Dr. Mendieta Vs Dr Salama - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies!! Super excited a friend told me about...

Hi ladies!! Super excited a friend told me about this wonderful site. I have been thinking for quiet awhile now to do a BBL. I had my breast augmentation back in 2008 when i was extremely young and not afraid of anything. Now that im 38 with a 20 years old son I have become a chicken and a huge worrier. I need some courage from you brave girls. Any tips to help keep my anxiety and nerves in control would help. I've already been to Dr Careaga, Dr Mendieta, and on Sept 6 I will have a consultation with Dr Salama. Then I'm going to schedule ASAP so I don't chicken out. I'm doing my lab work next Friday, and I've been buying necessary things for post surgery. Any tips or advice are appreciated. I need a sisterhood right now. Im almost 5'2" and I weight 125lbs. How many CC's you girls think i should go for in each cheek?? Im thinking maybe implants instead. What you guys think??? I've read some bad reviews about Dr Salama burning and disfiguring girls but he has almost 2K reviews on here then I hear Dr Mendieta is great at sculpturing but not enough projection. I really liked everything about my colsutation but i felt like he should of talked more about how i was going to look post sx and not so much about fashion lol another thing I'm freaking our about is that he doesn't have an anesthesiologist on staff. He said he has two CRNA that have ben with him for over 17 years. I've never hears of that title before so I think i would hire an anesthesiologist. what do you ladies think about that? Money is not an issue when it come to my health and safety I just need to make the right decision and feel 100% safe and in the best hands.
I will post some pics I just took of myself and tried to do a wish pic with the beauty plus app lol PS. feel free to comment and advise me
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