process begans

So I've been in contact with Lizbeth from Spectrum Aesthetics.. She requested for me to send pictures and sent me an email with example photos to show the angles they needed.. Also while reading the email I seen that a couple things had changed from what I read on here as far as the special goes.. On here it says $300 deposit by 3/31.. The email said $500 deposit by 3/30.. When I sent the photos I inquired about the price difference and informed her that I can do $300 by the 30th but I don't get paid again til the 1st at which time I can send another $200.. I'm still waiting for a reply from her but I would hate to miss this special so we'll see I guess.. Stay tuned

Decisions.. Decisions..

So just as I was so sure about going to Dr. Ortega and making my deposit today then I came across a couple bad reviews and a couple girls thinking about a round 2. Then I came across Dr. Hasan reviews and was wowed to say the least. So now I find myself debating. I don't want to get this surgery to have to go back under and do it again. I want it done right the first time and I want to feel like I'm getting my money's worth. So now I'm stuck at a cross roads here ????

Here Are Some Wish Pics ????

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